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Submitted by nabgil 598d ago | interview

Dead Rising 3 on PC "the best version", says Capcom Vancouver

GR-UK writes: "Lead Producer John Airhart has said Dead Rising on PC feels like the best version of the game, and far from "just some port", during an interview at this year's E3.

"It's coming with those things that PC gamers have come to expect, like a lot of really nice graphical options," he told us. "Resolution that supports anything your monitor supports, different key bindings that you can customise, so it really feels like the best version of the game. It feels like a try PC version, and not just some port that we just sent out the door." (Dead Rising 3, E3, PC, Xbox One)

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Activemessiah  +   598d ago
Best version? does that mean we have to wait for the Super Ultra Best 60fps version in few months?
user1439414  +   598d ago
PC should look much better than Xbone :) PS4 version will be amazing as well. XoXoXo
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matt139  +   598d ago
Yeah because a ps4 port is going to better than the PC one....
christrules0041  +   597d ago
Apparently 9 people seriously have no sense of being sarcastic.
LamerTamer  +   594d ago
I wish there would be a PS4 version. At least it would be 1080p. The xbone version was ugly at only 720p. I had it for the bone, couldn't get into it due to the bad graphics.
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mmc-007  +   598d ago
you no say?
DoctorJones  +   598d ago
Good, as it should be. Because after all, we all pay $3000 for our gaming pcs.

NiteX  +   597d ago
I sure as hell have never paid that much. I don't think I've ever even paid over $2000.

Ah ok now I see the /S ha.
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kingduqc  +   597d ago
Even in the 90's pc where not that expensive... Do some math on how much you pay just to play online and add that to your console price tag and bingo you got a mid end pc that blow the fuck out of every consoles.
kevnb  +   598d ago
Is it even a good game though?
DoctorJones  +   598d ago
Apparently it is. I've never played a Dead Rising that wasn't good, so I doubt this one won't be anyway.
Jdoki  +   597d ago
All the Dead Rising games are great fun if you can overlook the occasional clunkiness of the controls.

DR3 really refines the game play for the better. It's a good fun game, especially co-op - but DR1 is still my favourite because of the theme, setting and characters.
kingtroy  +   598d ago
and the sky is blue right capcom ?
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AnEwGuY  +   598d ago
The Capcom of the 90s was "the best version".
XtraTrstrL  +   598d ago
Even though they were still greedy then, they didn't have the launchpad that Microsoft brought along with the huge push for $$$ DLC and DRM. Soon as it came along, Crapcom was right there for the ride. They are still one of the companies that have done the most DRM in their games from what I've seen. Until the whole issue with PSN going out for over a month and no one being able to play games like Bionic Commando. The SF4 for PC also caused issues with it's DRM, always affecting the paying consumer more than the pirates it's targeted at. Crapcom just doesn't seem to learn, they need someone like Valve as a sensei.
LamerTamer  +   594d ago
There is also the 3DS game RE Mercenaries where you couldn't delete your save game. Of course Crapcom did this to prevent you from selling the game used as who would buy a game with someone elses completed game on it?
GusBricker  +   598d ago
Good for PC gamers, because I loved DR3 on Xbox One, so if it's even better, more power to ya.
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matt139  +   598d ago
1080p and a stable framerate. I should certainly hope so.
GDDR6_2014  +   598d ago
Pc Should always be the best version from any competent developer
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WeAreLegion  +   598d ago
I'm just so happy it's coming to PC. ^_^ I can't wait.
jay2  +   598d ago
Well i personally prefer a controller than a keyboard and mouse the keyboard seems too big to me looking forward to it though got DR1 of 360, 2 on PS3, 3 o got on my xbone a couple of weeks ago to rent, because It was announced about 2 days before i bought my one.
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DoctorJones  +   598d ago
Here is something that will blow your mind - You can use a controller on pc!

Crazy I know, I can't believe they kept it such a secret. Even though everyone knows you can use a controller on pc.
Letros  +   597d ago
Wait, on PC you have choice? Not being told how to play? Mindblowing
guysomeone   598d ago | Spam
RedDeadLB  +   598d ago
Always, but what kind of optimization can we expect?

I mean, what I've read so far doesn't sound too good for Capcom's cash flow. I'm not buying an unoptimized piece of trash, no way.
syne49  +   597d ago
Was mildly interested until he said the DLC isn't coming to PC. Instantly killed any desire I had for this. The DLC looks like the best part of this entire thing. Hopefully they change their minds quickly.
Deadpool616  +   597d ago
Wow. That killed it for me as well. It's like clockwork for Capcom. Every time I get interested in one of their products, they do something that turns me away. It's no wonder they're going to be bought out soon.
caffman  +   597d ago
I love that game on my xbox one
Meltic  +   597d ago
Im so happy it comes to PC. Ive not played it yet and not even seen a gameplay only trailer. So i will wait 78 more Days until it released. Bought it on steam for 37$. Capcom dont fk this game up please. Make it stable.
Ermac_Wins  +   597d ago
I don't know how this can be the best version of Deadrising 3 because if you look at the spec requirements of the game it says otherwise. Crapcom strikes again with terrible PC optimization and watered down games.
Plagasx  +   597d ago
Not just some port....

No 60fps says otherwise -_-
Austacker  +   597d ago
Because on the lead up to a new platform release they're going to say it's the worst or mediocre version?

Seriously, this is about as pointless an 'article' as one can write.
TheSaint  +   597d ago
As usual Xbox 'exclusives' come to PC, no point buying an X1 if you have a PC.

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