Outlast now available on Xbox One

Outlast, a first-person survival horror game previously available on PC and PlayStation 4, has arrived unannounced on the Xbox Marketplace. Costs £15.99 / US$19.99 / AU$26.95

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DEEBO1400d ago

Is it free? It was on ps4

admiralvic1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

It was free with PlayStation Plus, not free for all. I know some people like to stir the pot, but at least try a little harder. =\

On Topic~

Glad to see this game finally made it to the Xbox One. Great game for the survival horror fans out there.

Qrphe1400d ago

Is it rentable through Live?

Septic1400d ago

Prepare to get absolutely terrified. I cant even go back to this game.

slimeybrainboy1400d ago

I havent made it far at all!

I forced myself to get into the house and progress abit, but I couldnt find a security door so I happily stopped playing.

The game is too scary for me but if you like that pick it up~

morganfell1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Okay admiral, is it free for Gold Members? That is a legitimate on topic question.

rmedtx1400d ago

I agree, with you on that one admiralvic, every survival horror game must experience Outlast. I'm glad it's available for Xbox One players too.

FamilyGuy1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Free with PS+... true, but PS+ is required to play retail games online on PS4 so many PS4 owners are subscribed to it by default, much like Xbox Live Gold memberships.
X1 owners didn't get this game "free" with their subscription though so I think the comment about it being "free" on PS4 is somewhat valid.

Even though it was only said to be an obnoxious troll.

creatchee1400d ago


No, it's not free for Gold members. So tell us how evil Microsoft is for charging us for a game, how much better the PS4 and PC versions are, and then be on your way so the rest of us can have a legitimate discussion.

On-topic (really on-topic): I played this for about fifteen minutes at around midnight last night. Got scared and threw my controller across the room, so I decided to wait until daylight. Excited to play after work.

D-riders1400d ago

Who doesn't have plus? Meaning the game was free on ps4

morganfell1400d ago

You are misreading matters creatchee. And apprently the misreading got under you skin. I asked a simple question. And I asked it because of admiral's response completely avoided the legitimacy of DEEBO's inquiry.

I agree DEEBO may have seemed like he was trolling but if you catch your breath a second and reread his remark it may also have been nothing more than what it was. A simple question. The real problem is you do not like the answer to that question because you feel it looks bad for MS. You are more concerned with perception than reality.

admiralvic1400d ago

@ morganfell

You're defending a person who lost a bubble for trolling and uses an avatar of a bunch of Xbox One's stacked on top of one another (I believe from Skewed and Reviewed craptastic "I went to Costco and they couldn't sell them and I think this is news, so I wrote an article and put it on N4G article a few months back). Furthermore, it shouldn't be our fault that their post was read as such. It wouldn't have killed the person to say "Any chance this will go free with Games with Gold? I only ask because it was a PlayStation Plus title" or something along these lines and it would have went from an obvious trolling attempt to a legitimate question.

morganfell1398d ago

No I am not defending him, rather the legitimacy of the question he asked. And as a question it was not only legitimate but lacking smugness, snideness, or any accusatory language. Do you not think the answer to that question is of any importance to Xbox One owners - the persons that may or may not have to pay for the game depending upon whether it is free?

No matter how he phrased the question you would not have liked it because it was the answer that lit you on fire. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the manner in which it was postulated and for you to now surmise there was some less offensive manner is simply absurd and transparently dishonest. Laughable to say the least.

admiralvic1398d ago

@ Morganfall

But you're still ultimately defending the person. Like I mentioned, their avatar / display picture is a bunch of unsold Xbox One's, they lost bubbles for trolling and they've many Sony fanboy comments, so it's pretty obvious that the intent was to troll / get this reaction. Furthermore, when you go into reading it that way, the "it was on PS4" comes off as a smug remark. However, you very clearly think everyone is out of line because the question is, in theory, legitimate.

"No matter how he phrased the question you would not have liked it because it was the answer that lit you on fire."

The funny thing is how you attack me for assuming DEEBO was trolling and then assume a lot about me. For what its worth, I only clicked this article to get the link to report another Outlast article as a duplicate ( if you look at the numbering order, it was submitted just after this one) and saw DEEBO's comment. I posted because I dislike trolls and nothing more. Perhaps the funniest thing is that I don't even own an Xbox One or even a 360 for that matter.

morganfell1398d ago


No, uhm, no, and of course, no.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Even a broken clock is right twice a day?" That is the case here. Perhaps not on purpose, yet he is correct and the question is valid. It is very much apples to apples. It was simple, straight forward, and without any reference. That question could have been asked by someone with no gaming budget this month because they genuinely wanted to play the game on the X1.

