Tekken X Street Fighter Format and Date Still Missing from Namco's Schedule

Dealspwn writes: We've just had the latest release schedule from Bandai Namco and Tekken X Street Fighter is still AWOL. Just like it was when I raised concerns in February last year.

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Blues Cowboy1400d ago

Haha, I'd completely forgotten about this! I wonder if Namco have taken it off the back burner while their team is working on Super Smash Bros.

CaptainYesterday1400d ago

Yeah I thought it was cancelled or something

sephiroth4201400d ago

I think we'll get another tekken before we get the crossover game, i hope the next one still has the option for tag battles, it would be kinda dry going back to just single fights again.

Tony-Red-Grave1400d ago

I just hope king and armor king get more grabs >:D. That being said armor king is due some story since we get nothing from T6 or TTT2 on who he is aside from being the younger brother of the other armor king.

sephiroth4201400d ago

yeah i hope so too, every iteration of tekken has always added more moves, yeah they need to give him something more, saying that though the wrestling scenes in his, kings and marduks were pretty sick.

skydragoonity1400d ago

Just hope this game has not been abandoned

headblackman1400d ago

i can't wait to see that hadoken fireball in all it's nextgen glory :)

Blues Cowboy1400d ago

On PS5 and Xbox Two, at this rate.

HappyWithOneBubble1400d ago

I don't think this game coming. SFxT was a flop and that's why TxSf not coming. Just give me Tekken 7.

Deadpoolio1400d ago

Uhhhh SFxT wasn't a flop, it sold pretty well for people who cried about it almost constantly....

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The story is too old to be commented.