No Man's Sky - How A Seemingly Impossible Game Is Possible

If there's one comment louder than all the praise that No Man's Sky has been getting, it's got to be something along the lines of, "Wow, how is that even possible?"

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odderz1158d ago

Minecraft has shown the benefits to procedurally generated game worlds, but I'm scared that game worlds that use that method might be a bit bland. I mean, the best setpieces and views in games have traditionally been made by people, and they take hours of painstaking building.

I just don't want these worlds to lose their beauty. No Man's Sky is do or die for me.

Tony-Red-Grave1158d ago

I see games like minecraft and no mans sky as more of being building blocks for these types of games. Just think of all the possibilities we could see from MMOs, EVE comes to mind right away, once this concept is expanded upon. Minecraft, although it's not my cup of tea, proves that these types of games can be mainstream and sell well.

gamerfan09091158d ago

It takes expert coding to be able to pull off what these guys are doing. I'm not too excited yet because I know absolutely nothing about the gameplay or story, but these dudes should be commended for their talents. Something like this takes real genius and they pulled it off with a 6 man team.

Tony-Red-Grave1158d ago I really recommend checking out this hands on. It's very informative on the gameplay elements.

No_Limit1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

I always wanted a game where you can just cruise around the universe and discover new stars and land on planets and just explore and come in contact with others. This game seems like it might fulfill my dream. Hope to see more of it soon and get a release date.

XiSasukeUchiha1158d ago

This game is offical in my collection.

pandehz1158d ago

I wish they dont fail.

The indie community has a AAA challenger.

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