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Oculus VR: ‘It’s official, we’re building a platform.’

Since the initial unveiling of the Oculus Rift hardware over two years ago there’s been much talk about the potential for software distribution on the device. Many have suggested that Steam is a perfect portal for Oculus VR to utilise while others insist that the company must create it’s own virtual storefront. Oculus VR themselves have been relatively tight-lipped on the subject, only hinting that the latter is an obvious path to follow. Following a well received showcase at this month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) however, company CEO Brendan Iribe has broken that silence. (Dev, Oculus Rift, PC, Tech)

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akshgarg  +   90d ago
Please!!Anything but platform, I mean what do you think are devs gonna do of so many platforms!!
ColeMacGrath  +   90d ago
It's still owned by Facebook right?
UltimateMaster  +   90d ago
I don't know; It kinda makes sense.
If they were in Steam, we would have to look within the catalog of Steam games just to find these VR compatible games.

With it's own platform; all their games are VR.
So you don't have to look further than their website.
sinspirit  +   90d ago

But, Valve fully supports VR. They would very likely make a VR section, and with greenlight, more indie support, and steam workshop is already there to bring more creative minds into the mix. It completely defeats trying to get this to launch on its own service.

We don't want VR to screw up what we currently have. We want it to blend together, not be a nuisance. I just hope it doesn't make it more difficult for Steam games to bring support.
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BattleAxe  +   90d ago
Valve is developing their own VR, so no need to worry folks.
aliengmr  +   89d ago

Except they explicitly said they are NOT developing an HMD of their own. They said that right after GDC.

Shortly after, all the folks working on VR related stuff at Valve left for OVR.

So unless you have Gabe saying otherwise, that matter is pretty much settled for now.

They pretty much understood the reality here. Valve may have money, but OVR has substantially more and can throw everything they have into the Rift.

That Sony is even trying is a credit to how much they believe in it. Everyone else backed the hell away from VR for a reason. Valve is ready to pounce on the software side of things, MS is basically not even going to try, and anyone else is just waiting to see what happens.

The key to it is getting VR out there and walling off the rift to some service is exactly how to NOT do that. You don't start restricting an expensive HMD that the vast majority of users aren't even sure they want to begin with.

All you have to do is imagine what it would take for you to actually consider buying one (realistically). Chances are, that's what OVR will do in the short term.
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elhebbo16  +   90d ago
Whats so hard to get? the platform is the rift, devs will make games for it.
spoonard  +   90d ago
I think this is a great idea. They need their own platform so they aren't just tossed out like a fad like 3-D was. They have to become something more than just a hardware peripheral. Something that can stand on it's own with more than just indie devs supporting them with half-assed, half- finished games. They need a stable of quality 1st party developers to bring the AAA exclusive content that will reach out and punch other 3rd party developers in the face and make them realize this is a real thing and quite possibly the next major step forward for gaming.
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dillydadally  +   90d ago
I agree. The Facebook thing didn't scare me at first, but this does. Oculus Rift will live or die depending on how attached it is to this platform. No one will buy the Oculus if you have to go through their platform to use it. No one wants to install yet another "platform" on their PC.

What this does is allows them to sell the Rift at cost. I'm fine with it if this platform is completely optional and the Rift is otherwise just a hardware device that will work with Steam games or standard PC games without any barriers.
Consoleslateagain  +   90d ago
people acting like this is news. thats why there increasing their staff. most likely its going to be a store like steam and gog, uplay, ea etc. they maybe have a program on the desktop like steam.

more power to them the more options the better i can still buy games for it everywhere else to. just dont be like uplay. that sh!t is horrible.

to everyone above they are not launch it as a console(common sense). they are saying they are supporting like a platform, which mean exclusive ORift focused games and heavy support for the device. this should be obvious.

why do you have to point out things that should be know on this site. but people then goes on to believe the dumbest pr bs.
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spartanlemur  +   89d ago
Hmm. To be honest as long as the platform is just the one they publish their own stuff on (or stuff they fund), i won't be that bothered.
It could of course also be like, Uplay, which is Steam compatible.

