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'Of all the consoles, Sony are getting the most right' - The Swapper Dev praises PS4 indie support

Dealspwn reports: "Olli Harjola and Facepalm Games are bringing The Swapper to PS3, PS4 and Vita on August 5th as a cross-buy title, promising that the critically-acclaimed puzzler will "push the limits" on all platforms (meaning smooth 1080p 60FPS on the new-gen machine).

Though Curve Digital are handling the port, Harjola has spoken out to praise Sony's ongoing support of independent developers, while making it clear that there are still plenty of hoops to jump through in order to publish on PlayStation platforms." (PS Vita, PS3, PS4, The Swapper)

bggriffiths  +   438d ago
Some of the indie stuff has been a bit pricey for me on PS4, but at least a lot of them have been freebies with PS+. That reminds me, I should check out Lone Survivor and give Mercenary Kings another go.
Blues Cowboy  +   438d ago
Defo check out both of those, they're immense. Mercenary Kings can be a little grindy but fire up 2-4 player co-op and you're laughing!
rdgneoz3  +   438d ago
Co-op is fun if you get friends or a few smart randoms. Else it can end quickly on the harder levels if they don't know what to do.
abzdiine  +   438d ago
to me Transistor is more interesting than any FPS out there, and i'm weighing my words!
Rickgrimes95  +   438d ago
I tried mercenary kings just not my type of game I guess. An spending 9$ on daylight was the biggest waste of money what a crap game
lelo  +   438d ago
There are good indie games out there but I would never buy a console to play indies. I already have a PC for that, with a much wider collection of indies to choose from and are much cheaper then on consoles (unless it's free with XBLA Gold or PS+). I buy consoles essentially to play it's exclusives.
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medman  +   438d ago
I disagree with you lelo. I have a ps4 and buy all types of games, and among my most anticipated include No Man's Sky and Abzu, so if I didn't own a ps4, those would certainly tempt me to buy one. In addition, I'm interested in the xbone not for Sunset Overdrive or Halo 5, but rather Below and Ori and the Blind Forest, which look far more interesting and engaging than a shoot em up in my book.
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shivvy24  +   438d ago
I don't know why but I prefer steaming and playing the indie games on my vita, feels better. Am I the only one ?
ipach  +   438d ago
transistor's use of the DS4 was magical. and not to mention that lovely plat(). I also managed to play a solid couple hours of that game on my vita via remote play from more than a thousand of miles away (was very surprised by the lack of latency).

PC is great, but if prices are the same (as they usually are for new titles) no reason not to enjoy some of these indies on a console (especially with the ease of sharing and broadcasting as well)
ipach  +   438d ago
@shivvy24 remote play is great for so many of these indies. they look much better than direct ports would have and play just fine. i enjoy my PC, but I also was sorely disappointed when I went for my first platinum on Steam and was disappointed to see that there isn't such a thing... the game was bioshock infinite, and it even already had DLC achievements there (before they even released any), so I couldn't even enjoy the 100%
mt  +   438d ago
I wish they put up worms on PS+ for free. I always laugh at my buddies death or mistakes.
Anon1974  +   438d ago
I remember loving Worms on my Amiga, probably back in about '95 or so. Worms 2 and Worms Armageddon used to get a lot of play on my PC, with me, my gf (now wife) and my one buddy crowding around the PC and shifting over to take our turn when the time came for our turn. With Worms World Party on my Dreamcast we were finally able to stop crowding around the PC's screen, but Worms 3d kinda lost us. Fun, but just not the same somehow.

Picked up Worms 2: Armageddon on my PS3 and for awhile we all got together and started playing again. That was a nostalgic trip. We even remembered all the names to each worm on our team and it was 10-15 years ago (can't believe I've been playing Worms for 20 years now).

I think it's awesome that indie games made for modest budgets are pushing the creative boundaries and going toe to toe with AAA games when it comes time for Game of the Year honors. That's one of the reasons I went with the PS4 this gen (I had all 3 consoles last gen). Sony just has spectacular indie support. And, as an indie developer myself, I can honestly say...Microsoft just doesn't have the level of communication as Sony at this point. Sony's been hands on with us since we applied to become Sony devs and one of our games has already received approval to be developed on the PS4.

