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Submitted by john2 603d ago | news

Fans Launch Petition For Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC

DSOGaming writes: "As you may have heard, Microsoft will release a HD remastered pack for all previous Halo games on Xbox One. Naturally, there is no word yet for a possible PC release, something that forced fans to launch a petition and show their interest." (Halo: The Master Chief Collection, PC)

Septic  +   603d ago
Would be a silly move on MS' part. They need to enhance the value of the Xbox One not devalue it by catering for PC.

Still, this is one of the best if not the best value packages ever. I can't wait.
tgunzz  +   603d ago
Totally agree! Ms Don't do it!!!! This belongs to the xb1!!
Webbyy  +   603d ago
yea. not going to happen. Ms knows they need people to buy x1. if these comes to pc maybe 2 to 3 years from this fall
spartanlemur  +   603d ago
Would you like to see Half Life 3 on Xbox One? What about Uncharted 4 or The Order 1886?

What does it matter if PS4 or PC gamers get to play the same game as you? Are you competing to prove you made the best spending decision? Do you enjoy their misery when only you get to play some of the games (despite the fact you are miserable when their platforms get exclusives)?

If you answered yes to the top paragraph and no to the following one then you'll see why exclusives are bad for gamers as a community. If we stopped making purchasing decisions on software we could look purely to hardware and console manufacturers would have to push even better parts into their machines to compete (or reduce the price).

Having said that I understand why they are made. I just think it's important for us as a community to accept that we all lose out (well, all of us who don't find pleasure in the misery of others) from their existence and where possible, not specifically ask for them or make statements like "This belongs to the xb1", as it only feeds the habit, which hurts all of us as consumers.
I mean, could you imagine if they made DVD's (in the days before Netflix) such that you could only watch some on certain DVD players? We'd say it was mad. This is what exclusives represent (as hardware is so similar these days.
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otherZinc  +   603d ago
They can buy an XBOX ONE.
TheGreatAndPowerful  +   602d ago
PC master race begging for ports? lulz
DevilOgreFish  +   602d ago
PC is definitely master race. but this is no good for the console economy. As much as i would be tempted for this on PC, i turned the opportunity down.

Septic 's right, this would be silly on Microsoft's behalf, and this would also destroy the competition both sony and Ms need to keep the industry going.
BattleAxe  +   602d ago
The Master Chief collection would add more value to Microsoft Windows, which is exactly what Microsoft needs.

Apple is taking a bite out of the PC gaming space with more and more games being able to be played on MAC. Then you have SteamOS/Linux which will chip away a tiny bit from Windows in regards to PC gamers, especially since SteamOS is free.

Lastly you have Google, which at some point will come out with a strategy for releasing Chrome on desktop PCs. Google is seriously taking over everything it seems, and it probably wont be long before they try to make a move into the office PC space with Google Docs Office Edition, Gmail Office, and Chrome Business Edition or something along those lines.

If Microsoft releases some of their most popular games, which are only able to be played on Windows PC, then they are helping to bolster the strength of their desktop operating system. Microsoft's future is not going to be placed solely in a livingroom games console, they're too big for that.

Xbox is only one small aspect in Microsoft, and I would think that they would use Xbox assets to help other areas of their business if they can. Not to mention the large amount of software sales that Microsoft Game Studios would make with the Master Chief Collection on PC. Besides, they would probably never release the newest Halo games on PC for at least a few years, obviously to protect Xbox One, but with older software, why not?
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Raf1k1  +   603d ago
True but it would go some way in showing that they still care for PC gaming instead of just saying they do.

They've been distancing themselves from PC gaming for years now. I doubt this will come to PC but hope it does.
tgunzz  +   603d ago
I hear what you are saying, but this will be a monster set for the xb1.
Raf1k1  +   603d ago
I completely agree. This is an amazing collection. Really liking the work being put into Halo 2.
wtopez  +   602d ago
Here's an interesting bit of info of what the demo was like at E3.

