10 Xbox One Console Exclusives we wish were coming to the PS4

Sean Davies of PSGamer writes: The PS4 has had an amazing 2014. Playstation gamers have been spoilt for choice since the console launched with a selection of AAA exclusives (Infamous, Killzone), third-party blockbusters (Assassins Creed, Wolfenstein, Watch_Dogs) and smaller/indie titles (Entwined, Octodad, Outlast). It is an embarrassment of riches.

Of course, on the other side of the fence, the Xbox One has been building its own impressive portfolio of exclusive games, slowly building momentum with a glut of great looking games coming in the second half of 2014. For any Playstation exclusive gamer (like myself) I think it is healthy to look over the divide at what other consoles have or will be receiving as an exclusive. It can serve to help you appreciate the games you have or will be playing in the future on your chosen console. It helps keep perspective of the wider gaming world in general. It also gives a glimpse into what may be coming to your console in the future or what developers might be striving to achieve.

With this in mind, we have come up with a list of 10 Xbox One exclusives that we wish were coming to the PS4.

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Askanison41101d ago

I love my Xbox but as good as this list is - none of those are No Man's Sky :(

jackanderson19851101d ago

probably cause that game is not an exclusive to anything really

imt5581101d ago

Inside will probably come to PS4. Just like Limbo on PS3.

djplonker1101d ago

Inside and no mans sky are timed exclusives!

a lot of indies on this list which is good to see although some die hard xboxs fans on this site wouldn't agree.

Eonjay1101d ago

Inside will come to PS4 and No Man's Sky Will Come to PC.

kanyewesting1101d ago

Who even mentioned inside? Fan boys smh

TheGreatAndPowerful1101d ago

Blow and cuphead look interesting, everything else is meh.

Old McGroin1100d ago

"Who even mentioned inside?"

It has it's own section in the article.

jebabcock1100d ago

To be completely honest. There wasn't a single game there that I felt the desire to play. Not to be too negative but they listed peggle 2.... Seriously?

Bob Dole1100d ago

^^ Bob Dole is buying a Xbox One specifically for peggle 2. Just because you don't think it's a great game doesn't mean people don't want to play it.

UltraNova1100d ago

I’m only interested in Inside (will probably come to PS4) and Quantum Break..Titanfall wasn't even timed-exclusive.

All things considered this list blows..

AndrewLB1100d ago

Correct. And people seem to forget that No Man's Sky was first announced as being a PC game. Here is the trailer they released almost a year ago.

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lifeisgamesok1101d ago

No Man's Sky looks good but i wouldn't buy it over

Halo Collection
Quantum Break
Sunset Overdrive
Fable Legends (If there's an offline campaign)
Gears of War 4
Halo 5

guyman1101d ago

Life is games:

Uncharted 4
The order 1886
Littl big planet 3
The last of us remastered

BattleTorn1101d ago


Yes, you should want to buy ONE indie title over the ENTIRE up-coming Xbox One line-up - yes, that was exactly the point OP was making... SMFH

mhunterjr1101d ago

No man's sky is just a timed exclusive if I'm not mistaken...

Askanison41101d ago

Oh? I thought it was a PC/PS4 only type of deal. OK then, I stand corrected :)

NextLevel1101d ago

.....and Titanfall is not an Xbox One console exclusive, it's on the 360.

mhunterjr1101d ago


Your're right, but this article was about games that are excluded from the ps4's lineup.

It would seem that everyone should be able to get the hands on no man's sky one way or another...

Killzoner991101d ago

Nope. You won't be playing No Mans Sky on Xbone. It was announced at E3 that it's a PS4 exclusive. I think Sony worked out a behind the scenes deal or something.

RosweeSon1100d ago

Same as Inside. Limbo came to everything under the sun they are not gonna make that a full xbox exclusive, no chance.

gamertk4211100d ago

Yeah Sony used a cryptic phrase when showing the game. They said it would be coming exclusively first on ps4.

aquamala1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

"console exclusive first "

ThanatosDMC1100d ago

It better come to PC too for mods.

KeeseToast1100d ago


Mods? It seems like you have no idea of No Man's Sky. Everything from trees to dinosaurs is procedurally generated evryting can have all kind of shape, size color and so on. They only build blueprints for everything and the Engine creates the stuff, the game is modding itself.

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mhunterjr1101d ago

Well don't take my word for it...

But at e3, they were very careful to say the game is making its 'console debut' on PS4. They stopped way short of calling it an exclusive, I can only assume it's because the game will be on other consoles.