By contrast, it's been months and numerous emails to Microsoft regarding ID@Xbox and MS hasn't returned one email I've sent yet. All applying for ID@Xbox seems to have done is gotten us onto their newsletter list when we're trying to ask them questions regarding the tools and support to see our games launched on the Xbox One. And we're certainly not the only devs out there who're left wondering if the ID@Xbox email is just a black hole with no one on the other end. It's very disappointing, but if MS can't bother to respond to developers then they won't support their platform. It's as simple as that.
Arkardo  +   438d ago
Sony was doing right since the beginning with Ps4, ignore indies as games it's a problem, I can understand that graphics, storyline and movie - like experiences that AAA games provide are the most welcomed, I was one of those people, until I played gems like Journey, Hotline Miami, Guacamelee, etc.

In fact, I fell in love with indies, different experiences and unique stories, there's nothing wrong on giving more support for these amazing devs.
Blues Cowboy  +   438d ago
Good attitude! AAA games are awesome, but for me they're like a big main course between loads of tasty appetisers, crazy Heston Blumenthal-style experiments and greasy-yet-satisfying fast food.

I'm hungry now. Hungry for indie games. Also Uncharted 4, but hey, plenty to snack on until then!
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Venox2008  +   438d ago
well said
DigitalRaptor  +   438d ago
Before this becomes an indie bashing hate-fest:

- The Swapper is a critically acclaimed game that cannot be downplayed.
- The developer is talking from experience.
- Sony had PS4 all right from the start and are reaping the benefits, so it's true.
- Indies deserve the right to sell their games on every gaming platform.

and Cross-buy is awesome.
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Blues Cowboy  +   438d ago
Cross-buy is immense. Curve Digital are really nailing that side of things (e.g. Stealth Inc, Proteus, Lone Survivor etc) - as a Vita owner I'm laughing especially since cross-saves are also supported as standard!

And yeah, totally agreed (and voted), I'm SICK of people bashing indie games. Talented people are working hard to give us lovely things to play. WHY DO IDIOTS COMPLAIN ABOUT THAT?! /rant
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rdgneoz3  +   438d ago
There are some amazing gems that cost under $15
jackanderson1985  +   438d ago
because for all the amazing indies that are out there there is millions more that are crap and are causing the bad name associated to indies
Anon1974  +   438d ago
Yeah, but you don't see them on the PS3/PS4, do you? Sony isn't simply letting indies run roughshod over the PSN marketplace and turning it into a cesspool of crap like Google Play or Apple Itunes or even Steam (to an extent). There's actual quality control going on there which is what sets Sony's indie offering apart. People who dismiss indies simply aren't paying attention.
AceBlazer13  +   438d ago
Same can be said about AAA games, for every Uncharted/Halo/Zelda there are 10 G.I Joes. So that excuse is bullshit.
Venox2008  +   438d ago
because they are idiots or ignorant :) ..I understand that different taste is different.. but some of them don't even try to play by themselves and just bash them.. I am still very happy that I tried to play Hotline Mayami, at first it didn't look too good for me, but when I tried by myself, I felt in love with that game, same goes to Cave Story
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pyramidshead  +   438d ago
Cross buy IS awesome. Recently bought an OLED vita and its reaping those benefits.
Ausbo  +   438d ago
No one is bashing Indies. If they are, they are stupid
Moe-Gunz  +   438d ago
Sadly a lot of people here look at indies like they don't count. It's pathetic and sad. Some of these indies are more fun than full price retail games. Also they tend to do interesting things since they don't have an immense budget to risk.

