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Submitted by sam_job 601d ago | news

Frostbite Dev on Far Cry 4 PS4/XOne Equivalent to PC at Ultra Setting Claim, "Embarrassing To Hear"

Johan Andersson, Technical Director on Frostbite at Electronic Arts takes jab at recent claim of Ubisoft that Far Cry 4 on Playstation 4 and Xbox One is equivalent to PC at Ultra High setting.

In addition to this, Johan Andersson also commented on The Order: 1886 Dev comment that "30/24 is WAY more cinematic". He termed it as "BS" and added that gameplay is alway better at Higher Frame-rate (Far Cry 4, Johan Andersson, PS4, Xbox One)

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amnalehu  +   601d ago | Well said
Instead of throwing jabs, they need to focus on their own games and stop shipping broken products. Haters!
Bundi  +   601d ago
Oh so jabs and talking about other people's engines and stuff is only okay when is team ice doing it right?
monkeyDzoro  +   601d ago
About what ?
Kayant  +   601d ago
When did they makes jabs?

"New SDKs can significantly improve performance on the same HW, yes. Dunno about DX12/X1 specifically, of course; not my dept."

"Good; always be suspicious of ANY perf. improvement claims. e.g. what *exactly* got 50-100% faster? Faster than what? Details!"

"looks awfully familiar :) Glad to see more gfx APIs moving closer to the hardware. New patterns are emerging!
GarrusVakarian  +   601d ago | Well said
Jeez, Bundi, your insecurity is showing. No one is talking about team ICE here. Talk about Playstation on the brain.

On topic: This guy should probably get his facts straight before calling out other devs (and maybe learn to ship a finished product too). The Order 1886 devs did not say that - "30/24 is WAY more cinematic", they said -

"We're gonna run at 30 because 24 fps does not feel good to play."

I can understand gamers on the internet making statements like these, but these guys are supposed to be industry professionals. Unacceptable, especially when their own games are such train wrecks at launch for many people.
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Septic  +   601d ago
"This is not all, Johan Andersson also commented on The Order: 1886 Dev comment: "30/24 is WAY more cinematic". He stated that "its BS, and gameplay is alway better at higher frame-rate"

Wait. What's this 30/24 business? Can someone explain?
Raf1k1  +   601d ago
Septic, I think the 30/24 thing is to do with the aspect ratio for The Order 1886 which is a very unusual resolution. They say it's supposed to be more cinematic.
deepio  +   601d ago
I could be wrong but I think 30/24 is referring to the fps, 30 during gameplay, 24 during cinematics.
Madderz  +   601d ago

"Wait. What's this 30/24 business? Can someone explain?"

What they are referring to is frame rate.

Most films are output at 24 Frames per second.

They are aiming for a "cinematic" feel which you would naturally assume to be 24 frames per second. What they are saying is that playing a game at 24 frames would not be good. However having it at 30 frames, like most games is fine.

Make sense?
mcarsehat  +   601d ago

Bundi is obviosuly paranoid and should go and live in the woods but it wouldn't be hard for me to imagine the amount of praise Sony got fro this website due to those comments.

Like it or not, N4G is horribly biased now and i doubt it is going to change in the next 8 years. It's the same thing as last gen when the site was filled with Xbox 360 "fanboys."

(Even though the people who are to blame or the real "fanboys" are the gamers, we really need to sort our sh*t out)
MrSec84  +   601d ago
This developer isn't talking about the ICE team, he's talking about Ready at Dawn, guys that don't have much experience outside of PSP games or using relatively weak home console hardware.

The ICE team are located at Naughty Dog & Naughty Dog are talking about their 1st 2 games on PS4 being 1080p 60FPS with the best graphics yet shown on a console, in both games.
Visiblemarc  +   601d ago
That said, ICE team is unparalled, the Frostbite team frequently underperforms on the same hardware as their peers.
fr0sty  +   601d ago
This guy will have a right to talk when his team can stop shipping broken games.
dcbronco  +   601d ago
Bundi is absolutely right. Ice has commented on DX12 several times. Far too many for something they say doesn't make much of a difference. But Sony fans are way too sensitive to anything remotely criticizing Sony. Stop being such hypocrites.

