Metal Gear Solid 5: The Most Complete Metal Gear Ever

The 30-minute MGS5 E3 gameplay demo shows a game built from the ground up for next-gen: the most complete Metal Gear game ever made.

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-Foxtrot1432d ago

If it was Ground Zeros would of came with it

porkChop1432d ago

Yeah Ground Zeroes was originally part of the game and was then taken out to make more money. That's the exact opposite of "complete".

Timesplitter141432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

What is this? The Negative Nancies annual reunion?

After seeing the 2 hour stream today I fully believe this truly is the most complete MGS ever. There's base managing, resource collecting, researching, open world, real-time day/night cycle, vehicles, all the stealth elements of the past games without the linearity.... this game looks like a winner.

'Attacking enemy camps in any way you want in an open world' is the best gameplay element that ever happened to MGS games. This is the stealth game the world needs

raWfodog1432d ago

Wait until they will eventually be bundled together as a GOTY or "complete" edition. You know it will happen.

AC2020x1431d ago

I'm hoping the fulton recovery system isn't too overpowered. You should only be able to use it a few times/ mission.

Do you have any idea what kinds of resources it takes to make something like that happen? A lot! Also, hiding bodies should definitely be a part of the game!

Systemshock21432d ago

After Witcher3 , DragonAgeInquisition and others, the Graphics seems Meh, shows crossgen touches.

Gameplay is awesome though.

Timesplitter141432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

The only doubts I'm having about it is the Fulton Recovery System. It looks a bit too silly and overpowered to fit in the game. You don't even have to worry about hiding bodies anymore and it kinda breaks the immersion too.

I hope there's a hard difficulty where you can't use it

firelogic1432d ago

I guess you never played Peace Walker. And MGS has always been silly. That's the beauty of it. Deadly serious crossed with utter silliness.

Timesplitter141432d ago

I did play Peace Walker and I didn't like that mechanic. I was okay for a PSP game but putting this in a main MGS game is weird imo

raWfodog1432d ago

But if you couldn't use it then how would you build up your Motherbase with personnel and equipment? Big Boss wouldn't have access to new technologies, tools, or information and you wouldn't be able to defend Motherbase from attacks.

Timesplitter141432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

I guess I wouldn't mind Fulton as long as you can't use it on humans. I just don't want something that magically gets rid of the bodies, because this is a stealth game element I really enjoy. Taking care of bodies forces you to think twice before headshotting some soldier in an open area. It's an incentive for actual infiltration and not just silenced run-and-gun. It just makes the game more challenging and interesting.

For recruiting soldiers you could simply tranq them and put them in a truck/heli and escape the mission with them, like the prisoners in Ground Zeroes. Having to do this would even be much more fun and intense than just pressing a button to send a soldier to your base

Raf1k11432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

It's a great way of disposing of bodies. Worked really well in Peace Walker and there are a limited number of them that you can use during a mission so it's not overpowered.

Also, 'Gameplay is awesome though.' - When this is the case mediocre graphics don't really matter.

vishmarx1432d ago

game is 1080p 60fps it open its got day night cycles and real time weather.
plus if youve tried gz on ps4,its goddamn gorgeous.probably the best lighting ive seen in a released console game so far.while i agree witcher and da look better ,theyre not done afagnistan but large beautiful vistas with thunder spewing wands and fire breathing dragons.let me see them make desert wastelands with oil rigs and shoddy villiages look this good
about fulton,i just hope they make some loud noise when they go to alert enemies,so that it cant be abused until youre done with enemies in the radius

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JackVagina1432d ago

None of those games are locked 60fps on console

Nekroo911432d ago

We still dont know the release date, so you dont know how the game will look in the end. They can improve small things.

Batzi1432d ago

Well Uncharted 4 beats them all in terms of realistic graphics but does that mean Uncharted 4 will have better gameplay than The Phantom Pain? I highly doubt that. MGSV has a beautiful art design and for a game running at 1080p60fps (PS4) it's just brilliant.

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extermin8or1432d ago

"Built from the ground up for the new gen" yet also rekeasing on last gen consoles....

optimus1431d ago

....and i for one am thankful for that.

extermin8or1431d ago

I however am not, not when it might not be out for another year or two.... And I think they could probably achieve alot more if they'd concentrated on the newer tech. Still graphic are great and I liked what I saw in Ground Zero's and can't wait for the rest.

optimus1431d ago

well if it doesn't hinder production to the next generation then why not?'s not like it's being built from the ground up for the last generation and ported over...if this is kojima's biggest game to date why would he want a mere 20 mil or so gamers to play it than the 100+ gamers that STILL have the last generation system like myself?...
sorry but complaining that he or developers in general shouldn't support the last generation is being selfish at this point.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1431d ago

You could easily tell that this was a joke article from the title alone.