More games the better.
Anon1974  +   438d ago
Yeah, I don't get it either. It just leaves me shaking my head. If you dismiss indies, in my opinion you simply aren't a gamer. Period.
DualWielding  +   438d ago
The problem is not indies themselves, the problem is when Sony tries to excuse the lack of AAA titles with indies.... like when people ask where are the retail exclusives for Vita, and Sony replies we have 100 indie titles coming in....
MasterCornholio  +   438d ago
I played a lot of great indies on the PS4 which is why I hate people who continually bash them. Those gamers are not gamers in my opinion because a true gamer enjoys a game for being good and doesn't care whether its a AAA or an Indie.
die_fiend  +   438d ago
PS4 is doing pretty much everything right. Which is why it's massively outselling the Xbox. Because gamers on the whole aren't stupid.

Unless you bought an Xbone... :)
MasterCornholio  +   438d ago
"Unless you bought an Xbone... :)"

Someone can have perfectly valid reasons for buying an Xbox One like if they want to play Xbox One exclusives. I wouldn't call someone stupid for buying one unless they bought one thinking that it would be the most powerful console. Anyways a few minutes after I posted we already have a ton of Xbox fans trolling this article. This type of behaviour sickens me because it ruins the image of good Xbox fans. People like KNWs and ElementX need to stop making their community look bad. There's nothing wrong with playing indies on PS4.

(@element X) Even though those games are cheaper on steam no one is forcing you to buy them.

(@KNWs) There are a lot more Indies on PCs than AAA games. The reason why that is is because indies are very small studios and therefore there are way more indies than AAA developers. However that doesn't stop AAA games for appearing on that platform. The same will happen on the PS4. As I told element X if you hate Indies don't buy indies. There are still AAA games that you can buy and a large selection of Indies won't stop them coming to the PS4. But your just a troll and you fail to see that.


Yep i bought my PS4 to play good games on it whether they are indies or AAA titles. I can't wait to play No Mans Sky which is a space exploration game made by indie developers. Haters don't deserve to play it.
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die_fiend  +   438d ago
Xbone exclusives?

Like what? Sunset Overdrive is made by the guys who Sony dropped as Resistance games were never anything remarkable...
What else is there? Halo? Even Bungie left that for dead and Destiny will be far better despite being multiplat.

Anyway, my comment was a joke
marlinfan10  +   438d ago
sunset overdrives one of the best looking games of the year. for you to try and downplay it since its not coming to your console of choice is almost laughable. people had petitions out to try and bring it to ps4.

bungie left halo for dead? last time i checked halo 4 sold around 10 million and had one of the best stories of the series. it was 343s first time making one of the biggest franchises in history, i think we can give them a break on the couple things they added to multiplayer that people didnt like.. plus they've already said they're going back to the old halo ways so what are you gonna complain about when that happens? and like i said, halos one of the best franchises ever made, i think its a little to early to say a new IP is gonna be better. but what else what i expect out of a fanboy like you
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DragonKnight  +   438d ago
@die_fiend: Sony didn't drop Insomniac, their contract was over and Insomniac made the decision on their own to be a third party, multiplat developer. Insomniac were never a first party studio, they were a second party studio. Meaning, they had a contract with Sony either for X number of years or X number of games and once that contract was up they could either renegotiate another contract, allow themselves to be bought by Sony (who tried to do so several times and were turned down), or go their own way. They chose the last option.
die_fiend  +   438d ago
I'm not saying 343 didn't do a good job with Halo. I was honestly impressed with Halo 4, much better graphics and I had no qualms with multiplayer.

But Destiny looks much newer and fresher. Halo 5 will hardly be a new experience. And don't give me story - Halo's story is pretty weak. Have you played Bioshock?

Insomniac never really made good games for PS3 (Ratchet and Clank were good), which is why they chose to swap sides. Sunset Overdrive is one of the games of the year? I'd be gobsmacked if it received a GOTY award based on what I've seen. Feel free to link me up if it happens, but I think Ubisoft's games will be better this year.
Oner  +   438d ago
DragonKnight was about to post the same thing. What I find quite odd is how last gen certain gamers $#@! all over Insomniac for Resistance etc. (when it was actually a solid series) and yet now <for some reason> they are the second coming. Go figure.