Also considering Frostbite is one of the better engines around, he might actually know a little more than most of us.
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UltimateMaster  +   601d ago
"Dice" not Ice. Not the same studio.
One is EA, the other is Sony's.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   601d ago

You and all other insecure Xbox fans, are fearing Playstation greatness aren't you!
mistertwoturbo  +   601d ago
The guy from DICE is talking all that crap, at least people are able to play the games they buy that aren't made by DICE.
DragonKnight  +   601d ago
Didn't the guy at Ubisoft actually say high settings, not ultra settings?
OwnageDC650  +   601d ago
EA has no right to call out Ubisoft but I do agree that it's a shame that they aren't taking full advantage of high end PC's. I guess it's cheaper for them to not bother.
windblowsagain  +   601d ago
So tell me, Where did BF4 take advantage of highend pc's?

BF4 on PS4/PC, there is about 5% difference. And that is mainly due to rez/aa. Everything else is more or less the same and i have the game on both.

As for BF4 And said games. Stop making a shit Singleplayer game that nobody cares about and ship with more MP maps instead of milking the fking DLC.

And my LAST jab is at Microsoft, you caused this fking DLC madness because you didn't invest in new i/p's./ You just bought stupid DLC for that shit game COD. Now everyone is doing it.
starchild  +   601d ago
Quite talking nonsense, windblowsagain.

BF4 on PC offers better textures, better LOD levels, less pop-in, higher precision effects, better anisotropic filtering, much better anti-aliasing, 1080p+ resolution and a SOLID 60fps. That all adds up to a hell of a lot more than 5%.

And, yes, Battlefield 4 is one of the best looking games on the PC at the moment.

I own the PC version and have played the PS4 version.
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Volkama  +   601d ago
@Starchild Quite right, the PC version looks superb in 1080p. My only quibble is that it doesn't really look that much better when you bump it up to 4k.

BF4 obviously had a lot of issues and I do think EA's servers are still letting it down a bit. But Frostbite is clearly a helluva good engine, right up there with the leasable rivals.

Hopefully EA will recognise how well Titanfall holds up on Azure, as there is nothing stopping them using it for BF.

I assume Johan was somewhat drunk for this interview though, as he isn't really being very diplomatic lol.
aquamala  +   601d ago
@wind you know bf4 ps4 is only 900p? 5% difference to pc that can run it at 1080p or better?
Nafon  +   600d ago
THIS ONE GUY ISN'T THE VOICE OF EA. Sure the engine he helped create is used in a buggy game that is developed by DICE and published (aka ruined) by EA, so how is "EA" calling out Ubisoft??

You can hate on this guy all you want for any reason you want, but that doesn't make his point any less valid!

"... the game is developed first on PC as the lead platform, unlike other Ubisoft games like Assassin’s Creed, which is developed on console first, which means that the developer starts on consoles and then tries to push their boundaries as hard as he can. Due to that, gamers have never really seen something similar to the “ultra-high PC version” on consoles before."

If you start developing on a high end PC with multitudes more processing power than the PS4 or XB1, and then port that code over to a console and get the same result, you did something extremely wrong. As a developer, you should use PC to show what you are capable of, to show off a bit. Using the extra power for AA, more FPS, and higher resolutions is NOT doing it right.
UltraNova  +   600d ago

And I thought I was crazy! I can go as far as saying Battlefield 4 @ 4k looks worse (when one expects 4k caliber results)than 1080p...and dont even get me started on fps... my 290x just isnt up to the task I guess...


For some to call out other devs when their own product is a total mess for the better part of a year is stretching it to say the least!
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showtimefolks  +   601d ago
yeh your engine couldn't really deliver BF4 the way it was advertised to do so. A new BF game is coming yet the old one is still not fixed

how about shutting the hell up and fixing your damn game

also who the heck cares, its pretty obvious most publishers care more about consoles because that's where they make their big money. No doubt PC's are excellent(hear that i am not bashing PC gamers or pc gaming) but please build me a pc for $399 and we will talk

on consoles developers know what to target because everyone has the same stuff but on PC's they don't know who has a $500 PC and who has Ultimate gaming rig

infamous second son looks stunning and to naked eye of mine its hard to tell the different, because when i am playing its like playing a CGI trailer.
dcj0524  +   601d ago
But.... they did fix it.
Sy_Wolf  +   600d ago
I can very easily build you a PC for $400.
Aceman18  +   601d ago
meh let him talk all he wants, but he better be ready for the extreme backlash when the next game he releases doesn't operate the way he's claiming they should.

oh dear some people here must think BF4 operates at its maximum peak performance on consoles and PC lol.
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MuhammadJA  +   601d ago
He's right, though. Lots of people claim certain multiplats on consoles are similar to their PC counter parts on ultra settings when this is never and will never be true.