There's been no confirmation either way, but when pressed on the issue, the devs say "we're only talking about ps4 right now"... That's typical speech for a company with a temporary marketing agreement.

gamerfan09091101d ago

Unless Sony is completely funding that game, they'd be retarded to make that an exclusive. If you're an indie with a game like that you're going to want the max amount of profits you can get. If they stay console exclusive, for the sake of their studio, they better get a sweet deal from Sony.

AngelicIceDiamond1100d ago

NMS is definitely going to different platforms. Its not a true exclusive of any kind.

marlinfan101100d ago

I'm pretty sure the devs of NMS have already said they'll be talking about other platforms soon

jnemesh1100d ago

The question really is, is it worth it to port the game to the Xbox One? If they do really well on the PS4, I could see them deciding that the effort to get it published on the Xbox simply wasn't worth it.

marlinfan101100d ago

why wouldnt it be worth it? that opens it up to another 5 million or so people and the people that continue to buy the system. it'd be stupid not too.

AndrewLB1100d ago

They actually released the first trailer for No Man's Sky in 2013 and at the time it was a PC game. So it's good that PC is the platform they did most of the developing on.

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Magicite1101d ago

I would want Quantum Break, but only if it turns out great. Can live without others.

MWong1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

Yea I just would like Quantum Break and TitanFall, honestly the rest I could go without.

Imalwaysright1101d ago

It is Remedy. There is no reason to think that it won't turn out great.

NextLevel1101d ago

Are we looking at the same list? Aside from Quantum Break, this is not a good list to reflect the Xbox One exclusives.

- 90% of those indie games will come to the PS4
- Titanfall is not an Xbox One console exclusive
- Insomniac Games last 2 games have an average of 66

You could make a much best list than this to properly reflect the Xbox One, IMO. Like adding Scalebound and Halo for starters.

PONTIAC08G8GT1101d ago

Please stop acting like Titanfall isn't an Xbox exclusive. Just because its on the 360 and PC, it's exclusive to microsoft. That whole "its not an exclusive" argument is made by 99% of PS owners.

AngelicIceDiamond1100d ago

I guess with that logic LBP 3 isn't a "exclusive" because its on PS3.

TLOU remastered isn't a exclusive because its on PS3. FH2 also isn't a exclusive its a 360.

Yes they are exclusive because they are only on PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

The definition hasn't changed that's what an exclusive is.

vega2751100d ago

I find it funny how sony fanboys say 95% of indie games are going to the ps4. But no mans sky and grim fandingo and the rest of the indie games will remain sony exclusive even when devs have already said they are doing other platform too.

bluzone1100d ago

What happened to the port of Titanfall to Mac (Apple)? I read something about Aspyr doing a port of it?

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ghostface91101d ago

thats time exclusive so you will be alright

truefan11101d ago

What I love about this list is that a majority of them are indie games. It seems XB1 may not get the most indie games, but they sure are getting the best ones.

PS Phil Spencer already hinted at no Man's Sky coming to XB1 after the timed exclusivity.

jebabcock1100d ago


You realize your previous history of ridiculous posts mean you do more harm with your comments than good right? Maybe you are secretly a ps4 fan trying to make xb1 fans look bad... lol..

Trekster_Gamer1100d ago

I really hope it makes it to Xbox One it looks like a heckofalot of fun!

AndrewLB1100d ago

Cock- He's right actually. In 2013 they released the first trailer for No Man's Sky and it was announced as being for PC and Xbone.

Look and learn.

3-4-51101d ago

That list sucks. I'm sorry it does IMO.

* Half those games seem very an-appealing and they didn't even list Halo Collection or Halo 5 ?

Your telling me PS4 fans wouldn't play every Halo game combined in one updated HD package ?

I don't think so.

* I have a feeling the gameplay of sunset overdrive is going to get very boring, very quickly.

It still looks fun though.

DinoNYC1100d ago

I wouldn't play Halo if it was on PS4. I don't care for the franchise, that's a good reason why I own a PS console over an Xbox.

DualWielding1100d ago

I think most PS4 only owners would not care about Halo even if it was available on PS4, if they cared about Halo they probably would have bought and Xbone

Flames761100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

You do know that no man sky is coming to the Xbox One right?Its only a timed exclusive for the PS4.Sony just wanted everyone to think every multiplatform game was exclusive to them since they had no exclusives themselves this holiday.Also almost all of the games mentioned here are far better than no mans sky just by looking at the video

nerdman671100d ago

No Man's Sky is already coming to X1, it's timed for PS4.

avengers19781100d ago

Maybe it's just but nothing on that list really matters to me.
Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, and Below would be games I'd be interested in if I had an XB1, but other than that there are plenty of games on PS4 to keep me busy

geddesmond1100d ago

Quantum Break I wouldn't mind playing, Titanfall, I definitely would like on the PS4. The rest of them, hell fricking no. Insider lol, it looks like you just sneak around in that game and hide. So much for gameplay beating everything else including story in a game. Ah but limbo. Got it free for PS Plus and deleted it after 10 minutes.