Fingers crossed it's not another Origin with the addition of limiting VR features.
Dark11  +   90d ago
Sheed  +   90d ago
Seriously, it is just a fad.
Gimmick gaming never catches on.
and when it does (wii/kinect for example)the idea dies in a short span.
Deadpoolio  +   90d ago
Kinect caught on? Kinect never caught on because it never worked well enough
sinspirit  +   90d ago
Wii didn't die shortly. DS didn't die shortly. Granted they have their struggles now, but there is still a market. Just because they aren't doing as strong as before doesn't mean they've died.
BitbyDeath  +   90d ago
I always saw the previous motion systems as a stepping stone to VR.

This isn't full VR yet though so there is still plenty of room for evolution yet even with Morpheus and Oc
LOL_WUT  +   90d ago
You forgot about 3D ;)
Mr Tretton  +   90d ago
VR has endless possibilities. It is the future for many things other than 'gaming.'
S2Killinit  +   90d ago
except VR is not a fad. it will revolutionize the world. mark my word. Already Sony has been talking with other movie studios (Sony being one themselves of course) to create VR movie experiences in theaters. This could prove to be the technology that saves the U.S. movie industry from all the recent competitors like Bollywood and what not. People are a bit tired of the same movies, the same games, and virtual reality will be the next giant leap forward when it comes to entertainment medium. VR could be the next TV. Im not even getting into non entertainment related aspects of what's possible.
TripC50  +   90d ago
MilkMan  +   90d ago
UltraNova  +   90d ago
FV for Facebook Virtualization...
MilkMan  +   90d ago

Its official, this thing is gonna fail. Hope you get those military contacts on smash.
frostypants  +   90d ago
Have to agree. You start throwing up a walled ecosystem AFTER you've proven yourself in the market.
Kidmyst  +   90d ago
Time will tell, VR could just be another gimmick in gaming or the next greatest thing to gaming. It all depends how Devs take advantage of it, and incorporate it into games and more. the Rift could end up only have Mobile type games and lots of them and if Sony doesn't get serious support for Morpheus VR could fail overall. I for one am excited for VR, since the 80's VR came into the market and drifted away, the tech wasn't there like it is now. I still want my holographic Star Wars battle chess
mrpsychoticstalker  +   90d ago
If this fails Morpheus fails as well. they are both linked to each other.

As Phil Spencer said: We are going to wait to see how the public embraces or not VR
greenlantern2814  +   90d ago
That's not necessarily true but very likely. In fact I believe both will live or die by price point. Far less people willing to spend a lot of money just to give something a try.
thejigisup  +   90d ago
They are not linked.
Tiqila  +   89d ago
how are they linked? Sony has a userbase that is all about games and entertainment and will appreciate new ways to play. They already have a well established platform and first party studios that will make games for it. I was all for OR, but since they went for the money I am looking forward to sonys device and I bet they will succeed. Phil Spencer said they are going to wait... Not always is waiting a good thing. Would you wait for the public reaction to the iphone first or develop your own smartphone asap when you first saw the tech? Considering you were Samsung/Nokia/etc.
Rooted_Dust  +   90d ago
Don't see anything bad about that. It just means we can expect 3D games from AAA talent from the outset, rather than wait for the big publishers to decide to jump in.
Volkama  +   90d ago
A platform that runs on PCs (like Steam and Origin are platforms), or a totally self-contained platform including the OS and hardware?

Has the PC VR space just been formally vacated?
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LightofDarkness  +   90d ago
Seeing as he was the lead of Steam for Valve, it would be wise to imagine that it's just going to have it's own version of that: and integrated store front and delivery platform. It will still require a PC.
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Volkama  +   90d ago
Maybe, but we also know that they are developing an android-based OS for it (or they were prior to facebook acquisition).

For something where the visual criteria for a good experience are so specific and important I would imagine a fixed hardware platform would be quite a good choice...
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aliengmr  +   90d ago
A "fixed" hardware platform is a major disadvantage with VR. I submit its going to be Sony's biggest challenge.