I don't know about exclusives because those are not on PC.
Mithan  +   601d ago
Clearly far cry 4 won't take advantage of the PC.
esemce  +   601d ago
It probably will take advantage of the better PC hardware even it it's just higher res and framerate.

Just sounds to me like they don't want to lose console game sales.

All this PS4/XB1 version will be like the PC at ultra is pure bollocks there will always be options with the PC versions to push way beyond what the consoles can do even if it's with mods.

Anyone that owns a decent gaming PC and a PS4 knows this.

Johan Andersson knows what he's talking about and you can't blame him for the flaws of the Dice team.
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allgamespc2012  +   601d ago
true, but they still have a point. they do push pc hardware and have a very good engine. so theyre not so wrong.
Azzanation  +   601d ago
Its crazy how you fan boys all think. Last years E3 had Sony take more jabs at any company I have ever seen in the industry of gaming and iv been playing games for more then 20 years. I think Sony need to work on there own games just as much as Frostbite. The best PS4 AAA game made from Sony has a 80 meta score in Imfamous followed by a 73 in Killzone and a poor 54 in Knack. Think before you start hating on others.
warczar  +   601d ago
Thank god Sony called Microsoft out for there BS anti-consumer policies they were about to unleash . You think DRM and a 24 hour check in were solid ideas? Cause I think they were crap ideas and someone needed to throw jabs, Haymakers, uppercuts, whatever it took to keep Micro from screwing up the console industry worse than they already have. And just so you know, it's better to be a Sony fanboy than a Microsoft apologist.
truefan1  +   601d ago
Even though Battlefield 4 was a broken mess, that does not take away from the facts he stated. 1. Consoles are not PC's and never will be. People build PC's for maximum power and output, consoles are built for convenience. 2. The Order devs are getting carried away with everything EXCEPT gameplay.
r2oB  +   601d ago
Please explain more about the gameplay mechanics, since you've obviously played the game already.
Ashunderfire86  +   601d ago
Yeah it is a shame that Destiny in Alpha build looks good and plays smoother, than a buggy Battlefield 4 game at launch. These guys have a nerve to pick jabs at Ubisoft. Plus Ultra settings on PC for Battlefield 4, don't look that much different than current gen version anyway.
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rdgneoz3  +   600d ago
Yep. What's embarrassing is when an Alpha is less buggy than a supposed AAA game at launch. Took them how long to fix things?
user5669510  +   601d ago
NIts funny people say he's hating and taking jabs for saying things that's common sense. This has been known for the longest and I know he's annoyed he have to say it because a lot of people are in denial and will believe the BS PR pub be feeding them.

On this site I have to countlessly say stuff that has been known for decades. And if far cry 2-3 looked miles better than their console counter part what you thing is going to happen on the forth. These use more word play than a pimp. The maybe be was saying these console can NOW do ultra FROM PC's from the last couple of years.

Don't believe me people are going to be playing metro 2033 and thinking this looks amazing. Not know its the PC version from a couple of years. Of gamers are going to see in be like $60 wasn't the collectionnon steam for. $8

I guess this is why they are in denial and hate on us
KeeseToast  +   601d ago
They are doing much more improvements in Metro 2033 it is not just the PC Version.
Blacktric  +   601d ago

He's literally pointing out a fact you unbelievable manchild. Stop branding everyone who doesn't agree with your one sided opinion as "haterz!". I mean how petty can a fanbase be? Jesus christ...
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DLConspiracy  +   601d ago
I am sorry but people shouldn't blatantly make things up to sell more games. WatchDogs was supposedly running on high settings on consoles. It wasn't. They ended up curbing the PC graphics to make it so though. Now there is a patch for E3 graphics.

