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Battlefield: Hardline Beta PS4 vs PC Screenshot Comparison: Not the Prettiest Princess at the Ball

The Battlefield: Hardline beta is available on both PC and PS4, but how do the two version stack against each other in visual fidelity? DualShockers set out to answer that question with a screenshot comparison. (Battlefield: Hardline, PC, PS4)

Anon1974  +   441d ago
The game itself looks pretty generic, but yeah...from these screenshots I'm not seeing any difference. Even when they pointed out differences in their blurb at the end, I don't see it. I blew up a few of these and flipped back and forth. Maybe the PS4's shadows are a bit softer?

At any rate, this game doesn't interest me at this point. I'd much rather spend that money on 3-4 well made indie titles then spend $70 cdn on "Generic AAA Shooter X!"
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Vegamyster  +   441d ago
The only screenshots with a large difference that i saw is the first one, the others it was some slightly lower textures and aliasing.
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sephiroth420  +   441d ago
maybe the one with the tree in there aswell, i saw a slight difference in the leaves, both look pretty poor for a new game.
Utalkin2me  +   441d ago
Well it looks like the textures wasn't fully loaded in the first pic on the PS4. The PS4 version looks better in the 2nd pick. If you look at the garage doors and the hand and drum clip on the gun and the gun looks a little more refined. But other then that they are pretty spot on.
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guitarded77  +   440d ago
The differences were subtle... nothing that will affect the experience. I played on PS4, and was underwhelmed with the visuals... I know it's BETA, but it wasn't very pretty. The Destiny Alpha was better looking. But Hardline played good, and the new vehicles were refreshing. The map was good too.
Freedomland  +   440d ago
You will find differences here and there with a keen eye, but nothing much to talk about.
frostypants  +   441d ago
Steering wheel on the car for PC has more detailed texture. That's about it.

That said the whole thing looks kind of meh. I still think it's ridiculous that this is being marketed as a standalone Battlefield game.
shivvy24  +   441d ago
Yep it was the car internal that was more detailed, shadows were softer on ps4 but that's it, no MAJOR difference.
Utalkin2me  +   441d ago
Don't think the textures was loaded all the way.
3-4-5  +   441d ago
It's like BF4/BF3 but more generic kind of.

It play like BF4 + GTA Cars = ehhhh I'll stick with BF4 for now.
elhebbo16  +   441d ago
The textures are clearly better on PC, you would have to be blind to not see that.
Anon1974  +   441d ago
Yeah, apparently I'm blind because the differences are so slight it's not even noticeable to me. I even went back after you posted this and had another look because I thought I might have honestly missed something but the differences are so slight it's almost imperceptible.
elhebbo16  +   441d ago
@dark if you are telling me you couldn't notice the obvious difference on the police car dashboard and wheel you probably need to get your eyes checked.


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Anon1974  +   441d ago
Ah. I didn't notice at all. You're right. It looks like the texture on the steering wheel is tiled differently and the instrument panel is a touch sharper on the PC. Thanks for pointing that out! Personally, I've never understood these comparisons. Just pissing contests for fanboys for the most part. I mean, if the differences are so slight you have to pause the game on focus on one particular piece of geometry to notice any difference at all, it's it just nitpicking at that point?

How many 360/PS3 comparisons did we have to suffer through where someone claimed "Look! In the top right corner, the shadow on that rock beside the fence is a little blurry! Inferior!".

I'm not saying there aren't differences between the versions, I'm just saying for most people they wouldn't even be noticeable. I didn't look at each of the images the first time through, but only grabbed a couple of the others. Forgive me for missing the texture differences on the dash.
OwnageDC650  +   441d ago
Using my 1440p monitor, from the first picture, I noticed slightly better lighting, better textures, better AA and extra details in the PC version. It's not a big difference altogether though and the game looks generic.
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elhebbo16  +   441d ago
how much AA do you use? I imagine for a 1440p you wouldn't need much if any at all because of the pixel density.
system22  +   441d ago
i see some pretty big differences in aliasing and texture clarity.... then again its not final release so maybe they're just keeping the packaging small.
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Anon1974  +   440d ago
Really? Those are "big differences"?