All OVR has to worry about is having the best HMD they can possibly engineer and let PC gamers worry about the hardware. Same with game developers too.

I would be genuinely be shocked if they walled off the Rift, it makes no logical sense at all. You go where the money is, and the money for the Rift is PC gamers with moderately high-end systems.
Consoleslateagain  +   90d ago
yeah it seems people here lack common sense
BillmadeAGate  +   90d ago
id buy it... but buy platform what do they mean ? Like a whole system like xbox or something ?
SpiralTear  +   90d ago
From what I can gather (and if I'm wrong, feel free to correct me), this means that Oculus would be its own digital "system", essentially. That means it wouldn't be treated as an accessory, like it did before with many different games on Steam.

So this would count out any other games on Steam getting "Oculus support." If you want Oculus games, you'd need to get them from Oculus themselves.

In my opinion, that seems like a bad idea. Steam is still the go-to place for PC games, and Oculus already has established support on that platform from developers and gamers alike. Not big on this.
aliengmr  +   90d ago
Building a "platform" doesn't necessarily mean building some walled off eco-system. It sounds like a digital store front.

A digital store front makes the most sense. You don't just thumb your nose at Steam unless you're EA, which has an actual consumer base.

Could they wall off the Rift? Sure, but again they have only one market to go to and a sizable chunk of that market uses Steam. Don't forget, those developers also need to sell their games as well and that won't be easy if you block off a huge platform like Steam.

Most likely case is they want a digital store to showcase VR games and those games will likely be on Steam as well. That makes the most logical sense.
SpiralTear  +   90d ago

I hope so. I wouldn't like Oculus games to be walled off from the established Steam userbase. There are a lot of cool games on Steam that have used the Rift intelligently, so I'd hate to see them go away.
mixelon  +   90d ago
It'll just be another marketplace for oculus optimised content.. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. :)

Add that to the App Store, GOG, green man, steam, origin, UPlay etc.. But a bad idea to have one that only sticks the content you actually want.
akshgarg  +   90d ago
Why in the world is occulus doing this!!! I mean there is windows,linux,mac,steam os and 5 consoles and now another os!!! Unbelievable. How can you even expect that devs will be able to properly optimize the multiplatform game?
JBSleek  +   90d ago
Where did you get from the article that they are making another OS...
Volkama  +   90d ago
Where did you get that they are not? They were working on an Android-based OS before the facebook acquisition, I doubt they dropped the plan entirely.

Whether that is just a basic interface that still hooks up to a PC, or it is a standalone system is anyone's guess.

Look at it this way: What would facebook want?
aliengmr  +   90d ago

The android based OS was/is there to add mobility to the Rift. Though I'm pretty sure that comes later.

They want a mobile version of it someday.

Facebook wants to sell the Rift. They want it to be every where. Core gamers, mobile gamers, schools, etc. What they want is anyone considering "VR", in any capacity, to think "Oculus Rift".

They don't need to flash ads in peoples faces to make money on the Rift when they can just make the very name "Rift" synonymous with "VR".
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Saryk  +   90d ago
Who cares, you will either buy into it or you won't. Then that is when they will make a decision. Greenbacks walk the walk!
WeAreLegion  +   90d ago
So, they're creating their own software? :/ I was hoping to see a major collaboration between Oculus and Steam.
Perjoss  +   90d ago
Day 1, even if it only ever supports unity engine games. VR is awesome.
ninjagoat  +   90d ago
Needs to elaborate better....
kalkano  +   90d ago
Pro tip: If you want it to sell, do NOT include DRM.
Volkama  +   90d ago
I don't see how you can even consider an online platform without any DRM? And Steam is doing just fine with it...
SUCKxITxEZ  +   90d ago
It's called GOG.com and it's kickin steams ass this week in the summer sale
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Milesprowers  +   90d ago
It's annoying that Game developers are working on these Goggles, John Carmack, go back to ID and work on your Doom/Quake Games.
etownone  +   90d ago
Why not?

Facebook has the funds for great new first party studios.

