Could Ubisoft’s Shelved Wii U Game Be ZombiU II?

N247 Writes: Ubisoft has hinted on more than one occasion that a Wii U title is currently shelved and will not see the light of day on the console if its sale’s numbers don’t improve. The question is, what game?

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techologie1369d ago

I hope they do make a sequel. The first one was fun, and with the sequel they could multiplayer

darthv721369d ago

the first is good. i just got it from best buy for $10 new and im surprised i never played it sooner. I'd like to see a sequel but...who knows.

NeverStopGaming1369d ago

It is probably a port of an existing game. I don't think they'd shelve a game that they haven't made money off yet.

Chupa-Chupa1369d ago

Possibly. Raving Rabbits did well for the Wii, so maybe that. But ZombiU has a nice fan base and considered one of the best survival horror games of all time. Plus they were working on the sequel and suddenly stopped.

svoulis1369d ago

I love the First one no idea why it got poor reviews. It was different Slower yea..because it mattered but other than that it was very intense especially later in the game.

Ol_G1369d ago

No No No they already said it was a family friendly game and they can shove it up their asses why would we want that when they are giving other platfoms the crew and stuff they can keep their party games

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The story is too old to be commented.