It's coming to PC eventually, but not on day one.
lelo  +   603d ago
I wouldn't mind getting Halo: The Master Chief on the PC since I don't have a X1, but it would be a silly move by Microsoft. The X1 needs all the exclusives it can get.... if not for exclusives, then what's the point of a X1?
djplonker  +   603d ago
My guess is this will be coming to pc but only after halo 5 launches to give pc owners a reason to buy an xbox one.

that would generate more sales for both!
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Magicite  +   603d ago
in games department PC is not getting any love from MS :(

Although there is Halo, Halo 2 and Halo Spartan Assault on PC, so its not entirely impossible to see other Halos coming to PC..
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Vegamyster  +   603d ago
It would be silly although it would be nice if they brought the Halo 1 & 2 Anniversary to Steam since the original two were on PC, doubt that will happen though.
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Razputin  +   603d ago
I'm a pretty big Microsoft supporter but regardless of the game I still won't buy an Xbox One.

They have yet to show a true killer app for it.

Any one who is a true gamer will always opt for the PC version.

I still enjoy my Xbox 360 but seriously don't see the need to make the switch to an Xbox One any time soon.
escott013  +   602d ago
Hey, hey, don't forget that Halo 1 and Halo 2 were also on the PC and they had quite large online communities. It's not a far cry from a slap in the face to those who enjoyed the first two Halo games on PC.

Although in my opinion it's still a system seller for the Xbox One to me! Can't miss out!
user5669510  +   602d ago
why would anyone even want this. let them have there exclusives. and dont pc have enough shooters. i get ashamed when my pc brethren begs for port like console gamers. let them keep there games

plus this would be the dumbest thing to do for ms. less exclusives on their console. ms could of had the pc gaming market like steam is doing now or at a much higher calibre but they are stupid its too late now.
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MELMAN26  +   603d ago
Why are there always petitions to get xb1 games on other platforms?? This just shows how cool the xb1's lineup of games is.
truefan1  +   603d ago
Agree 100%, people can talk all they want, but this is now the 4th petition already to bring an XB1 game to another platform (Titanfall, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, and now Halo MCC) This just reaffirms what I have been saying, MSFT is bringing the GAMES!!!
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OmegaShen  +   603d ago
To get them on another platform? Halo was on PC from start, it stop at Halo 3.

Its not like people are asking for it on PS4 or Wii U (lol, Wii U).
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MELMAN26  +   603d ago
LOL...So what if Halo 1 and 2 came to the pc?? What does that have to do with anything? They are advertising this as an xb1 exclusive, people should let it be and stop petitioning for xb1 games.

If you want xb1 games, stop with the silly petitions, save your pennies and go get yourself an xbox one.
Septic  +   603d ago
Halo was not on PC from the start.
OmegaShen  +   603d ago

So you don't count Halo CE has the start of Halo then? My point is, it was on PC before MS made it console only.

As for Melman's dumb reply, I own both on MS first xbox system and find it pretty dumb in his comment to say that would make a petition.

MS can put it on PC later down the line, will they? Most likely not, but I don't care. I own all systems, so I won't be missing out.
Septic  +   603d ago
"So you don't count Halo CE has the start of Halo then? My point is, it was on PC before MS made it console only. "

No you said Halo was on PC from the start. It didn't come out on PC from the start.

It STARTED on Xbox. It came out on PC much later.
kingduqc  +   602d ago
It also show that people doont want to play on xbone and would prefer it being on pc... i know i would.
Malphite  +   602d ago
"Why are there always petitions to get xb1 games on other platforms?"

Ahm... obviously because people want to play the game without having to buy another platform for it.
MELMAN26  +   602d ago
LMAO....thats not how it works buddy. If people want MS exclusives they should or should have bought an xbox one. Who's fault is that? People are always talking bad about the xbox one but want all of its games, if it is truly "about the games" like people say it is then why don't they have an xbox one??

You don't see Xbox or Nintendo gamers petitioning for PC or Playstation 4 exclusives.

PC gamers and Sony gamers are not entitled to get Xbox exclusives. The Xbox is entitled to have its own exclusives without Sony and PC gamers begging and petitioning for them.
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Malphite  +   600d ago
"If people want MS exclusives they should or should have bought an xbox one."

By that logic everyone should own all platforms because there are good games on all of them.