I own both the new consoles and there is NO way their game runs far cry on ultra settings with either console without dropping the frames to unplayable. The guy is right. Ubi shouldn't be saying that.
geddesmond  +   601d ago
Lol as soon as I heard EA I LMAO. All their games are broken and full of bugs on release. I only buy Bioware games from them now cause their the only decent dev they have.

Sounds like this dude is mad that the Frostbite engine doesn't compare to many other peoples gaming engines that are out there.
dcj0524  +   601d ago
To be fair the shipped one broken product which is singular. Not products which is plural.
mediate-this  +   600d ago
Oh be quiet, bf4 blows the order outta the water in technical graphics, has full on destruction environments, order does not have that.

And he is right, when it comes to games higher framerate is ways better. Bf4 is the most trchnically demanding game on next gen consoles. Fact
Priestwithgun  +   601d ago
It actually is a shame ubisoft,I have nothing against consoles(in all honesty) but forcing a ferrari to run like a chevorlet,shame,SHAME!!
starchild  +   601d ago
I would agree, but I think the quote is taken out of context or the guy simply misspoke. At the time it was released Far Cry 3 on PC was almost like a next gen game compared to the last gen console versions. It was DRAMATICALLY better on the PC.

I have no doubt that Far Cry 4 on the current gen consoles will be equivalent to about the "high" PC settings, while the PC version will have ultra settings as well as far superior anti-aliasing, 60fps+, and higher resolutions.
GamersHeaven  +   601d ago
It's a shame your games are trash don't be hating on other developers because they can ship a superior product.
TheBurger29  +   601d ago
You may be right but its still pretty pathetic.
bcrazy18  +   601d ago
Ubisoft has already stated that PC is the lead platform. They are making the console versions based off of what is done on the PC version. So, the PC version will be the best version possible and then the consoles will follow suite with similar looking graphics since the architecture is similar to a PC.
Mithan  +   601d ago
Far cry 4 doesn't have superior graphics if the PC and console versions are the same.
allgamespc2012  +   601d ago
except far cry doesnt hold a candle to frostbite 3 in any way shape or form.
ironfist92  +   601d ago
So Forstbite might look visually better, but Far Cry blows away on the gameplay front by miles.
Tempest317  +   601d ago
Youre saying the dunia engine doesnt hold a candle to frostbite 3? Because I call shenanigans on that lol yes FB may be better with more potential, but I dont think a single FB3 game so far looks near as good as far cry 3. So saying it cant hold a candle is a massive overstatement
OsirisBlack  +   601d ago
Battlefield 4 and UFC have made it so EA no longer has a right to criticize anything anyone else does. UFC is 900p on PS4 with only 3 characters on screen in a frikin octagon.Meanwhile Battlefield 4 is still a broken mess and Battlefield Hardline is basically an overpriced expansion to BF4 yes I have played the game and quite a bit. Unless they change EVERYTHING from the PS4 beta it is using recycled BF4 assets.
imt558  +   601d ago
DICE, why is BF4 a broken online mess?
enkeixpress  +   601d ago
It used to be.. but not any more, EA has more-or-less sorted most of the issues. Go play and see.
shivvy24  +   601d ago
I played today, hell they have improved it alot. Theres some little minor stuff but its pretty much great now.
christocolus  +   601d ago
He attacks farcry and the order and yet bf4 was one of the most broken games i've ever seen. Sometimes these devs get easily carried away. Focus on your games and allow others do same.
Mithan  +   601d ago
You have not seen a lot of games then.
Bundi  +   601d ago
This guy might have gotten away with criticizing far cry, but he had to go out and criticize a PlayStation exclusive, that means death around these parts.

The irony is that he is right on both counts by the mere mention of a PlayStation exclusive in a negative light will mean that PlayStation fans will redirect and talk about the failings of battlefield 4 instead.
shivvy24  +   601d ago
GTgamer  +   601d ago
So your saying if he said something about a Xbox Dev that no Xbox fans would say something :/ because we both know that won't be the case so just take these stupid comments to a corner or your never more than 2 bubbles.
corvusmd  +   601d ago
You're actually telling the truth. While many people are correct is saying that EA should be careful with what they say because BF4 has had some major glitches...that doesn't mean what he said was wrong...and the fact that he offered the option that it may have been misquoted is at least something.