Sunset looks great (visually & gameplay wise) and I absolutely wish the best for Insomniac, but I really don't see it being anymore (or probably a little less than) the impact of Resistance was last gen.
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marlinfan10  +   438d ago
i don't think its gonna be GOTY but its one of the better looking games no doubt. what games do you think look better?

and destiny looks newer and fresher because its a new IP lol i don't think halo needs to change its ways, its one of the best franchises ever for a reason.
skydragoonity  +   438d ago
Ps4 is the gamers console
KNWS  +   438d ago
More Indies than triple AAA games is acceptable to you guys? Did you really buy a PS4 for indies? Yoshida saying the PS4 will have less and less AAA games, is ignored.

Arkardo@When asked about the somewhat low number of big titles for the rest of the year, Yoshida said:

We’ve been saying that the number of AAAs might be getting smaller because the cost of development for AAAs is getting higher. But there are so many indie games and great games coming out almost every week or every other week. We’re seeing it on PS4. I hope you’re seeing it as well.

Sic chops@ I misquoted him? http://www.playstationlifes...
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Arkardo  +   438d ago
Hahaha Nice try on trolling!

Yoshida never said less Ps4 AAA games, he said less Vita AAA games.

Get the f*** out!


He was talking about industry in general, and that's a fact, Indies will overflow AAA by a large margin in time.
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sic_chops  +   438d ago
Hell have one lone bubble very soon. :-) that's still too much, imo
sic_chops  +   438d ago
You misquoted Yoshida. Sounds like you didn't read the article. However, I'm sure you read the lasted ww numbers from vg charts. Did you comment there? If so. I'm sure it was as dumb as your post above.
KinjoTakemura  +   438d ago
I bought a PS4 for games. Whether or not they're indies or AAA is completely irrelevant to me. What is relevant is will the PS4 have JRPGs? Yes. Will the PS4 have massive open world games? Yes. Will the PS4 have puzzle games? Yes. Will the PS4 have something that appeals to every type of gaming style? YES, YES, and YES, and more so than the Xbox One.
DigitalRaptor  +   438d ago
It's really hurting you that PS4 is the leading console of this gen, with the most and best rated games, isn't it?

Yes... you are clearly misquoting him by implying that he was talking about PS4 exclusives. He's talking in general that there are more indies in general than AAA games. That is just the nature of the marketplace. If Microsoft had got their head out of their asses sooner with ID@Xbox, there would right now be more indie games than AAA games, and there most certainly will be going forward, so go ahead and prepare to eat your words.

More indies than AAA games is commonplace on PC, and Sony is letting more developers from those origins sell their games on PlayStation platforms. Only a delusional, insecure fanboy would see a problem with more choice.

You're going to be embarrassed when 2015 hits and the much bigger indie games like The Witness, SOMA, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, No Man's Sky, RiME and Primal Carnage: Genesis start appearing and making a difference, whilst MS is stuck behind the curve yet again.
mkis007  +   438d ago
These guys must not want No Man's Sky... Practically begging for it not to come to their console.
Skankinruby  +   438d ago
Indies are more complete games than online only nonsense, like your beloved titanfall
truefan1  +   438d ago
Come on man we know ps4 fans cling to indies because that is all they have. In 2015 I doubt we see these ps4 fans talk about indies this much. Personally I have nothing against indies, I'm really looking forward to Below, Cuphead, and Get Even. Xbox players know all about indies hell xbl had what seemed like thousands of games, the difference is we know they are great fillers between blockbuster titles. Ever since sony put indies on the stage at E3, ps4 fans have acted like indie games are important than AAA titles.

PS what's up with the double standard, Ps4 fans count indies as games now, but say MSFT abandoned the 360. During that time tons of indies were still coming to 360, I don't see ps4 fans counting those as games.