FamilyGuy1100d ago

This list was surprisingly diverse, I wish a lot of these were coming to PS4. Some of the smaller titles look extremely interesting.

Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime
Ori and The Blind Forest

Sunset Overdrive and Titanfall would be welcomed additions too.

The picture used for this articles header lowered my expectations of seeing a good list so I was pleasantly surprised.

1100d ago
FamilyGuy1100d ago

I consider it a smaller title and called it as such intentionally to avoid labeling it as an "indie" game. I call them smaller titles based on the lower cost of their development when compared to the bigger, "block buster" or "AAA" titles. I do not label it as such based on how many hours they claim the game to last.

The game looks cool and interesting, regardless of how anyone decides to title it.

Austacker1100d ago

Whilst No Man's Sky shows a lot of promise, especially for an indie, I'm definitely worried the community is over hyping this game beyond what it will end up being and as a result, disappoint many.

1100d ago
showtimefolks1100d ago

dead rising 3
sunset overdrive

if done right(a big if looking at first 2 games)Crackdown 3(why MS doesn't do this right is beyond me, crackdown IP has so much potential like Infamous for sony)

for right now these are the 3 games i would like on ps4 but other than that i am good. I think i am gonna get a xbox one this fall around black friday(hopefully some good bundles will be available)

memots1100d ago

dead rising 3 is not exclusive anymore. Pre-purchase is on steam right now.

ITPython1100d ago

Out of that list, the only one that seems quite interesting to me is Quantum Break. If TF had a lengthy amazing SP then I would probably be interested in it too, but online MP games really don't do it for me anymore. I didn't even play KZ:SF online once, even though I had originally planned to since I loved KZ2 online.

But if the XB1 can muster up about 15-20 AAA exclusives that I would want to play, then I would really consider getting one. But between multiplats performing better on the PS4 and plenty of exclusives to choose from over here, I see no reason to get a XB1 anytime soon. Maybe in 2 or 3 years.

assdan1100d ago

I honestly only want sunset overdrive. None of those games interest me.
Especially inside with my new learned info that it's made by the makers of Limbo, which is the single worst game I've played my entire life (not exaggerating). The challenge of the game is not based on skill and being able to overcome hard challenges. It's about getting to a screen; dying from an obsticle that can't be seen because of the games awful art style (yep I said it, it's awful); Jumping over the obstacle; repeat. A game isn't fun when the only way to perceive an obstacle is by having it kill you. It should be possible to get through a game without dying if you're really good at games. It's not, and I'm assuming inside will be the same crap.

Tapewurm1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

The only game that I would like to see on PS4 that is available currently "ONLY" on Xbone is TitanFall... I am sure Respawn kicks themselves in the arse every day for getting into bed with Msoft ...even if it is only for a limited time...I hope 8)

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TimeSkipLuffy1101d ago

As a gamer I want all of them for the PS4 but the one I really want to play is Quantum Break. I recently bought the X1 with Titanfall and Kinect included because the price was the same as the kinectless version without game.
I haven't played Titanfall yet :D Too many PS3 games I still need to play ^^

IanVanCheese1100d ago

I feel you on the massive back catalogue, but you'll love Titanfall when you get the chance to play it.

1100d ago
Neonridr1101d ago

Inside looks fabulous but no word on if that is just a timed exclusive or not. Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive and Ori and the Blind Forest look good too, and those should remain as Xbox exclusives.

Titanfall may or may not show up on the PS4 - it may end up just being the sequel, so PS4 fans will get a chance to try the game eventually.

gamerfan09091101d ago

Inside is a time exclusive. Ori and Blind Forest are only on Xbox One and PC.

Hellsvacancy1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

It said at the beginning of the trailer "launches first on XB1" that told me enough

Nobody talks about this XB1 game seems to of disappeared, I want it to come to the PS4

IanVanCheese1100d ago

Below is out later this year I think. Same studio released Super Time Force last month, very fun game.

Bennibop1101d ago

Even though I have an X1 I would happily miss all of those exclusives for the ones coming to PS4, Driveclub, Bloodborn and No Mans Sky (its timed but would not be surprised if Sony signed exclusive following E3 reaction)

gamerfan09091101d ago

Why would they sign an exclusivity deal when they're an indie? What do they get out of that?

Neixus1101d ago

Money from sony