I don't really appreciate any Dev taking a jab at any other dev. However, around here it's the hypocrisy that is more annoying. This guy takes a jab and is instantly trashed and anyone even remotely agreeing with him is trashed as well...yet when Devs and even Sony themselves take jabs at MS is celebrated around her and touted as facts right away.

@GTgamer for the record, having less than 3 bubbles doesn't mean that you troll a fact it's the opposite and that you GET trolled a lot. Having tons of bubbles is actually more of an indication that you Troll around here or that you have multiple accounts. Often times around here, when someone can't refute your argument, they just call you stupid, down vote, you and try to take a bubble away in order to silence you. It's a shame really, it shows they don't actually want to have a conversation about games, they only want their opinion heard. Luckily for me, now this means I can spend about 2 minutes typing something then get to games and never worry about coming back to an article more than once. Silver linings.
user5669510  +   601d ago
I don't get the disagrees he was completely right. People get mad when he shed light on the situation. The funny it seems like gamers these days like to get lied to. Then the wonder why they game looks different when they finally play it.

He stated the obvious because now of days we have ton of dumb gamers that eat up PR. And they especially do it when it makes their console look good. It calmed down but people use to swear 30fps was perfect and anything above was not need. I want it to have a cinematic feel . ND said we aiming for 60fps suddenly its good for tps now huh.

We could go on with the contradictions, but its crazy when a dev that's not trying to blow smoke up your @$$ they attack them just because they called out someone on there BS . That like me cursing out the guy that's letting me know the salesperson is lying to me.

Dumbest gen ever.
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The_Infected  +   601d ago
I'm glad I don't play or even like most of EA games. They way he acts it completely unprofessional and rude. Regardless of his words I'll enjoy The Order: 1886 and Far Cry 4.
oODEADPOOLOo  +   601d ago
I found it kind of funny in a way and its not like its everyday you hear what a dev really thinks without filtering themselves. Sometimes it brings out good points like this one:

"Embarrassing to hear devs say their console versions is the same quality as "ultra high" on PC. Then you are _not_ taking advantage of PC!" tweeted Johan.
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98xpresent  +   601d ago
lol I still can't believe there e3 presser happened
#8.2 (Edited 601d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
brainfart  +   601d ago
So sony big wigs can throw jabs at ms but when some else throw a jab its unprofessional, I think his statement holds truth ubi is purposely developing pc games half ass!
The_Infected  +   601d ago

Microsoft threw jabs at Sony during the PS360 generation and now Sony has done it a few times this gen. I think they all should stop honestly.
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   601d ago
Far Cry 4 will run be better on PC, probably 60 fps as opposed to 30 fps on Xbox One/PS4. Far Cry 4 PC will have better visuals thanks to access to higher resolutions and .ini/.xml tweaking to make it go way beyond Ubisoft's Default Ultra Quality setting. A game like Far Cry 4 needs to play very smoothly as well as look breathtaking. If it is anything like Far Cry 3 on PC was, everyone whether PC or console is in for a treat.
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TheSaint  +   601d ago | Funny
People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw broken code around.
Kyanu  +   601d ago
A bubble for you, Sir!
MasterCornholio  +   601d ago
Agreed. We are paying a lot of money for software these days and said software should work well at launch. We shouldn't have to wait 6 months for a patch to fix a broken game that we paid 60$ for.

Delaying a game is much better than rushing a broken at launch.
TheMapleNerd  +   601d ago
People really need to stop hating on the "broken" BF4....
It was fun once, but since i played the last 3-4 months it hasn't really been broken on Pc at least (can't say for others though)
People here are so freaking pathetic, they whine over the same thing over and over again.
rawz  +   601d ago
I think it's more pathetic to defend a broken game. BF4 is still a mess and Battlefield Hardline is another proof of Frostbite 2 being a complete mess at its current stage at least.
#11.1 (Edited 601d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
TheMapleNerd  +   601d ago
Defend a broken game? Where is it broken?
Fishy Fingers  +   601d ago
Broken or not, when the next gen systems launched it was probably the only game (especially multiplayer) worth playing.
starchild  +   601d ago
It isn't the graphics rendering that is the problem, it is the net code. Completely unrelated and worked on by different people in the company. Most of you are too clueless to understand the difference.

