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Xenoblade Chronicles X: Going Beyond Greatness

An extensive look at the good and bad of Monolith Soft's upcoming JRPG. (E3, Wii U, Xenoblade Chronicles X)

UltimateMaster  +   344d ago
I was disappointed to see the graphical downgrade.
I'm still buying it, the gameplay is good enough.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   344d ago
Compared to what, the first one?
If so, you do know that the first one wasn't in hd, right?
AJBACK2FRAG  +   343d ago
Sorry if your Wii U is running a hdmi cord into your hd television and you slide any Wii game in it will automatically present in hd!!!! It's kinda' cool! Try it and see!
randomass171  +   344d ago
I doubt there was any actual downgrade. If anything it looks like they upped the performance considering all the stuff that the game was rendering.
fatneal  +   344d ago
Joegrine20  +   344d ago
there wasn't any downgrade. Ppl juss saying that because of the character design XD.

E3 2013 - http://i.minus.com/io20yVdz...

E3 2014 - http://a.pomf.se/jsjvfm.gif


No downgrade here sir
Realplaya  +   344d ago
There was no downgrade. They showed a intro that had a anime style to it. but if you watched the tree house it looks the same.
OtakuDJK1NG  +   344d ago
Do you know anything about game design?

Open World will look slightly worst than initiallybecause initially not much was running during alpha footage.
Ck1x  +   344d ago
I keep seeing this being said, but if people would go and watch the Tree House live game play. It looks exactly the same as the reveal did.
bangoskank  +   344d ago
You should consider prescription glasses, bud. The game looks gorgeous.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   343d ago
pedroyamato  +   343d ago
They change some characters designs, which by any standard (besides "sonyfanboysilovephotorea listicgraphics") is not downgrade.

But yes, a must buy anyway
eworthington0  +   344d ago
I think it still looks really great.
Honestly I'm kind of disappointed with custom characterization.
I know it might sound weird, but shulk was such a definitive character, i wouldn't want the option of customization.
But it still might be cool. Either way day one for me.
Dunban67  +   344d ago
I loved Xenoblade and have similar excitement and apprehensions as mentioned in the article and in the comments- The characters in Xenoblade were fantastic IMO - they all brought personality and depth to the story and gameplay

I hope we get it early 2015 but I m afraid it will be late 2015

Well written article
SlasherXI  +   344d ago
I have a feeling this will be one of the best RPGs ever!
PiNkFaIrYbOi  +   344d ago
The main reason why we bought a Wii U was for this game. Can't wait to get it when it comes out.
False-Patriot  +   344d ago
What's wrong with the name of the article? So much fanboyism.
DC777  +   344d ago
Still a day one buy but they should consider better facial models. They don't match the armor and whatnot.
DiscoKid  +   344d ago
Agreed. They are inconsistent with the graphical style.
deafdani  +   343d ago
That's Monolith Soft for you. They make gorgeous environments, and superb armor and weapons, but they suck at faces. XD

This is still leaps and leagues beyond the muddy faces in the first Xenoblade game, though. ^_^
Nerdmaster  +   344d ago
I hope they got rid of the whole "NPC just appears at certain hours" that the first Xenoblade had. I loved Xenoblade, but having to go around each city many times at different hours to find quest giver NPCs was a chore.
Dravidian  +   344d ago
So you didnt use the fast forward feature?
Nerdmaster  +   343d ago
Of course I did. What I said I meant already using the option to choose the time. But if you didn't follow a guide (I really don't like playing a game while following a guide), there was no way you could know when and where NPC that gave quests would be. So what I usually did was set the time to midnight, then walk around town looking for quest givers. Then I set the time to 10:00, and walked around town again. Then I set the time to 18:00 and walked around town once more. I think those were the times I used.

Or did you have a better way to do as many quests as possible without cheating (AKA looking at a guide)?
Dravidian  +   343d ago
In the affinity chart that shows everyone you met, they list the active times of all the npcs. You only need to meet them once. Additionally most NPC's are aftive for a hefty amount of time with a decent amount of overlap so you can just use one day to check in 4-6 hour intervals. Most locations with time-based NPC's aren't that large so taking 15-20 min per major city in an 80+ hour game isnt much.

And honestly I didnt even do that often. I only did that with time based quest that I thought would end soon. By the time it came to that I'd already met most of the NPC's in the area.
Nerdmaster  +   343d ago
Does the affinity chart show which NPCs give quests? No. You still had to walk around each town searching for quest giver NPCs. And new quests become available as your affinity with each town raises, so NPCs that didn't give quests before can suddenly start giving quests. Knowing what time an NPC is active is only useful if you already have a quest that asks you to find an NPC, but not for finding quest givers.

Many NPC's active times overlap, but many don't. That's why I had 3 times to walk around, because those were the times with most overlaps. So your talk about overlaps isn't helpful at all. Funnily enough, you saying "check in 4-6 hour intervals" is exactly what I said I did. But you didn't account for the fact that I said in my previous paragraph, that new quests appear. So it's not only "use one day" thing.

The developers obviously wanted to give the game more play time by adding tons of uninspired quests and this time mechanic that made you roam through each town many times to find quests. I just can't believe I have to explain why this mechanic is bad...

Unfortunately, even if quests are not obligatory, I feel like I'm leaving a huge part of the game behind if I don't do them (specially because some of them have interesting stories and good rewards). Because of that, I hate the way the game handles quest givers.
Dravidian  +   343d ago
I took it into account and also said "I only did that with time based quest that I thought would end soon." And again most towns/cities are pretty small so the time it takes is rather insignificant compared to the game as a whole. New quest show up on the mini-map(easy to find), timed quest only expire after major events, and you already have to go back and forth to different cities for both quest and stories.

Spending 15 minutes (give or take) looking through a city after hours on the world map slaying monsters and progressing the story was hardly a chore to me.

I ran into nearly every NPC I've needed so far (I've only had to search for 3) by just playing the game, so I have no issue with the format. The only thing I want changed is how many quest are given from a single NPC at once. One npc giving me 6 quest back to back instead of all at once was slightly annoying, but not game ruining.
pedroyamato  +   343d ago
The game looks great, maybe the first 2 trailes used the best angle and animations but e3 2014 gameplayer movie showed no downgrade at all.

If they can make some changes I would ask for:

1- better facial models, I mean, we dont need ultra-realistic faces but the plastic face can be a little scary

2- put some weight on the models. They look like sliding on the ground.

Anyway, Day one buy
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