3 important reasons why Battlefield: Hardline might fail

Battlefield: Hardline has a lot to prove after the disaster of last year’s Battlefield 4. Fans are voicing several concerns and these are the most important ones.

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Neixus1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

The last battlefields have already failed, it's the fact that it's not failing from journalists point of view.

But as a consumer, Battlefield have failed since after BFBC2, Badcompany2 was the last good battlefield game

I'll get this game though, I just like to play whatever games aslong as i can play with my friends.

cfc831406d ago

You're the one who help them fail, by buying a game that you have said will fail. As long as folks have your attitude, they will get away with it. Without sounding too dramatic, i think Battlefield fans should avoid buying this, or even just avoid buying it at full price. A yearly release rips the ass out of the brand, and makes a new Bad Company less of a reality.

venom061406d ago

SOOOO incredibly funny the level of trash that makes it's way onto these days.. How is the author EVEN REMOTELY mentioning this game failing without the slightest notion of what the actual game will encompass. This stupid [email protected]# article is SOLELY based on the fact that this looks similiar to BF4 (it uses the same engine, it supposed to look similiar)...

What's really going on is the fact that as it was "cool to hate on EA/DICE and anything BF4", now "its cool to hate on Hardline" just because it looks similiar to a game that uses its same engine. Lets see, did ANYONE talk about Ghosts "failing" because it looked like MW3?? NOPE... did ANYONE talk about BO2 "failing" because it looked like other previous CoDs that used the same engine?? NOPE.. Let's sum this up.

1. the beta is FUN AS HELL to play
2. you can't judge the whole complete game from a beta.
3. it may look similiar to BF4, but plays WAYY faster and super fun.
4. nobody said any of this same stupid crap about the last 4 CoDs "failing" or lookin similiar and using the same engine even though they did.

PONTIAC08G8GT1406d ago

I will say the biggest issue I have with this new Battlefield is how similar it is to BF4. When you kill someone and the points come up, the HUD, all just looks similar. This does not look or feel like a brand new game. Yes, the cops n robbers and being in a city is different, but they could have done this with BF4 and sold this as an expansion (yes, it would have been a massive download). I just think for $60, you deserve a whole new game and gameplay. Haven't people been complaining about COD being the same game year after year, just new maps and guns?

zeee1406d ago

Should have been an bf4 add-on and not a new game.

Crazyglues1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Amen player, BFBC2 was the last great battlefield..

I wish they would have just remastered that, better graphics, same mechanics, and brought it to PS4... that game was perfect.

Yeah I can think of 21 reasons: why Battlefield- Hardline might fail - if you can only come up with 1 you sure as hell are not trying, because there are plenty of reasons..

Just off the top of my head, it has the same broken problems that are still in battlefield to this day -- Failed to connect to EA server, LoL is see that every time I start up the game go to quick match and try to join a server..

It's a mod, but not that good of a mod... It has a pretty cheesy weapon system, shooting mechanics could be a lot better, Not that fun to play, not really a lot of players on at once, feels old and it's not even out yet.

Much better games will be out at that time, COD/Advance Warfare, D E S T I N Y

This game is going to get boring quick, will have fail support, updates once in a blue moon.

This is a rush to release, you see how well that worked out on BF4. I would wait and buy this used if you have to get it.

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? Nah dude, I got BF:BC2 and played it since the Beta on 360 back in 09 and it's fair share of glitches, not as many as BF3 or BF4 when launched but I blame that on how simplistic Bad Company was compared to it's more in depth bigger brothers. I love BF and I hate that BF3 and BF4 TOOK TOO LONG to fix the issues that plagued them. I played the Beta for Hardline last night and it was noticeably better than BF4 when it launched. I suspect bugs and glitches when a game launches, But when they take 2 months to fix the issues... I have a problem with that, seemed like BF:BC2 was fixed almost instantly.

crazychris41241406d ago

Ive already noticed that the same online issues in bf4 are in this game too. The game is pretty fun when its working properly but I dont think its worth the full price.

Kiwi661406d ago

it is still only a beta so of course there will be some issues

Xbot12141406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

well up in canada we will be forced to drop $70 on a piece of ish mod

kevinsheeks1406d ago

I refuse to drop more then 30 honestly it's worth 20-25 no more -_- this is an expansion at best the nerve of these guys to drop a new "game" while just getting the old one in working condition

MysticStrummer1406d ago

You're forced to buy games in Canada?

Clown_Syndr0me1406d ago

It felt like DLC to me, or a discounted game like Far Cry Blood Dragon for example.
That would be more reasonable. Unless there is absolutely heaps of content that we don't know about ofcourse.
Also its release window has a hell of a lot of is releasing this fall right? COD, Destiny, Halo...

Grimhammer001406d ago

Its obviously a ghetto skin dlc job.
And it does nothing in mp to capture a cops vs robbers vibe.

-since when are hiests carried out by 30 robbers?
-why are designated jeeps or cop suv's mounted with assault cannons?!! Even helicopters!
-Why can I only drive designated vehicles? Cars are strewn all over....were they all hit with an emp?! Jokes
-where are the civilians? !!!

This hardline is a train wreck

porkChop1406d ago

Yeah all vehicles should really be drive-able. And for gods sake, PLEASE let me turn the friggen camera when I'm driving in first person.

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