In any case, the game isn't broken. That's pure sheep herd hyperbole. Baaaa....baaaa....Battlefield 4 is a broken mess....baaaa....I heard one of my sheep brethren say it so it must be true....baaaa.
Ashunderfire86  +   601d ago
Yes it's fix now after 6 months, but we are talking about how Battlefield 4 was broken at launch. Plus the terrible single player (Battlefield 3 Campaign was better and the main character actually talks) had a bug, where the game don't save. At least Far Cry 3 had a single and multiplayer that works day one. Dice need to shut up and make sure Battlefront is ready without game breaking bugs.
#11.2 (Edited 601d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
pornflakes  +   601d ago
All the next multiplatts will be the same, on PS4 and XONE, devs just need more time to learn how to programm on each system.

Expect this fact and the fact that the Xone has the best exclusives in 2014 and 2015 the xbox one, xbox live and the award winning controller is the best choice for gamers to jump ahead.
our_games_are_art  +   601d ago
Did you comment on the wrong article or something?
MasterCornholio  +   601d ago
He says that in every article about multiplats. It only proves how insecure he is.
Darkstares  +   601d ago
Why did you turn this into the X1 is the best topic? This is about Far Cry 4 apparently not taking full advantage of the stronger hardware the PC provides compared to the new systems. The PC by all accounts should be the lead platform and each other system should be tailored to it's capabilities. Meaning the PS4 should still be running a bit better than it would on the X1 due to the very nature of the components inside each hardware.

As for which has the best exclusives that is an endless debate that comes down to personal preference. Besides, those games aren't even out yet so you cannot even use something like MetaCritic to support that claim.
Agent_hitman  +   601d ago
lol after releasing unpolished game like BF3/4 with a lot of bugs and glitches, they still have balls to trash talk Ubi?.

Makes me want to puke!
cfc83  +   601d ago
Pc gamers should stop moaning. Ubisoft games are aimed primarily at the console market, so count yourself lucky they end up on pc. The pc will always be the after thought. This is a fact, dictated by sales and profit.
#14 (Edited 601d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(19) | Report | Reply
Volkama  +   601d ago
I agree, as a PC gamer I should not moan! My afterthought plays games at a resolution at least 4x higher than your console.
cfc83  +   601d ago
The lack of titles on wii u is proof that devs see the big sellers as priority first. Its a matter of fact that ps and xb make the most cash for devs and pubs. They are the priority. It doesnt matter how powerful a minority of pc's are. Your maxed out pc probably hasnt saw a game as good looking a s infamous. The pc just dont got games like that. Hows the destiny petition coming along ? I bet you have a console.
Volkama  +   601d ago
You were right on 1 count; I do have a console.
GTgamer  +   601d ago
You know what freaks me out about PC gamers? you guys brag about 4x resolution than consoles but here's the thing you paid extra for it didn't you and all that money into it because you wanted that resolution I bought a PS4 because I'm cool with what it delivers for $400 I didn't buy it for 4k gaming because I'm not even trying to buy a 4K TV this year or the next sometimes it makes me wonder did you guys buy a PC for gaming or to just brag ಠ_ಠ.
cfc83  +   601d ago
the very fact you have a console exposed your '4x more powerful pc' for what it is. If it was so powerful, and much better than a console, you wouldn't need to buy the so called inferior product. The fact is a ps4 is better than a pc. It may not be as powerful, but it's better.
TankCrossing  +   601d ago
cfc83, the only thing exposed here is your capacity for logical thinking. Seriously, I'm not even going to bother pointing out the obvious flaws.
PCpower  +   601d ago
Then that jack face should not have ran his mouth that Farcry 4 on console is equivalent to ultra setting on PC. That has to be the dumbest thing anyone has every said that no amount of face palms would be enough for.

