16 Most Awaited Games Still Coming in 2014

SkunkMe: In 2014, there are many hot titles has been released as the Q3 started. I have sort out a list that contains 16 most anticipated games still to come in 2014. As for much, a large number of game are coming in the month of October.

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prince51368d ago

Drive Club is most awaited for me

Anon19741368d ago

For me it's the new Dragon Age. Loved the first game, had fun with the second game. Next would be Assassin's Creed Unity. Still playing through Black Flag now (I waited until I could get a PS4 to play it on) and it's been eating up nearly all my game time for the past 2 months. Ubisoft just keeps raising the bar with these games in my opinion.

vishmarx1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

dragon age,far cry and evil within are day 0 for me.
its unbelievable how good da looks.e3 gameplay left me speechless
will probably get driveclub if i end up liking the ps+ version.and maybe mordor
hell ill get most of them before february lol.
after which well get the order ,witcher and possibly bloodborne

and about ubisoft ,say what you will about downgrades but in the past 2 years theyve deliver good games almost consistently.fc3,black flag,blood dragon,child of light,watch dogs,rayman legends.honestly i cant remember the last bad game they made.

vishmarx1367d ago

how one disagrees over someone's personal choice of his own most awaited game is beyond me

avengers19781367d ago

Can't wait for evolve that game looks really interesting. Far Cry 4 should be great

HeRo20551367d ago

And most of these games are coming out in October.

creatchee1367d ago

September through November is going to sexually assault my wallet.

Lon3wolf1367d ago

Mine is already assaulted, so many good games this year so far. Now the Steam sales, think we will be eating soup for the rest of the year.

modesign1367d ago

top 10. 3 exclusive remastered titles, 7 multiplats.

Kribwalker1367d ago

Definitely would have put forza horizon 2 and sunset overdrive on my list

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