Looking forward to it.
sinspirit  +   90d ago
Doesn't mean they should make their own store that segregates it from the mass of indies, Valve published games, and user created content that is brought with Steam. Make there own service? Sure. Keep your products from Steam? Bad choice.
D-riders  +   90d ago
Really a console wtf. Your killing the rift, people aren't going to buy a console unless one of the other three go down hull and in. The case of what you are trying to do it will be ms.a console for creating seems stupid
sinspirit  +   90d ago
It's not a console. It's a store separate from Steam on PC. Which, is still quite stupid. I mean if they do that then it's not bad at all, as long as they still put it all on Steam and don't limit people to have to get games on their own store.
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D-riders  +   90d ago
I agree there is steam and origin. now we have a store for vr . it would be shaper to offer a premium for
the service
Takwin  +   90d ago
lazyboyblue  +   90d ago
Still say this device is as tough sell to mass market. Your average Joe isn't going to spend £500+ on the PC to run it. End of.
BABY-JEDI  +   90d ago
Well. Hook me up. Preferably through my PS4 thanks
; )
arbitor365  +   90d ago
the creators of project morpheus are going to be laughing their asses off when their VR PS4 peripheral is flying off the shelves and the occulus console is sitting somewhere between the ouya and virtual boy.
aliengmr  +   90d ago
So how many have they sold so far?

Rift DK2 sold 12,500 unit in 36 hours and a total of 25,000 (or so) units total, at a $350 price point too.

Morpheus will do fine, it really is in good hands with Sony, but its a little early for such bold predictions.

Lets hope PS4 gamers are actually willing to pony up the dough for it.
Pandamobile  +   90d ago
A lot people in here seem not to grasp what they're announcing here.

Nothing will really change. VR games will still be on Steam and you'll likely be able to publish VR games without having to go through Oculus' storefront.

All they're saying is that they plan on being a platform instead of a peripheral. Other than that it's business as usual.
D-riders  +   90d ago
RexDD  +   89d ago
That is the most logical conclusion. I don't know why people think VR games will be exclusive to one platform. It will most likely be on both. So calm down.
Father__Merrin  +   90d ago
I predict morpheus as the more popular VR solution
AnEwGuY  +   90d ago
They should call it Facelook. *drops mic, and walks away*
paddy95  +   90d ago
I'll wait for morpheus.
Illusive_Man  +   90d ago
Give me Illumiroom over any of this VR stuff.
wannabe gamer  +   90d ago
i would assume that they arent going to lock people down to this platform entirely. Like if i wanted to play a game that supports oculus rift but is sold on steam and origin and the Oculus platform too and i happened to buy it on steam...then i got a rift after that and wanted to try it out i would hope i could use any version and not only the one in the oculus store. they would be crazy to lock people to something like that when it is a hardware device for viewing content much like a 3d tv or something.
vegnadragon  +   90d ago
Really really stupid decision. They basically in a head to head competition with Sony, until MS and Nintendo get with the program.

The biggest impact of making a console will be the PRICING. While i doubt it will cost more than a PS4 + Morpheus, PS4 has a user base of around 7 mil users, those user can buy Morpheus itself being cheaper than buying the Rift Console.

The second problem that they have is, telling the the costumer why would they need to have Rift instead of Morpheus. Because i am sure Sony will have exclusive games for Morpheus from their studios. They will make VR games exclusively for the PS4, while games on Rift could make way to the PS4.

Third problem, Sony is a hardware company. Rift and Facebook are not. Giving that the Rift creators are hardware engineers, they don't have experience with mass production, and cutting cost. I won't even mention Facebook.

Of course they could do lots of things right. What matters the most is which one of them will publicly their product to the mass media first. I think that is huge because VR is a known gamer device while it is not known for the mainstream. This could be like the new Wii for the mainstream people, there is certainly the same vibe.
RexDD  +   89d ago
Platform =/= Console. Platform = Steam. Console = PS4.

What i'm trying to say is OVR are going to make their own version of Steam, not their own console. Big difference.
TBONEJF  +   90d ago
Don't want anything VR or anything have to do with facebook.
LightDiego  +   89d ago
Well, let's see about that...
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