People should not attack the platform with false claims if they don't want to receive backlash. Simple as that.
AndrewLB  +   601d ago
Then why does Ubisoft use PC as the lead platform during game development? That just blew your theory out of the water.
listenkids  +   601d ago
This would have merit if BF4 looked twice as good om PC to consoles, but it doesn't.
tee_bag242  +   601d ago
Ahh but you see it runs at twice the frame rate. Screen shots don't tell the whole story.
listenkids  +   601d ago
120 fps? How pointless.
Nunchez  +   601d ago
Wow this guy has some nerve trash talking like this. I was really hyped for BF4 and when it launched it had SO many damn bugs pretty damn frustrating. He should concentrate on his games then proceed to give his opinions on other games.
PCpower  +   601d ago
If you READ CAREFULLY, then you would have realized that the UBIsoft developer started the fight first with false claims. What did you expect??
Nunchez  +   601d ago
He didn't start a fight he just claimed that the console versions will be apparently equivalent to the PC version on high ultra setting. The frostbite dev had no reason to comment on this claim did he? When a "completed" game like BF4 launched with more bugs than an alpha version of Bungie's Destiny it's just sad. This doesn't mean I'm defending Ubisoft in any way because this claim is highly disappointing to PC owners. That's a completely different issue though.
corroios  +   601d ago
PR talk. I think for 400 the PS4 is a great machine, but not even closed to a top PC. They are running at a much higher rez/frames, better effect, better AA, AO and everything else.

But i cant spend top money to get a good PC and thats one of reasons that i go consoles.
uth11  +   601d ago
it's a different experience.. high-end gaming PC is like a race car, console is like a consumer car. The race car will take more time and money to get it and keep it running top-notch. It's like a hobby in itself. Some people love that experience, but it's not for everybody.

I used to like it, but my interests broadened and I don't have time or patience anymore to maintain a high-end PC for gaming. So I appreciate the consoles where things are much more likely to work out of the box
FinalomegaS  +   600d ago
well get one on finance...?
AussieBadger  +   601d ago
but according to some fanboys on this site ps4 is a super computer with textures and effects on ultra. How dare you offend ps4. HA HA HA. I own ps4 and xb1 but don't worship them like some guys. They are not gods but are great to play games on.
LightDiego  +   601d ago
Who are you EA? At least Ubisoft tries to innovate.
Volkama  +   601d ago
Ubisoft are good for having a crack at anything and everything new, even if it does sometimes result in Fighter Within.

But EA were very quick to embrace the next gen consoles. BF4 may have been buggy, but it was the single most ambitious launch game across both platforms. They even moved their sports franchises onto a new engine for the first edition of those games, when precedent would be to just up-res the cross-platform version.

It is popular to hate on EA, but Activision are quite a lot worse imo.
windblowsagain  +   601d ago

It does not have better textures, It has better AA/rez/fps due to the actual graphic card. Not the engine. Depending on what GPU you have.

And because the REZ is higher, the textures become clearer. A common misconception between people.

Which leads onto my next point.

A Monitor can go alot higher in rez and also depending on gpu. But a PS4 is limited to 1080p and so are most people's tv's.

Only a small percentage have 4k and the power to run at that rez.

Again my point was with regards to DICE pushing a highend PC. They are not. You raising your rez/aa is NOTHING to do with a game dev.

With what PS4 is pushing out visuals WISE. A Modern PC should have pushing out much higher visuals. Crysis3 looks better then Crysis. I wish people would accept it.
starchild  +   601d ago
The fact that they made one of the best looking games with dynamic destruction and it is so demanding that the PS4 only managed 900p I'd say that, yes, they certainly have done as much as anybody to push things on the PC (and more than most).

I might have been mistaken about the PC having better texture quality, but I remember seeing a comparison somewhere to that effect. And of course when you run the game at 1080p or higher it is going to resolve more texture detail. In any case, it's a fact that the PC version has superior shadow quality, better particle effects, less aggressive LOD and better draw distance, higher quality alpha effects like fire, better texture filtering, much better anti-aliasing, more fluid and more consistent framerates, and higher resolution (vs 900p for PS4).

You also have to keep in mind that Battlefield 4 came out at the very beginning of a new console generation and this is the time when consoles are the very closest they will ever be to high end PCs in terms of performance.
Ashunderfire86  +   601d ago
Ahh look at this:

That shuts your argument down easy. No its not prerendered.
windblowsagain  +   601d ago
I don't doubt PC has better aa and ever so slightly shadows etc.

do you have a link to a site suggesting this Particle and LOD difference. Just not seeing it.