Do you realise that Microsoft also makes PC games? They even said that they want to support PC games more. If you make as statement like that it's not surprising that people will take you at your word, especially when Halo games already have been released on PC.

You should stop generalising some haters you see on n4g with the whole gaming community. Most people recognize a good game when they see one.
blakstarz  +   603d ago
What is the point of a petition for this? Doesn't this eventually come to PC anyway? Just be patient!
OmegaShen  +   603d ago
It could, MS could wait a year or so and put it on PC. But I wouldn't wait to hear it come to PC.
No_Limit  +   603d ago
LOL, how come everytime there is a high profile exclusive on a MS console, these kind of petitions always happen. From Ryse, to Sunset Overdrive, to Halo. I have yet to see any other exclusives on other consoles with these kind of port begging. If you really want something, you'll find a way to get it or you'll just have missed out. It is not that difficult, people.
Shnooze  +   603d ago
I think this particular one is because they just stopped making Halo available for PC after Halo 2, and alienated their entire PC playerbase, myself included.
vega275  +   603d ago
MS should just keep it for the x1. If people want it so bad buy one. I have a good gaming pc but i still want it on my x1.
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shivvy24  +   603d ago
Didn't majornelson tweet a pic of halo 2 anniversary running on pc ? I'm guessing pc is getting h2a while xb1 is getting the full collection
No_Limit  +   603d ago
That was Halo 2 on PC that was released already.
shivvy24  +   602d ago
Ohh, thanks lol
Blues Cowboy  +   603d ago
There are times for petitions, when outpouring can really make a difference on important issues.

I'm not entirely convinced that this is one of those times, to put it VERY mildly.

MS could bring it to PC down the line, though, but aren't exactly going to be keen to shaft one of their big Christmas exclusives any time soon.
Priestwithgun  +   603d ago
Mybe they will release for pc after a year or two,makes sense
SnakeCQC  +   603d ago
MS makes most their money from the pc market yet they continually disrespect pc gamers.
MELMAN26  +   603d ago
How are they disrespecting PC gamers?? I guess every xb1 game should be released for pc right??? If you are truly a pc gamer why are you upset about console exclusives? I thought PC was the "master race" of gaming, no need for peasant console games.

Edit: @Erudito87
LOL...that is an illogical statement. What makes you think that an XBOX flagship exclusive series should be on PC as well?? Because of Windows??? Please help me understand your logic!
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SnakeCQC  +   603d ago
I game on everything; as does the real gaming master race. Microsoft's flagship series should be on the pc aswell.
TH3BR3W  +   603d ago
Well they would be disrespecting the very many PC players who bought halo 1 and 2 for the PC and loved it. I for one was a long time halo 1 player on the PC. I never did own the original xbox. I prefer all fps on a mouse keyboard and I always will. Now if both consoles would allow for mouse and keyboard support I would play more FPS' on console but that's not the case as of this moment. You act as if accommodating PC players like me who played halo on PC is sacrificing the very ilk of X1 do you have that little faith in Xbox that they would let that be the very foundation of their success? Hell no they have plenty of exclusives coming up that will help drive sales they are not that stupid.

Btw I do own X1 and without a mouse and keyboard to play halo 1 and 2 I will not buy it. So why not port a version for the PC and take my money? Will go towards more awesome exclusives for xbox ya stooge!
Somebody  +   602d ago
Have you seen what MS did to PC gaming when it rolled out the X Box? Have you heard of all the promises they made for the PC since then?

When MS actually made a seemingly serious return to the PC, it was a disappointment. They simply dug old PC titles and re-branded as F2Ps only for Windows 8.

MS has segregated gamers - PC/Windows gamers only get F2P cow-clickers while X Box gets all the other good stuff.
--bienio--  +   603d ago
Any chance???
mr-phillips  +   603d ago
I'll just wait until my girlfriend gets it for her xbox or watch let's plays.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   603d ago
Here's a thought. If you can afford a $1k gaming PC then you can afford a $400 XB1. Seriously I see way too many PC gamers wanting console exclusives and yet you PC gamers(not all of you) put down console gamers but in reality you PC gamers don't like your PC exclusives cause most suck.
TH3BR3W  +   603d ago
I own the x1 and I still would like it for my PC as I prefer fps on mouse and keyboard. Not to mention I played halo 1 on PC but never did on the original xbox so I would prefer it on the platform I played it the most. Accommodation for those who played it differently.