@djplonker do you think before you comment, let's look at the facts.
XB1 sequels - Forza 5, Dr3, Kinect SR, FH2, Halo MCC
XB1 new ip- Ryse, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, Project Spark, Quantum Break, Max COB, Scalebound, Ori and the Blind Forest (published by msft)

ps4 sequels-KZSF, infamous ss, mlb, tlou remastered, lbp3, uncharted
Ps4 new ip- knack, driveclub, deep down,

If I count Bloodborne as a new ip for ps4 I have to count Crackdown and Phantom Dust for XB1
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djplonker  +   438d ago
Ps4 has more AAA than the xbone

ps4 has more indies than the xbone

I fail to see the problem...

(oh look at that you can report truefan1 from his account page anyone want to join me?)
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Arkardo  +   438d ago
What I can see is people like @KNWS misleading quotes from Yoshida, when the Fact is that more AAA games are coming to Ps4 than his beloved X1.

Indies are games, the name "fillers" is insulting, but that's OK coming from you.

People like you who loves the X1 more than life is the one threatening the industry and the fresh air that indies provide to gaming.

But you know, Phil get that and start being more aggressive with id@xbox, he can't be wrong.
Skankinruby  +   438d ago
Tsk tsk, try harder kid. Microsoft has brought nothing this gen. They put their biggest stock in an online only game, thats how pathetic they've gotten. And if indies are all Sony has it only makes the sales gap that much more embarrassing for Microsoft
DigitalRaptor  +   438d ago
Yet again, the stupidity penetrates.

"In 2015 I doubt we see these ps4 fans talk about indies this much"

Are you sure? With games like The Witness, SOMA, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, No Man's Sky, RiME, Shadow of the Beast, Primal Carnage: Genesis and ABZÛ, I think there's going to be a lot of conversation about the growth and potential of indie studios. Looking into 2015, indie games don't seem to be getting any worse, so yeah......

"Personally I have nothing against indies"

This is the strongest kind of flip-flopping i've witnessed since you started damage controlling and attempting to save face about Phil's clarification that DirectX12 was not going to be a differentiator for Xbone.

"Ever since sony put indies on the stage at E3, ps4 fans have acted like indie games are important than AAA titles."

Games, are as important as games. Supporting hard-working developers is as important as supporting hard-working developers. Sony and their fans seem to know this. PC gamers have seemed to appreciate this for a long time before this too. And so far this gen, indie games have been scoring better than AAA exclusives.

The AAA developers you idolise all had humble independent beginnings.

"PS what's up with the double standard, Ps4 fans count indies as games now, but say MSFT abandoned the 360. During that time tons of indies were still coming to 360, I don't see ps4 fans counting those as games."

God, the stupidity, it hurts. Do you mean all of those 50MB games on the indie channel without any kind of quality control? That counts as support for you? First-party support?

It's weird the lengths you will reach to, to try and make a flaccid point.
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mkis007  +   438d ago
Don't stop being you truefan, or else I may never laugh again.
MysticStrummer  +   438d ago
"Don't stop being you truefan, or else I may never laugh again."

No kidding. N4G wouldn't be the same without all the misinformation from dedicated guys like truefan. I sometimes wonder if they're for real or if they're trying to be a parody of a fanboy. Performance art in text form.

Edit - My favorite truefan quote of all time (so far) :

"I'm Kind of a big deal on these gaming blogs"

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ziggurcat  +   438d ago
@ truefan:

with regards to your "list":

1. titanfall, and project spark aren't xbone-specific, so you can't count those as new xbone IP (they're cross-gen/multiplat).

2. you can't count the MC collection as a sequel. it's a remaster/re-release, and you can't count TLOU as a sequel for PS4, either. also infamous first light is a standalone game, so it can be considered as a sequel for PS4.

3. bloodborne is a new IP, no matter how similar it might be to demon's souls. crackdown, and phantom dust aren't.

4. you count ori, and max, but fail to count any of the exclusive indies that are already out or coming to PS4 (like let it die, N++, and resogun just to name a few...).