All i'm seeing is AA/AF/REZ that is controlled by the GPU.

I think you have to keep in mind that consoles mature over time, SDK'S get better. Most of these engines were designed before dev kits were out. There are many things that will improve and imo there is no reason a GPU inside the PS4 should output 1080p with this title. Dice shipped a broken game to begin with and although they've improved MP, There are still many bugs, holes in the world.

What annoys me is that i'm a pc gamer at heart, building the best rigs i could over the years and still my Fellow PC gamers still talk smack.

If you really think you're going to see something not possible on PS4 soon, your mistaken.

DX12 still don't be doing enough, how many titles did DX11 ship out.

DX13-14 when Nvidia and Ati release Much better hardware, you'll see a massive improvement. Atm it isn't there.

Whether it's 5% or 10%, that isn't much.

I game on both PC/PS4 and will continue to do so.

I don't care about disgree's on here btw. I just speak the truth.
urwifeminder  +   601d ago
Even BF4 pc on ultra is looking dated to me now sure looks great but have played on the engine a lot , looking forward to unreal 4 engine games just for another next gen experience I am sure DX12 will help cry engine even more so that will be a treat. I think the guy is spot on the new consoles can play last gen engines ok though.
Activemessiah  +   601d ago
Hello Pot... yes that's kettle.
grassyknoll  +   601d ago
Perhaps DICE should stop focusing on graphics & make a produce that actually functions. I had to return the game to the Amazon because the game was so broken.
sdozzo  +   601d ago
Write worthy stuff. Articles like this blow.
Einhert  +   601d ago
He has a point but his engine sucks as do most of the games made on it where the recent Far Cry titles have been great.

If these games are equivalent to ultra settings on PC then why at E3 do they show these games being run on a PC?
younglj01  +   601d ago
So this mean BF5 will be running at 1440p/120fps on PC? If so I hate it for the ones that have mid-high range rigs...:(
blahblah123  +   601d ago
I don't disagree on anything he said.

But maybe he should try and ship a game that works first.
renerak  +   601d ago
What is currently happening is, ubisoft has abandoned last gen for 2 of its most selling franchise, which means they are looking at much lower sales on consoles. So to increase thier profits on the newer consoles, they have to get more people on them, and this is where stating consoles can run pc ultra and bull come in. They are trying to convince more people to buy the new consoles so they can increase the market, ps4 and x1 are weaker than many devolopers expected and thats a fact. Now for those saying pc don't give good revenue, pc usually gives revenue(this may or maynot be selling higher copies) thats greater than any single platform i.e. greater than ps3 or x360 alone, now this can change according to games. For instance diablo.., sold more on pc than all consoles togather. And similarly cod on pc sells lesser than ps3 or x360 alone. Next, pc is an open platform, and we have awesome dudes who cracks games and saves us from drm, but this also causes piracy, and just so u know, not all piracy is lost sales. I myself pirate games, usually games which i bought, generally if it has bad drm or for matters of preservation. Now, unusually to get games that have dissapeared or not available to buy. Yes, piracy does a better job of preservation than most publishers. Basically pc is very scary, its not possible to calculate losses from piracy and they can do nothing to prevent it. So ubisoft makes it seem like the new consoles can do what gaming pcs do, so people move from last gen to current instead of pc.
sovkhan  +   600d ago
Globally the pc makes more revenue than one single plateform, roughly 18 B $ vs 45 B $( 3 plateforms combined ). Fact

But the drawback is that the pc with a userbase a little equal or superior to all the three plateforms number does not shine with its revenue.

Add to that the handhelds consoles make as much as the whole pc numbers.

That is why the consoles are the main horse carrying the VG and not the pc
#28.1 (Edited 600d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DevilishSix  +   601d ago
Although the guy from Ubisoft is wrong, anyone from EA should not be calling out anyone else, when all EA does lately is release broken a** games.
sovkhan  +   601d ago
Speaks the guy who's got the gut to sell a half-finished game

Piss Off Moron, how dare you??
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