No Man's Sky Dev: We Won't Have Any Quests; I Just Want To Try One Big Thing

Sean Murray clarifies that No Man's Sky won't have any quests, before explaining his motivation to create such a massive game.

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Aurenar1462d ago

This kind of game without an end fascinates me but I'm also afraid of it.

This is the most ambitious project that my eyes have seen at E3.

kaiserfranz1462d ago

It's most certainly one of the most ambitious games in development right now. I hope it will be possible to join a friend and play together, though, not fully sure on that.

Rainbowcookie1462d ago

I read it's possible to meet other players but it will be like journey. The dev joked if the are making a mmo they are being bad at it. Other online options will be when you discover something you can name it and others will see it, but it will have a latin name also so no-on can call everything penis monster etc. Let me get the link for you .

Mr Pumblechook1462d ago

A Gaffer called Lemonlyman concerned about the lack of gameplay or narrative created this No Man's Sky simulator http://www.joshandjayshow.c...

He made it as a joke but it does make you wonder about the genre. Hello Games say it has no narrative and describes it as being most similar to Minecraft.

Personally i'm very excited about NMS and I think Hello Games are holding back a few secrets!

sinspirit1462d ago

I think we should be able to leave holograms, that work just like messages in Demons Souls/Dark Souls, except you could chose to record a short instance of yourself to lead people to something and what not. God, I have so many ideas for games. I wish I were a story writer for games and could bring forth ideas for actual gameplay and features.

3-4-51462d ago

NO Quests = You have to create your own fun, and hopefully there are enough options to do that.

This game could be amazing.

3-4-51462d ago

* It's like back in the 90's and Creating your own games within games to extend replay value.

Maybe in your mind, you become an explorer who is trying to find a hope planet for your people and your the last hope.


You are trying to build a community on One specific Planet and populate it or whatever idea you have ect....

Because it's so vast and big, it could be that game for you/me/us/we.

Palitera1462d ago

Me too.

Minecraft and Terraria kind of work like this, despite the bosses...

I wouldn't do it so open, so unended, that's for sure, but I have a ton of faith on them.

Nekroo911462d ago

Both of those games have a strong online component along with a crafting system.

Im hoping for a multiplayer mode

kaiserfranz1462d ago

It's a risk, absolutely. Let's hope it pays off, though!

micx1462d ago

It's interesting to us as well. A nice experiment, eager to see how it plays out.

Dlacy13g1462d ago

Its interesting for sure. A Minecraft kind of approach of just go out and explore. I do wonder though if a lack of any kind of narrative direction could hurt the game.

WeAreLegion1462d ago

So great. How much is there to do? We can attack other ships, yes. But what else? Can I build a house?

burneddude1462d ago

You can also upgrade your ship to have better weapons and be faster.

kaiserfranz1462d ago

I suppose so. There's gathering, so there will have to be crafting.

Palitera1462d ago

Do you know which kind of gathering? This seems to be the core of the progression and it interests me.

Fixay1462d ago

SO what do I actually do? Just explore?

I really liked the look of this game and when the developer was on stage at E3 you could clearly see he was overwhelmed just being there. Seemed very humble

kaiserfranz1462d ago

I admit that much is unclear at this point. Exploring seems to be the main theme of the game, I just hope it's not the only one.

Fixay1462d ago

Yeah I really do hope they have an element of building or some kind of home lol

I don't want a minecraft clone or anything but exploring in the day to find cool stuff and then returning home at night to build etc was pretty fun.

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