Oculus VR: ‘It’s official, we’re building a platform.’

Since the initial unveiling of the Oculus Rift hardware over two years ago there’s been much talk about the potential for software distribution on the device. Many have suggested that Steam is a perfect portal for Oculus VR to utilise while others insist that the company must create it’s own virtual storefront. Oculus VR themselves have been relatively tight-lipped on the subject, only hinting that the latter is an obvious path to follow. Following a well received showcase at this month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) however, company CEO Brendan Iribe has broken that silence.

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Priestwithgun1407d ago

Please!!Anything but platform, I mean what do you think are devs gonna do of so many platforms!!

ColeMacGrath1407d ago

It's still owned by Facebook right?

UltimateMaster1407d ago

I don't know; It kinda makes sense.
If they were in Steam, we would have to look within the catalog of Steam games just to find these VR compatible games.

With it's own platform; all their games are VR.
So you don't have to look further than their website.

sinspirit1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )


But, Valve fully supports VR. They would very likely make a VR section, and with greenlight, more indie support, and steam workshop is already there to bring more creative minds into the mix. It completely defeats trying to get this to launch on its own service.

We don't want VR to screw up what we currently have. We want it to blend together, not be a nuisance. I just hope it doesn't make it more difficult for Steam games to bring support.

BattleAxe1407d ago

Valve is developing their own VR, so no need to worry folks.

aliengmr1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )


Except they explicitly said they are NOT developing an HMD of their own. They said that right after GDC.

Shortly after, all the folks working on VR related stuff at Valve left for OVR.

So unless you have Gabe saying otherwise, that matter is pretty much settled for now.

They pretty much understood the reality here. Valve may have money, but OVR has substantially more and can throw everything they have into the Rift.

That Sony is even trying is a credit to how much they believe in it. Everyone else backed the hell away from VR for a reason. Valve is ready to pounce on the software side of things, MS is basically not even going to try, and anyone else is just waiting to see what happens.

The key to it is getting VR out there and walling off the rift to some service is exactly how to NOT do that. You don't start restricting an expensive HMD that the vast majority of users aren't even sure they want to begin with.

All you have to do is imagine what it would take for you to actually consider buying one (realistically). Chances are, that's what OVR will do in the short term.

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elhebbo161407d ago

Whats so hard to get? the platform is the rift, devs will make games for it.

spoonard1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

I think this is a great idea. They need their own platform so they aren't just tossed out like a fad like 3-D was. They have to become something more than just a hardware peripheral. Something that can stand on it's own with more than just indie devs supporting them with half-assed, half- finished games. They need a stable of quality 1st party developers to bring the AAA exclusive content that will reach out and punch other 3rd party developers in the face and make them realize this is a real thing and quite possibly the next major step forward for gaming.

dillydadally1407d ago

I agree. The Facebook thing didn't scare me at first, but this does. Oculus Rift will live or die depending on how attached it is to this platform. No one will buy the Oculus if you have to go through their platform to use it. No one wants to install yet another "platform" on their PC.

What this does is allows them to sell the Rift at cost. I'm fine with it if this platform is completely optional and the Rift is otherwise just a hardware device that will work with Steam games or standard PC games without any barriers.

user56695101407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

people acting like this is news. thats why there increasing their staff. most likely its going to be a store like steam and gog, uplay, ea etc. they maybe have a program on the desktop like steam.

more power to them the more options the better i can still buy games for it everywhere else to. just dont be like uplay. that sh!t is horrible.

to everyone above they are not launch it as a console(common sense). they are saying they are supporting like a platform, which mean exclusive ORift focused games and heavy support for the device. this should be obvious.

why do you have to point out things that should be know on this site. but people then goes on to believe the dumbest pr bs.

spartanlemur1406d ago

Hmm. To be honest as long as the platform is just the one they publish their own stuff on (or stuff they fund), i won't be that bothered.
It could of course also be like, Uplay, which is Steam compatible.

Fingers crossed it's not another Origin with the addition of limiting VR features.

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Sheed1407d ago

Seriously, it is just a fad.
Gimmick gaming never catches on.
and when it does (wii/kinect for example)the idea dies in a short span.

Deadpoolio1407d ago

Kinect caught on? Kinect never caught on because it never worked well enough

sinspirit1407d ago

Wii didn't die shortly. DS didn't die shortly. Granted they have their struggles now, but there is still a market. Just because they aren't doing as strong as before doesn't mean they've died.

BitbyDeath1407d ago

I always saw the previous motion systems as a stepping stone to VR.

This isn't full VR yet though so there is still plenty of room for evolution yet even with Morpheus and Oc

Mr Tretton1407d ago

VR has endless possibilities. It is the future for many things other than 'gaming.'

S2Killinit1407d ago

except VR is not a fad. it will revolutionize the world. mark my word. Already Sony has been talking with other movie studios (Sony being one themselves of course) to create VR movie experiences in theaters. This could prove to be the technology that saves the U.S. movie industry from all the recent competitors like Bollywood and what not. People are a bit tired of the same movies, the same games, and virtual reality will be the next giant leap forward when it comes to entertainment medium. VR could be the next TV. Im not even getting into non entertainment related aspects of what's possible.

MilkMan1407d ago


Its official, this thing is gonna fail. Hope you get those military contacts on smash.

frostypants1407d ago

Have to agree. You start throwing up a walled ecosystem AFTER you've proven yourself in the market.

Kidmyst1407d ago

Time will tell, VR could just be another gimmick in gaming or the next greatest thing to gaming. It all depends how Devs take advantage of it, and incorporate it into games and more. the Rift could end up only have Mobile type games and lots of them and if Sony doesn't get serious support for Morpheus VR could fail overall. I for one am excited for VR, since the 80's VR came into the market and drifted away, the tech wasn't there like it is now. I still want my holographic Star Wars battle chess

mrpsychoticstalker1407d ago

If this fails Morpheus fails as well. they are both linked to each other.

As Phil Spencer said: We are going to wait to see how the public embraces or not VR

greenlantern28141407d ago

That's not necessarily true but very likely. In fact I believe both will live or die by price point. Far less people willing to spend a lot of money just to give something a try.

Tiqila1407d ago

how are they linked? Sony has a userbase that is all about games and entertainment and will appreciate new ways to play. They already have a well established platform and first party studios that will make games for it. I was all for OR, but since they went for the money I am looking forward to sonys device and I bet they will succeed. Phil Spencer said they are going to wait... Not always is waiting a good thing. Would you wait for the public reaction to the iphone first or develop your own smartphone asap when you first saw the tech? Considering you were Samsung/Nokia/etc.

Rooted_Dust1407d ago

Don't see anything bad about that. It just means we can expect 3D games from AAA talent from the outset, rather than wait for the big publishers to decide to jump in.