"Personally I have nothing against indies"

*cough*more BS*cough* like the other lie where you said xboen fanes never talked about DX12, *you* of all people here ****-talk indies *all of the time*. you go as far as to not even count them as games, especially if they're exclusive to sony/PS4... so cut the crap. two sentences later, you even downplay the importance of indie games (they're games, so they're just as important as AAA... and i'm pretty sure you don't even know the meaning of AAA).

"PS what's up with the double standard, Ps4 fans count indies as games now"

since when have PS fans *not* counted indies as games? again, out of anyone here, you are on record several times as saying they're not games.

"... but say MSFT abandoned the 360. During that time tons of indies were still coming to 360, I don't see ps4 fans counting those as games."

no one has ever done any of that. your own, deluded mind is imagining all of that nonsense.

"@djplonker do you think before you comment"

oh, the irony of someone who consistently doesn't think before he posts making an attempt to call someone out for "not thinking"...
mkis007  +   438d ago
Industry in general is what he was talking about...you have fallen far lately.
djplonker  +   438d ago

yeah and sony has more of AAA and indies than microsoft does is the acceptable to you guys?

Most multiplats run and looks better on ps4 is that acceptable to you guys?

Microsoft is cutting bits off the xbox like an infectious disease is that acceptable to you guys?

halo , forza, fable , gears is the same game reskinned over and over is that acceptable to you guys?

worry about the xbone it's in last place in terms of sales this gen!
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S2Killinit  +   438d ago
no matter how u look at it PS4 has more games. more AAAs, more indies, more to come in every category. so ur argument is invalid.
sic_chops  +   438d ago
You were right on the quote, my bad. But I think you were interpreting it wrong. Seems like you automatically assume he is talking about ps4 only. Maybe he thought that for the whole industry or maybe he was talking about the vita. I don't know and you don't either so you shouldn't come to conclusions. Sony does have more first party studios and first party games announced or released, right? So your argument is irrelevant.
SoulSercher620  +   438d ago
LOL I love it when you Xbox fanboys downplay indies as if they don't even matter. You what's funny? These indies are rated higher than the Xbone exclusives.

Resogun 84
Forza 5 80

But of course they don't matter right because they're just indies.
uth11  +   438d ago
Nope now I see the error of my ways.. fewer, more expensive games is better, on a system that would have cost me $100 more.

I'm such an idiot, I was having way too much fun with a $15 game and didn't realize it wasn't AAA nor was it an approved genre.

I now realize I should have bought an Xbox one so I can have only 30 games to play in only 4 genres.
Shane Kim   438d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
ElementX  +   438d ago
I enjoy indies but I usually play them on PC because they are cheaper. I bought Swapper on Steam and I really enjoyed it. Some of the puzzles require some fast reflexes so it helped to play with a mouse. Usually the only indies I play on consoles are the console exclusives.
KNWS  +   438d ago
Exactly Indies are a plus for any console, but you don't buy a console to play Indies.
DigitalRaptor  +   438d ago
And on any platform, there is a breadth of choice outside of indie games.

If you had a PS4, you'd be able to experience the gamut of what games it has to offer, but you'd rather troll and continue to embarrass yourself when feeling insecure.
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mkis007  +   438d ago
I would buy a console for No Man's Sky, luckily I have the one it will launch on.

My pc would die...4gb ram :( Cant even upgrade bad ram slot.
MysticStrummer  +   438d ago
"you don't buy a console to play Indies."

After E3 reaction to the game, I guarantee that No Man's Sky will sell some PS4s, even as a timed exclusive.
sic_chops  +   438d ago
People bash indie games because they aren't smart enough to realize that every developer started out small. Just look at bungie for example.
KinjoTakemura  +   438d ago
And now Microsoft wants a piece of No Man's Sky. And i'm sure some of the whiney fanboys do to. Guess what, IT'S AN INDIE GAME THAT YOU'LL NEVER SEE ON XBOX ONE BECAUSE OF ID@XBOX. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaa aaaaaaaa!
Torgul  +   438d ago
This is why we get the out last today?!
BillmadeAGate  +   438d ago
Honestly Xboxfanboys usually dont like things unless it has awesome multiplayer.. I have a ps4 too but definitely dont think no man's sky is a system seller. Especially with no multiplayer.
imt558  +   438d ago
Well, i think the words "console debut" doesn't mean exclusive for one console platform.

