Rare Has Miscrosoft's Support And New Games In Development

Microsoft Studios Europe chief Phil Harrison told Eurogamer that despite the recent round of layoffs to hit the former Banjo-Kazooie developer, Microsoft has no plans to abandon the studio.

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Axios21407d ago

It will be good to see what Rare has in-store

christocolus1407d ago

And from the article they seem to have multiple titles in development.

MurDocINC1407d ago

I hope one of them is Jet Force Gemini 2.

truefan11407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

I have stated I wouldn't be shocked if a Rare game is announced at Gamescom. Months back Rare stated they had multiple titles in development in an interview. introducing old rare titles in Kinect Sports Rives and Conker was just the beginning. Those games are old so they have to introduce younger gamers to those Rare titles, the games do still have to be successful.

Take that old Black Tusk tech demo and make the guy Johanna Dark.

3-4-51407d ago

I still have a feeling that have at least ONE more Kinect game releasing on XB1.

christocolus1407d ago

This is great, I still have a lot of faith in Rare. Hope we get a new kameo, pd ,banjoe and viva p down the road.

“Harrison said Rare was currently working on new games that would be unveiled when they're ready.

"Rare is working on a couple of things at the moment," he said, "which we will announce at the right time. But I'm really excited by the things they're doing and I believe you will be as well when you hear about them.”

Can't wait.

stragomccloud1407d ago

Too bad all of the real talent is already gone. Hopefully they rubbed off on everyone.

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lets_go_gunners1407d ago

I have this weird feeling inside. Nostalgia maybe...I want to see a new banjo or viva pinata or if possible a new rare fighting game.

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The story is too old to be commented.