Sixty Second Shooter Prime available to download now on Xbox One

If you’re looking for a fast-paced twin stick shooter then look no further than Sixty Second Shooter Prime out now on Xbox One.

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danowat1367d ago

1000 Gamerscore for £3.99 must be a new GS / £ ratio record!

Askanison41367d ago

This is completely off-topic but does anyone else think that Achievements are holding much less weight as they used to on 360?

Could be that I just don't care all that much any more but it seems like they aren't displayed very prominently on the dash or anywhere that would make me competitive...

danowat1367d ago

Yes, they hold less weight since the xbox one, but lets be honest, they didn't really hold a lot of weight in the first place, they have never really been a reflection of gaming prowess.

They are just a fun way of adding some little meta-games to your gaming, and maybe doing things you wouldn't normally do :)

neil3631367d ago

I personally put that down to the way cheevos are stuffed away. Hopefully the next update enabling us to snap them in will change it back a little.

oKidUKo1367d ago

I like your immediate thinking danowat, I love achievements!

danowat1367d ago

Lol at how someone could disagree that you love achievements!

oKidUKo1367d ago

Well they must know me better than myself lol. Back on topic this could be a decent little funfest.

1367d ago
neil3631367d ago

For the price, it's gotta be one to check out. Which I will as soon as this game of football is out the way!