6 Amazing Save Points in Video Games

Twinfinite writes:

"As diverse as video games are nowadays, one characteristic that runs through them is the player’s ability to save data. Even in games built around permanent death and ‘one-and-done’ progression, there is still information stored for the next playthrough. Early attempts at saving on consoles were bold, but either flawed, complicated, or both (SEE: Zelda, Legend of). As games have evolved, so has the process of recording player data."

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WeAreLegion1403d ago

Can someone please just post the list? Twinfinite on a mobile browser is a nightmare.

TheFreshestLlama1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

6. Moogles - Final Fantasy IX
5. Ship - Metroid Prime
4. Bathrooms - Dead Rising Series
3. One-Stop Save-and-Shop - Final Fantasy X
2. Safe Houses - Far Cry 2
1. One Last Save Point - Final Fantasy VII

I think the Bonfire in Dark Souls should have been on there. I don't know if it was technically a save point since the game had an autosave feature. It was, however, a holy-sh!t-I-can-finally-breath e-point. That's enough of a save for me.

crxss1403d ago

Clever list Twinfinite 👍

Th3o1403d ago

Shenmue the bed:D lol

sovietsoldier1403d ago

or gta the bed with time changing when wakeing up.

Bobmaster201403d ago

What about Ico? The two of them sleeping together is so cute!

TheFreshestLlama1403d ago

I feel like there are a lot of games with better saving systems. I didn't even think about Ico until I read your post and it is better than anything on that list.

rextraordinaire1402d ago

Geeeee learn to make lists on one single webpage! Nobody wants to click through 7 articles on mobile.

On subject, an all time favorite of mine is the cactus that writes a personal diary in Legend of Mana. So, so cute!