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Reggie Says Not Having A Single Player In A Multiplayer Game Would Be A Mistake

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has told Venture Beat that in the current market, making a multiplayer only title would be a mistake. However, Reggie concedes that on online titles such as the recently announced Splatoon, the majority of time will be spent by gamers on the multiplayer component. But he says it’s important that the game has a campaign mode. (Industry, Reggie Fils-Aime, Splatoon, Wii U)

SpiralTear  +   73d ago
Tell it like it is, Reggie! Thank you!
Army_of_Darkness  +   73d ago
Whoa! This is trippy! I would have never expected to agree with the regster! Lol
randomass171  +   73d ago
You know, while I really liked Titanfall, it seemed like the most common criticism for it was that it lacked a proper campaign, to which I agree. The "multiplayer campaign" was incredibly underwhelming and very difficult to follow. Knowing Nintendo feels this way is quite nice, though I'm surprised they did not take the opportunity to make Splatoon Free to Play a la Team Fortress 2.
Debaitable  +   73d ago
I understand the little jab here but let's be fair. Respawn has made it clear from announcement to launch that their game is strictly multiplayer focused. It was built that way from the ground up. It's not like this is first case ever. There's always complaints about CODs or Battlefields campaign as being wasted resources. I just find it amusing that people voice over this issue then complain about the end product when they're the ones who keep asking for it.
randomass171  +   73d ago
That's unfortunate because it was touted as a full AAA package, and I still love the game for what it is. However, I feel that that doesn't exempt the campaign from criticism and it hopefully sets a precedent for the industry on how to handle $60 multiplayer shooters in future.
Debaitable  +   73d ago
Understandable. To be more fair I didn't pay full price for my copy. I bought it at a price I thought was fair for a multiplayer only shooter. If it did have a killer campaign I would have purchased at $60.
TheHaydenator  +   73d ago
Titanfall's criticism was that it lacks enough content. It's fun for the first week or two, but after that it's boring and there's nothing to keep bringing you back
Thantalas  +   73d ago
I think Reggie is talking about Titanfall. Great mechanics but I'd love Titanfall 2 to have a single player campaign.
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BattleN  +   73d ago
Plants vs Zombies, Titanfall have no Campaign so I skipped those. EA is greedy when it comes to quality $60 games!
Linchpin  +   73d ago
Yes, looking at Titanfall it looks like it could use a great story... all the pieces are there.
randomass171  +   73d ago
Precisely! They had a pretty decent setup for a sci-fi world ridden with civil war. It reminded quite a bit of an old PC game I used to play called Heavy Gear, which in turn was fairly similar to the PC remake of the Battlezone. It's too bad they didn't capitalize on it.
Ol_G  +   73d ago
well i was at a friend last week who has titanfall on his x1 i asked him to play some after smoking and he told me he didn't pay live so we couldn't play i was dissapointed and realised that if a game has online only when you don't pay or the server dies (like MAG ) your stuck with a €60 frisbee
Dunban67  +   73d ago
I agree w Reggie- IMO there are many reasons to include single player even for games like COD that are played mostly online
randomass171  +   73d ago
Why would anyone disagree with this?
porkChop  +   73d ago
Some of the COD campaigns are fantastic, especially COD4's. I always play the campaign of any game before I go online. Gets you used to the controls, mechanics, and the locations aren't spoiled for you.
Linchpin  +   73d ago
I only play campaigns in CoDs.
randomass171  +   73d ago
Same here. I'm rather terrible at multiplayer, so I just play the campaigns when I rent them.
rainslacker  +   73d ago
There are still lots of people that don't like to play online, and only want a SP campaign. I'm one such person. Excluding a rather large demographic means you will have fewer sales. Ultimately it's up to the publisher to decide if it's worth the cost to make a SP campaign.
aiBreeze  +   73d ago
I disagree, let developers make the games they want. I'd rather they focused their resources on making the best experience they are going for instead of shoehorning in a single player. Same goes for single player games, I'd rather they focused on making the best possible single player than diverting resources into some watered down MP that will be dead within months.
Gezmoyassine  +   73d ago
I wonder what the single player mode will be like.I wasn't really interested in this game before but now that i know it has single player mode,i changed my mind!...I will keep an eye on this one...It has a lot of potential to be a great new IP for Nintendo.
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PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   73d ago
I totally agree
MNGamer-N  +   73d ago
I usually play the single player campaign before jumping into multiplayer so I can learn the game a bit and don't get my ass kicked so badly online.
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Minute Man 721  +   73d ago
Warhawk says Hi, we need a part 2
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   73d ago
Starhawk had a campaign
BitbyDeath  +   73d ago
Agreed, should never have to pay full price for a multiplayer only game though.
gedden7  +   73d ago
Yes this game looks so much fun!! And a single player yes you better lol
optimus  +   73d ago
He's absolutely right. What happens with people's investments once the servers are shut down 4-5 yrs down the road? The game becomes a paperweight. Not to mention it would be pointless for used game stores to resell, and game rental companies to rent...
Some might say that the game has run it's course by then and that a sequel to it would have been out by then. That's not always the case though, some sequels don't come out for many yrs after, if at all....

having a single player campaign allows those games to be relived and resold. Especially during Christmas time where low income families rely on old, used games to fill their stockings...a 10 or 12 yr old will appreciate getting 5 decent games instead of 1 mediocre game...

I for one passed on titanfall for that reason alone and have little interest in destiny.
OrangePowerz  +   73d ago
For me it depends on how much content the MP has and how good/bad the singleplayer is. BF3 and BF4 had enough content to only go with MP especially since their singleplayer campaigns are forgettable. Games like Titanfall with less content for the same price could do with a proper campaign.
speedforce131  +   73d ago
Wow, that site's comment section is pure trash. Anyways, Reggie is right of course (and from the most unlikeliest source!). To me, if a game doesn't have single player campaign, you might as well make it free to play, make it a service and give me something to buy to support your game. It doesn't have that extra entertainment value that I spend 60 bucks for (and have no idea whether I'll like MP enough). At least with F2P, I can spend money when I'm enjoying myself and not spend money when I'm not having fun.

That's just me though. Might be different for you guys. It's just my personal preference.
Linchpin  +   73d ago
I hope Respawn heard that. >_>
Debaitable  +   73d ago
I understand the sentiment of single player games. I do own some myself let's put that out there. My question to the comment section here is why do you purchase games that don't focus on the single player experience to only get butthurt about it? Its not like you dont know what you're buying yourself into. They're obviously catering to a specific market that's big enough for them.

There seems to be a big no no on adding MP if a game is designed for single player but it can't be the other way around?
Gameseeker_Frampt  +   73d ago
Well now that Reggie has spoken, I am quite interested in seeing the single player aspect of Splatoon. Seems that he is already confident with that part of the game.
Pherup  +   72d ago
Go Fuck yourself garden warfare

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