Now if x1 had mouse and keyboard support for all their FPS exclusives then I would buy it for x1. There's no hate for my want of it for PC over X1 it's just based on that I played halo on PC only and I would like to do so again.
Artista  +   603d ago
Why would I want to play Halo on PC?
Billybobjoey  +   603d ago
Maybe because you don't have an X1 and don't want to buy one just for a couple exclusives?
elhebbo16  +   602d ago
Because some people prefer to play FPS with keyboard and mouse, and because Halo was also originally on PC until MS got desperate of the 360 not having any exclusive and made halo 3 only for that platform.
renerak  +   603d ago
Won't happen mostly but it will be awesome if it happens. Fans should start a petition so that all exclusive games from a dead console should release on pc. Like the countless console exclusive titles that will never be remastered, i want to play infinite undiscovery(its not even from a dead console), i can't even find a copy of the game, if only it was released on steam instead of fading into... etc.
sephiroth420  +   603d ago
its 2 quid on amazon or you might just want to wait for a 360 emulator, might be a looong wait though.
Perjoss  +   603d ago
Thing about MS is they will not care about PC gaming until they feel it slipping away from them. Hopefully by then it will be too late, and whoever steps up might actually do cool things with it.
Revvin  +   603d ago
Felt it slipping away? Its gone, they bailed out years ago, in fact its been a managed decline since the first XBOX.

I wouldn't mind seeing Halo on the PC, but having played the whole series on my XBOX and XBOX 360 I think there are better single and multi-player experiences out there. Halo is good but without the hype juggernaut behind it, its just average.
Perjoss  +   602d ago
When i said slipping away i meant when people possibly start using a non Microsoft OS for gaming on PC.
shmeedy24685  +   603d ago
I'm getting it for Xbox One but it would be really good of Microsoft if they allowed it to be on PC in the next year or two.
rorytmeadows  +   603d ago
OMG PC gamers, go out and get laid already, Christalmighty!
SPARTAN3  +   603d ago
This is dumb Giantbomb said before there demo on the screen it said hit spacebar to start then they moved the x1 controler and it changed to hit A. So MS will let these guys bitch and then go we love all gamers here it is for PC were so nice yay.
Rooted_Dust  +   603d ago
I bought a 360 half way into it's cycle to play Halo 3. I'm not going to buy a XB1 to play those same games.

If they did come to PC with support for player run dedicated servers I'd consider purchasing them as a collection.
ghostface9  +   603d ago
just get an x1 and stop your bitching
Stoppokingme  +   603d ago
Here's a solution: buy an Xbone, buy the collection, and stop whining.

I'm tired of some PC elitists boasting the power of their rigs and complaining that they don't get console ports.

Console gamers don't bitch about not having starcraft 2, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Amnesia, and let's not forget steam sales- so why should some PC gamers think they are entitled to console games? what do they want next: Uncharted PC? TLOU PC? Forza PC? Zelda PC?

All the power in the world won't buy you the games that you want, accept that fact and enjoy the games that you can play rather than pining for the games you can't play. And if you want those games buy a console, simple as that.
sorane  +   602d ago
"Console gamers don't bitch about not having starcraft 2, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Amnesia, and let's not forget steam sales- so why should some PC gamers think they are entitled to console games"

Uhh what? I guess you've never been to a Star Citizen, Rust, Dayz, Forrest, etc, etc, etc thread and seen all of the console port beggers whining and crying.

All the power in the world won't buy you the games that you want, accept that fact and enjoy the games that you can play rather than pining for the games you can't play. And if you want those games buy a PC, simple as that.
lunatic0001  +   602d ago
I bought a gaming pc just for those PC only games that are not coming out for my xb1 or ps4...situation solved :)
mmc-007  +   602d ago
nope i never saw anyone begging for those games and if they were must be on small scale. btw are you seriously comparing halo with Star Citizen, Rust, Dayz, Forrest? lmao, you don't need a good rig to run those games maxed out.. But if you look on the PC side every console exclusive that comes out already has a petition
#21.1.2 (Edited 602d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
sorane  +   602d ago

"nope i never saw anyone begging for those games and if they were must be on small scale."

