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Could Ubisoft’s Shelved Wii U Game Be ZombiU II?

N247 Writes: Ubisoft has hinted on more than one occasion that a Wii U title is currently shelved and will not see the light of day on the console if its sale’s numbers don’t improve. The question is, what game? (Ubisoft, Wii U)

Hard to tell
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techologie  +   407d ago
I hope they do make a sequel. The first one was fun, and with the sequel they could multiplayer
darthv72  +   406d ago
the first is good. i just got it from best buy for $10 new and im surprised i never played it sooner. I'd like to see a sequel but...who knows.
NeverStopGaming  +   407d ago
It is probably a port of an existing game. I don't think they'd shelve a game that they haven't made money off yet.
Chupa-Chupa  +   407d ago
Possibly. Raving Rabbits did well for the Wii, so maybe that. But ZombiU has a nice fan base and considered one of the best survival horror games of all time. Plus they were working on the sequel and suddenly stopped.
svoulis  +   407d ago
I love the First one no idea why it got poor reviews. It was different Slower yea..because it mattered but other than that it was very intense especially later in the game.
Ol_G  +   407d ago
No No No they already said it was a family friendly game and they can shove it up their asses why would we want that when they are giving other platfoms the crew and stuff they can keep their party games
Sincere0121  +   407d ago
I think Nintendo should just part ways from Ubisoft if they don't understand that if third parties don't release games on Wii U then it will not help the fan base get any bigger.

If Ubisoft want to follow other 3rd parties like sheep and base their judgements on stupid media gossip then let them go. But don't come crawling back when Nintendo turn things around.
randomass171  +   407d ago
That's really not what the business side of things is like. There is a lot of money and pencil pushing involved.
deafdani  +   406d ago
I don't know what "pencil pushing" means (english isn't my main language), but yeah... suggesting to part ways with the most supportive third party publisher you've had on your console isn't exactly a good idea.
randomass171  +   406d ago
Well the technical term is paperwork, but basically there's licensing and what have you to get the game on another console. The only way around that is making your own hardware or developing exclusively for PC.
Chrono  +   407d ago
The first one bombed, how would they make another one?
Ac7iVe  +   407d ago
700k+ copies sold those are solid sales if you ask me
Concertoine  +   407d ago
I really wanna know how that wasn't profitable (they said it wasnt). I mean... where did the budget go? There's no multiplayer, its technically flawed, it looks kind of bad, and its not all that long. What did they need to sell...?
SonyKong64  +   407d ago
it's the same as square enix claiming tomb raider wasn't profitable after 3 million in it's first month..

Since they we're bleeding money and didn't attain maximum 500% profit margins to pay off other debt, it's considered a failure in today's fascist capitalism.
randomass171  +   407d ago
Positively ridiculous. Ubisoft either unnecessarily made the game that expensive or they straight up lied. Incidentally Jim Sterling said the same thing about whether or not Ubisoft can add female assassins into Assassin's Creed Unity.
Loadedklip  +   406d ago
The game is actually uses the gamepad better than any core game on Wii U. Bit it also had cheap graphics and became repetitive right away.

It would be nice if they make a sequel with more development time and budget but 700k is pretty good especially for what looked like an imcomplete game
DC777  +   406d ago
Yeah but they obviously spent a fortune developing those super high end graphics from PS2.
Jdoki  +   407d ago
ZombiU is one of the most underrated games I've ever played.

It is awesome.

The use of the Gamepad elevates this game massively. I've not played something as immersive as this for a long time.

