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Hideo Kojima is live streaming Metal Gear Solid 5

Check out the live stream from Youtube below. (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Update The stream has ended. You can watch the video now on the same link.

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US8F  +   406d ago
45 minutes gone by and no new footage. Kojima is such a troll. Hoping for the best......
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BiggCMan  +   406d ago
It was clearly said that it would be the same demo from E3. And technically it's all new footage since that was a private demo.
US8F  +   406d ago
new gameplay footage started at 47 minutes
RexDD  +   406d ago
@US8F Thank you! Saved me minutes of skipping.
Hellsvacancy  +   406d ago
Does Big Boss have no dialogue in the new Metal Gear game?
KinjoTakemura  +   406d ago
That's exactly why I didn't watch it. He's an attention whore. How the hell is someone going to be "depressed" or saddened by the announcement of another game?
Batzi  +   406d ago
The gameplay starts at minute 49.
elninels  +   406d ago
He was complimenting rockstar and the job they did on gta v...
imahustla19  +   406d ago
after playing Ground zeros and seein how big it was compared to how big the full game will be i cant wait. new footage should start soon i hope.
imahustla19  +   406d ago
gameplay about to start, let me hear ya say word...
US8F  +   406d ago
imt558  +   406d ago
Hai! Hai! Hai! Hai! Hai!

Horse did poop! Hai!

Horse shit confirmed! That next-gen shit! Hai!

And glorius 1080p/60fps on PS4!


I hate those tag icons above enemies. Luckily, you can switch it off in options and gameplay is more immersive and harder because you don't know what is behind that wall. Well, whatching the sand mission, i noticed a lot of textures pop-in.
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GamersHeaven  +   406d ago
Hell yes PS4 4 life 1080p 60fps non stop.
Razorus  +   406d ago
That gameplay was fantastic!
Chxii  +   406d ago
BTW the gameplay ended so don't watch the stream no need
Sharius  +   406d ago
i saw horse poop in real time, now i know that next gen is here
No thanks. I'll wait until a REAL MGS game that uses either Hayter, Doyle, or an option for Japanese VAs in the NA version.

I couldn't care less about playing as Queefer Sutherland.
Fishy Fingers  +   406d ago
Right.... Voice acting is the most important part of any game. Drama queen.
DevilishSix  +   406d ago
You are an amateur aren't ya? Voice acting is very important. I skipped the latest Splinter Cell because they ditched Michael Ironside. I would be upset if the voice of Master Chief changed after 15 years. Gamers grow up with game characters and the voices that make them. Many are mad about the Snake voice change and they have every right to be. So don't act like the voice acting doesn't friggin matter it matters alot.
Imalwaysright  +   406d ago

It is your choice ro reduce the quality of a game to a voice actor but that doesn't seem like something a gamer would do. Maybe you should stick to movies and stop gaming altogether.

OT Looks great as expected.
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crayon13  +   406d ago
agree with what u said, also is this even MGS anymore cuz it looks like the worst mgs game ever
kingjosh1876  +   406d ago
But you like the DMC reboot with the new dante instead of the proper one?
younglj01  +   406d ago
Tony-Red-Grave  +   406d ago
Bro that's just low. People prefer different things and DmC had nothing to do with the conversation. There's also no need to call DMC "proper". Original? yes. Proper? now your just being a fanboy

P.S yes Tony Red Grave is from the DMC1, or 3, novel. No those aren't cannon.
Baka-akaB  +   406d ago
Precisely . He got no credibility and is a known troll ... moving on
elninels  +   406d ago
So Hideo Kojima cannot do what he likes with a game he makes, because we say so? If gamers controlled game development the vocal minority would destroy everything we love.
ShadowKingpin  +   406d ago
You are a sad and lonely gamer. Just stop crying over Hayter already. You are worse than a High-School couple breaking up.
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Max-Zorin  +   406d ago
The world don't revolve around David Hayter.
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Torgul  +   406d ago
Tbh I would like mgsV to reach 900p 60fps on the xone. I played the demo at 720p, was ok but I know I was not having the best exp. I am sure that 900p should not be a problem, I will wait the release before I decide to buy it or not. 720p will be a no go for sure. Trust me I really want this game!

1080 vs 900 is not bad And I can accept easily but not 1080 vs 720....