Alright then. If you say so. Clearly what I view as minor and almost unnoticeable differences are stabbing someone else in the eye. To each his own.
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younglj01  +   441d ago
I can't tell the difference but I'm sure someone will give us the facts..
Priestwithgun  +   441d ago
And yet it requires a better pc to run(than bf4), I dont get it
AgentSmithPS4  +   441d ago
Give it at least half a year after release and maybe it will run better ;).
shivvy24  +   441d ago
elhebbo16  +   441d ago
No it doesn't, With BF4 I had around 70 frames on ultra with my 760, with this one its around 60-65 on ultra. The game is still being tuned so its to be expected.
Neixus  +   441d ago
It's a Beta, the textures and graphics are downgraded to keep the file size small :)
Priestwithgun  +   441d ago
hemmo1986  +   441d ago
Meh, looks like BF4 with a new skin. I'll pass thanks
MCTJim  +   441d ago
I'm just not seeing it. They look exactly the same.

edit, they are charging full price for this? Are you kidding? Wow..just wow
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mcstorm  +   441d ago
I think BF4 looks better imo. Be interesting to see how this game sells after the mess EA made with BF4
ocelot07  +   441d ago
To be honest the graphics on hardline don't look as good as BF4 in my opinion. But since it is only a beta. You never know they could get better.

Not played the beta on PS4. But I do have the PC beta at max settings at 1080p.

Will be getting the PS4 version once released as all my friends are on PS4. Going by them screen not much difference between the 2. PC version does have better shadows though.
shivvy24  +   441d ago
I wonder if the campaign will be any good ? I want to see more of that.
Neixus  +   441d ago
Campaign will probably be really good, considering Visceral Games made Dead Space
Phoenix76  +   441d ago
Personally I found the texture and models rather bland on the ps4. The gun I was using looked more like a plastic toy rifle, the cop cars were like they came from a ps2 game, and the char models were terrible.
mmc-007  +   441d ago
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   441d ago
Developers don't know the meaning of Ultra anymore.
AD705  +   441d ago
This game in general is just unimpressive. It does nothing new. I don't like to hate on a game for graphics but this game looks like a supped up PS2 game with the shiny graphic look from halo 3.
Hanuman  +   441d ago
If true it is a damn shame!
spence52490  +   441d ago
Bring us back to WW2 or Vietnam.
ElmoCooksGlass  +   441d ago
i think the ps4 is better then a 2000$ computer if u can get the same graphics out of it as a pc whick is somehow ''Master Race'' i have not seen 1 pc game that looks better then consoles and i have a good computer and ive played crysis 3 Metro Last Light bf4 pc is not really all that good
iistuii  +   440d ago
Are you seriously going to tell me you can't tell the difference from B4 ultra settings on PC running at 1080p/60fps to the upscaled jaggie PS4 version, c'mon, I've got & enjoy my PS4 but also have a gaming rig & can tell when a game has better textures, lighting, aliasing & framerate.
hduce  +   440d ago
I have the beta for both the PC and PS4 and you have to see the game in motion. The PC is clearly the better looking version with better AA and a higher native resolution. The difference between the beta on PC and PS4 is the same as the difference between the versions of Battlefield 4 to me.
CaptCalvin  +   440d ago
Why don't people get it? You don't buy a PC just to play games; you buy a PC because you NEED one. And if you invest a couple of hundreds of dollars more in a PC that you need anyway you get a PC that happens to play a ton of games very well.
tee_bag242  +   440d ago
Games can look comparable from a gaming PC to console. That's about it. I've seen nothing on the consoles yet that look and feel close to Metro, BF4, Crysis 3, Skyrim EBN running on Maxed settings at 60+ fps. Not to mention all the last gen classics like L4D2, Farcry 3, Sleeping Dogs, Samurai Warrior, Serious Sam 3, Saints row 4 etc. The only way to play these games in all their glory is on a PC.
Most of the new fen console games that look good sadly run at a miserable 30fps.
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SoCalledMe  +   440d ago
They stated wrong platforms on these 2 : http://cdn2.dualshockers.co... http://cdn.dualshockers.com... look at gun , tires and garage door
mokkeyrg2  +   440d ago
ps4 looks better there
mokkeyrg2  +   440d ago
looks the same.
mogwaii  +   440d ago
Shit game, who cares.
Harmonizer  +   440d ago
It's an early build. Obviously they aren't showing the full package of effects, which would destabilize the build. A good example would be the BF 3 alpha which looked ass in the first few builds
Saryk  +   440d ago
it’s still a beta, so there’s plenty time for Visceral to improve things on both platforms. We’ll have to wait and see what the release version will bring for a more precise comparison.

Copied and pasted!
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Xtremist  +   440d ago
So far the PS4 version is the 99% of the pc version on ultra settings. Something that was expected as developers unlock more of the PS4's hardware capabilities.
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Npugz7  +   440d ago
I prefer BF4 over this!!!!

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