Very impressed, and a sequel to address some of the problems with the original would have been hugely welcome.
BattleReach  +   407d ago
Agree, well said.
Summons75  +   407d ago
It had a lot of great ideas but the combat was janky and felt like it was designed to screw you over. If they had made the combat smoother it would have easily been the best launch game for the Wiiu
randomass171  +   407d ago
From what I've seen of the game, that appears to be the idea, similar to the older and stiffer Resident Evil games.
Summons75  +   407d ago

The original resident evils didn't do that on purpose though and the zombies were slow enough you had a chance. This they were fast and you had no change unless you had a gun but 99% the time you had the bat and had a huge delay. Look at castlevania. That game had a delay but they gave you enough time to learn that and prepare yourself. It worked for that game because it was balanced. Here there felt like no balance.
deafdani  +   406d ago
Uh, nope, the combat was slow and clunky on purpose. The zombies on Zombi U are supposed to feel like a real threat, and the game achieves this admirably.

One zombie is manageable. Two, you've got problems, but can still come out of it alive. Three or more? RUN.

Now, I can agree that the combat could've been improved, but not in the way you suggest. It being slow and dangerous was awesome and one of the things that made Zombi U special, because it felt like a true survival horror game. Every single hit counts.

But they could've improved it with more combat animations. It only had two or three basic animations, which grew old pretty quickly, visually speaking. But the clunkiness of the combat itself? Please don't change it, if Ubisoft ever makes a sequel.
Perjoss  +   407d ago
Along with State of Decay its one of the best zombie games I've ever played. Really good.
marloc_x  +   407d ago
Cleared three times back to back at launch and still play it.
Would actually be quite tough to down a zombie with a cricket bat, Ha!
Chupa-Chupa  +   406d ago
that nursery level alone was worth what I paid for it.
Berezau  +   407d ago
I am pretty sure that I read somewhere that it is a game that is already out in the market, but hasn't been released on the Wii U yet (obviously).
BoneBone  +   407d ago
Don't forget Ubisoft are sitting on a Wii U version Ghost Recon online too. They had trailers for it before the wii u launched.
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R00bot  +   407d ago
Yes, what did happen to that game? They said they were going to resume Wii U development once the PC game came out, and it's come out and been completely revamped with no word on the Wii U one...
BoneBone  +   407d ago
I think they may have been struggling with the online elements at the time with the Wii U dev kit. Sure dev kits are a lot better now. They should finish the game though and get it out there... I'd give it a go.
R00bot  +   407d ago
Well being free who wouldn't give it a go?
HavokPants  +   407d ago
it won't be free but we will get the dlc
and it's not called ghost recon online
its now
ghost recon phantoms
Vithar  +   407d ago
nope, in an interview with Geoff from gametrailers, Yves guillemot said the title that was reaqdy for WiiU was a "family" title, doubt it's zombies heh
tinkypop  +   407d ago
I know it not zombiu2, but would love them to go back to dee time.
1st out break, not a cricket bat in sight but a good old fashion sword..
(don't get me wrong, do love my union jack cricket bat)
gerbwmu  +   407d ago
Probably a Rabbids game. Ubi CEO said family game so it's probably a TV tie in for the cartoon.
HavokPants  +   407d ago
hopefully but lets listen or read this quote
"we will wait till more FAMILIES have a wii u in their home
HavokPants  +   407d ago
also did you know zombi u is a reboot or sequal to a 16 bit game for pc made by ubisoft called zombi?LITERALLY
dubal-e  +   407d ago
I thought they said it was a family game. I'd rather have Zombie U 2 though. It's a shame that multiplayer from the first one wasnt online. If it was the sales would have been a little better.
Justindark  +   407d ago
wait until it sells more? how about ubisoft gets more confident with their own games. They need to stop waiting around. People won't buy a system when the developers are too afraid to compete with other games, hence why 3rd parties on WiiU don't want to work with nintendo. That's what it seems like to me at least. Mortal combat X is a good example of that.
OtakuDJK1NG  +   406d ago
Ghost Recon Online is one

Haven't seen it since E3 2012.
Broomfondle  +   406d ago
Zombie U was a great game. True survival horror. A sequel would be fun but I hope they improve the cumbersome combat mechanics.
ZeekQuattro  +   406d ago
I have to agree with those that pointed out Ubisoft said they would wait for more families to own a Wii U. Its most likely another lame Rabbids game.
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