Will see
DonDon  +   406d ago
Should have bought a ps4
PsylentKiller  +   405d ago
Yeah, that's why I bought both consoles. At first, it was because I didn't want to miss the exclusives but MGS, for me, is synonymous with Playstation. Plus, the resolution is slowly becoming an issue for me. Multiplayer games I'll usually pick up for the XB1 but single player games are most likely going to be bought for the PS4. After Tomb Raider : DE I've decided to go with PS4 for these type of games. I thought Watch Dogs was going to allow me to hack into friends games and so I bought it for the XB1. After playing WD at my cousins house, I realize that the difference in graphical quality is easily noticeable to me.
I also layers the demo of UFC on both consoles and noticed the PS4 versions looks better but I still bought it for XB1 because most of my friends only have a XB1.
The difference between 1080 and 720 is too much. 900 would be fine but if framerate is lower as well then there is no way I would even think about getting it for XB1. I have GZ for PS4 and while I still suck at MGS games, it looks phenomenal. Although, as with many multiplats on the PS4, games look a bit blurry compared to the XB1 version. I'm not sure if I like that yet though. I was playing Far Cry 3 yesterday on PC and at 1080p/Ultra Settings the characters looked almost too crisp. A little blurry/fogginess on PS4 games may make the games look better. I didnt notice this on AC4 for the PS4 and the lack of this, fog filter (I guess you could call it that), didn't detract from the beauty of the game. I wonder if that filter would add too the beauty.
I know it's a long winded comment, but thanks for reading it.
RexDD  +   406d ago
Lol kojima is such a tease.
Nekroo91  +   406d ago
Army of sheeps for me
pabadamus1  +   406d ago
Looks really interesting. Saying there are tons of options to attack a mission is an understatement.
SirDjss  +   406d ago
Wholy crap this looks cool :)
breakpad  +   406d ago
best game for next gen ,,all others just follow ..and is not even a next gene is cross gen
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e-p-ayeaH  +   406d ago
This and the new MGO will be my main games for years to come.
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DonDon  +   406d ago
Has he shown or mentioned the new MGO in recent days?
ginsunuva  +   406d ago
MYSTERIO360  +   406d ago
This looks so beautiful, i just love what Kojima has done to MGSV so far and his vision for the series just looks so amazing. Cant wait to get my hands on this game come release
masterfox  +   406d ago
hearing PS4 1080p/60fps and looking like that makes want to cry of happiness :')
FoxHound_  +   406d ago
That looked incredible, if this comes out in 2015 it's going to be an amazing addition to what will already be a fantastic year.
Stana  +   406d ago
I don't get it...played mgs 1,2,3 but this one...it's too silly. Sending people in air...and sheep...moving around in a box that no one gets it...getting supply's from your base when needed...i'ts too easy and too silly for me.
Tody_ZA  +   406d ago
"Sending people in air", well, the Fulton Recovery system, was in Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker on PSP. It was innovative for the portable franchise as recruitment was controlled by you, although in that game you could only use it on foot soldiers and not vehicles and such. They've made it way more tactical now. In Peace Walker as well you could request supply drops and such. It's all to make the game more tactical, because for instance in Peace Walker you could come up against big boss fights where you needed additional supplies.

Moving around in a box has been an MGS staple since the first one, so if you really played them you'd know that. The only difference is now you can actually do more with the box instead of sitting there waiting for enemies to come and inspect if you're spotted.

The sheep is part of Kojima humour that has been present in every MGS game. I laughed out loud when that happened.
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Stana  +   406d ago
Thnx for the explanation. I never did play psp version or mgs4, but i don't know...they combined all of these features in a way that they're not appealing to me anymore. And i get the box..when he pop out i was like no way!
elninels  +   406d ago
You forgot the horse poop man.
Stana  +   406d ago
I find the horse poop very realistic and not bothering me at all. Go figure :)
domford1981  +   406d ago
@54:18 - 1080p 60fps confirmed for PS4, let's hope this is the case and not a ubisoft style 'mistake'

This game is going to be fantastic
younglj01  +   406d ago
looks great
IamHaru  +   406d ago
i want an army of all guys who hip-fire pistols
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ginsunuva  +   406d ago
Less knocking-out, more crushing skulls I see

And wait, didn't Mother Base get destroyed?!?
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pwnsause_returns  +   406d ago
According to them they build it again, but off the coast of Afghanistan
pwnsause_returns  +   406d ago
Sorry, I mean off the coast of some Mid East country p, but that's not true. Afghanistan doesn't have a coastline.
ginsunuva  +   406d ago
Where the hell are Outer Heaven and Zanzibarland??

Peace Walker/Ground Zeroes/MGSV have nothing to do with the canon anymore it seems.
pwnsause_returns  +   406d ago
Jesus that was exactly like peace walker...but on crack! Hell, creating your own mother base and actually walking inside it is pretty awesome...I can't wait....

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