Then you must be the usual totally blind fanboy.

"btw are you seriously comparing halo with Star Citizen, Rust, Dayz, Forrest?"

Am I comparing generic shooter #247776 with the games I listed? Hell no! My games have no comparison on Xbox One, where PC already has many many better shooters than the Halo games.

" lmao, you don't need a good rig to run those games maxed out.."

So you know absolutely nothing about those games you're saying then. I'd love to see the resolution/framerate that those games would end up on Xbox One. If it's anything like this gen so far it wouldn't be pretty.

"But if you look on the PC side every console exclusive that comes out already has a petition"

Looks like you've never typed in "console petitions" in google before. Seriously you should stick to misterx since you seem as delusional as him.
Stoppokingme  +   602d ago
You're right, I never been to a star citizen, rust, or DayZ thread, and I never begged for any of them.

And congratulations for finding out how to copy and paste the majority of my comment, that must've taken at least twenty seconds of thinking.

You deserve a treat. Take my copy of The Last of Us, I'm sure it'll run well on PC.
sorane  +   602d ago
Great stopp because I've never been to a Halo thread and begged for that generic series. You can keep that short linear third person action game also since I don't have ADD and only play games that require at least an ounce of brainpower. Why don't you logon your PS4 and we'll play some DOTA 2. You know the game that is more popular and has more playtime in a day than TLOU has had in it's entire lifetime. Oh wait, it's not a linear cinematic QTE fest and made for people with less than 70 IQ like the games you play.
Stoppokingme  +   602d ago

"You know the game that is more popular and has more playtime in a day than TLOU has had in it's entire lifetime. Oh wait, it's not a linear cinematic QTE fest and made for people with less than 70 IQ like the games you play."

You do know that people with an I.Q less than 70 are classified as mentally challenged? and are you saying that people who play TLOU are mentally challenged? I'm sure that will go go down well with your school chums tomorrow, if you dare to tell them.
#21.1.6 (Edited 602d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
mysteryraz11  +   602d ago
Pc gamers begging for games as usual, you guys really need to get lifes I support this game staying on the x1, you want it get a x1 and stop begging for the consoles exclusives they are never going to the pc end of story
lunatic0001  +   602d ago
I feel like an asshole for saying this but its true...there is a reason why Sony and Nintendo never release console exclusives on finally noticed how important console exclusives are....that's why after halo 2 no halo games came out for PC...console exclusives gives their respective console an identity
mysteryraz11  +   602d ago
I dont got a wiiu and have ps4 and a pc but I dont care if mk8 or pikmjn3 are wiiu exclusive if I wanted to play them I would get a wiiu, x1 deserves to have exclusives too
LAWSON72  +   602d ago
It could have 1M signatures and would not happen, at least at launch or close to it
#23 (Edited 602d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
baodeus  +   602d ago
Well I don't see why they can't release it on PC. Halo is owned by MS, so they get money anyways. They can release it for window 8 PC only too if they want to sell more window 8. :)

But I gotta say, 80-90 MP maps that you can switch on the fly is pretty dam good deal. 343 did a really good job on this one.
lunatic0001  +   602d ago
I wonder if there would be so much bitching about PC gamers wanting halo mc collection on PC if halo ce and halo 2 never released on PC???I think after halo noticed how stupid it was to put your console exclusives on PC...which is why after halo 2....there was no more halo games for PC...not trying to be an asshole to PC gamers but there is a reason why Sony and Nintendo never release their exclusives to gives their consoles an identity and halo gives xb an identity
tigertron  +   602d ago
This is a big selling point for the Xbox One, no way are Microsoft going to do it. They haven't even released Halo 3 on the PC.
Tzuno  +   602d ago
no need for petition just wait a 1-2 years and it will come :)
donnieboy  +   601d ago
LMAO no, just buy a Xbox One. This is definitely a selling point for the Xbox One.
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