No Man's Sky is currently announced for PS4 only and PC.
DanteVFenris666  +   438d ago
@billmadeagate if have to disagree with you, they like bro buddy multiplier. So like rehashed cod and halo popular games instead of good ones. Those aren't "great multiplayer" they were great but now are just the norm. Great multiplayer is like what demon souls did add messages and invades, something different.

It doesn't matter what you think. A system seller isn't a opinion. No mans sky will sell systems. Fact
Torgul  +   438d ago
I would like to see more indies on the xone market place. I bought the one for AAA but it is true that indies have always been important for me. Metal slug etc...

I think MS will deliver some good indies....

Right now there is nothing.

Next stop is sniper elite 3! Hope for better gfx And gameplay....
Blues Cowboy  +   438d ago
I'd seriously suggest checking out Super Time Force if you can - it's a platform exclusive (likely timed) and ruddy brilliant. Strike Suit Zero is also worth checking out on either new gen system, though the Director's Cut upgrade may well feature in the Steam Sale!
Ohai  +   438d ago
I welcome all Indies. Because come the ps5 some of those same devs with be making AAA games.
WeAreLegion  +   438d ago
Sony is doing almost everything right. The only thing I've seen them screw up was not letting Insomniac own the Sunset Overdrive IP. Huge mistake. If they had just let Insomniac own it, this fall would be an absolute massacre.

Maybe I'm just bitter because I don't want to spend another $400. -_-
shivvy24  +   438d ago
I don't blame Sony for trying to own the IP, it does cost a shit ton of money to invest in a new IP and by doing that you would try to own it. I also done blame insomniac trying to own it too, look at skylanders. Oh and the ratchet movie too.
rambi80  +   438d ago
The only small stain on their record for me is the vita support. They need to show SOME commitment to AAA games on the platform.

Aside from that, they have all the right moves.
DanteVFenris666  +   438d ago
They could if people bought them. Tons of triple A titles have hit the vita and nothing's improved the sales. So they've given up. I have a vita it's great but when killzone, uncharted, lbp, tear away, soul sacrifice, gravity rush... Ect don't sell systems then what will? The second coming of Christ infused within every vita might
rambi80  +   438d ago
you have a point there. even Nintendo are seeing a decline in handheld sales. maybe the market for these systems are just shrinking to the point of non-sustainability as far as traditional support is concerned. Still, a major title every quarter is a reasonable request (IMO at least).

Shame though, the vita is my favorite piece of gaming hardware ever. I'm enjoying the indies, just hate seeing all that wasted potential.
#13.1.1 (Edited 438d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
mattgdrums  +   438d ago
im so fed up with all the sony praise honestly this site is so bias towards sony, i do own a ps4 even though the community is hands down the worst ive come across compared to my xbox, sony always praising themselves cause of how open they are when they release indies that i played on my pc three years ago... greatness awaits! the best place to play! they are so obsessed with themselves its unreal
#14 (Edited 438d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
shivvy24  +   438d ago
developers are praising Sony so they must be doing something better then their competitors
XiSasukeUchiha  +   438d ago
Again Praise from indies mean Sony has done right this gen:)
SoulSercher620  +   438d ago
Another studio praising Sony. There is a reason why indies will flock to them. They love games of all types. Even some of the smallest projects turn out to be some of the best.

Journey people? One of the highest rated games of 2012? Only game to win a Grammy?

Don't sleep on indies
Sheed  +   438d ago
Sure, i agree sony is doing the most right but by a small margin.
The vita is doing way too bad for sony to get my complete praise.
uth11  +   438d ago
Why would you want to play Indies on a $400 console when you should be playing them on a $1000 PC instead?

Don't you know how much better those 16-bit retro-style graphics will look in 1440p?

Gah, console peasants! :P

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