Now I will say I asked the question not for knowledge but to make a point. Soemtimnes though it isn't what you write that matters but when and where, or in this case how.

Your defense is that you do not own a X1 or 360? So what you are telling me is you did something innocent and perception is condemning you or twisting your actions into something else? Does that not sound the least bit familiar?

I assume nothing about you other than what you wrote - as you did with DEEBO, plus I am influenced byu the unavoidable knowledge of your post history. The odd thing is I actually like your posts. I have seen you here and think you are actually one of the more balanced thinkers on the board. And that is a double hurdle, balanced, AND thinker. But I do not agree with you on this and full well know I will never agree in this matter. The reason being is the simplicity of the statement and the validity of the question leaves no wiggle room for debate.

admiralvic1398d ago

@ Morganfall

"Does that not sound the least bit familiar? "

That was exactly the point I was trying to convey to you. Just because my post defends the Xbox One, doesn't mean I am doing it because I don't like the answer. I was doing it because I don't like trolls.

"But I do not agree with you on this and full well know I will never agree in this matter."

Then lets just agree to disagree. There is no point in arguing if neither party is ever willing to concede.

morganfell1398d ago

So why not grant the post by DEEBO the same thing you are asking for your own posts on the Xbox, taking the post at face value - as a simple direct question. You want a consideration that you are unwilling to grant him. If what you say is indeed fact regarfding your position then I say both of you should be held in the same face value light.

admiralvic1398d ago

@ Morganfall

So I guess thats a no to agreeing to disagree? Okay then...

"So why not grant the post by DEEBO the same thing you are asking for your own posts on the Xbox, taking the post at face value - as a simple direct question."

1) My post was just pointing out the irony that you were doing the same thing that you're calling me out for.
2) As I've already pointed out, I got ample reason to believe they were trying to troll. You yourself even note this was where your mind first went "I agree DEEBO may have seemed like he was trolling."
3) Your "simple question" defense is pretty weak. Even the excerpt says "Costs £15.99 / US$19.99 / AU$26.95," where as it would probably note it would be free with Games with Gold if it was. Even then, you could just check the store and see if it was free, since we don't know the future lineup of Games with Gold and can only speak for the now.

In the end, I don't see why you're making this into an issue, though I will not be continuing this debate.

morganfell1397d ago

Again, no. Your original post, the one that started this was not pointing out anything to me because at that point I was not yet in the conversation. See the difference there?

DEEBO was trying to troll? Now you are back to denying him the face value assessment you wish to reserve for yourself.

Me calling you out? Doing the same thing? Okay, fine. See the difference? I don't deny it. I don't see it that way but I will not deny that is your perception. Yet here you are going after DEEBO all the while doing the same thing. The hypocrisy is in the denial.

And since when does agreeing to disagree mean shutting up? I beleive that is actually what you wanted.

Also the tagline you wasted time quoting does not bother to define whether these prices are across the board or Gold Inclusive, so that point about them being listed is moot since there is still vagueness in the matter of to whom the price applies.

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DLConspiracy1400d ago

Please don't turn it into that. Its completely unnecessary.

On subject.

Glad more people get to experience the game. Freaky stuff 🆓or not.

cee7731400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Good 💩

DeadRabbits1400d ago

Sloppy seconds for xbone owners.

YodaCracker1400d ago

Wouldn't this be sloppy thirds? Sloppy seconds would have been the PS4 version that came out months after the original PC release.

DLConspiracy1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )


I wonder why you have 1 bubble?

Yoda is right though. It was on PC first.

Baba19061400d ago

soooo scary. im near the end i least i hope couse its killing me =D

Gamer19821400d ago

Says a lot for how serious people are gonna take [email protected] then huh?? I thought if it came to other platforms first it was banned from Xbox?? Gotta love how MS back up themselves when the crap hits the fan and sales are bad.. Seems MS are instead just cherry picking the ones that sell well on PS4 and allowing those games to break the rules..

Volkama1400d ago

Use your other bubble ask ask about the resolution and framerate, and the trolling will be complete.

Dannyh1400d ago

I paid 19.99 for it on ps4

oxybulle1400d ago

You should get a PS+ subscription.

Dannyh1400d ago

I didn't renew my ps+ yet, I'm waiting for destiny and driveclub. only game I play online at the moment is titanfall

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Anon19741400d ago

I haven't finished this yet but what I've played so far I've really enjoyed. Great to hear Xbox One gamers now get a chance at this fantastic indie title.

So it's sounding more and more like MS's parity clause is done. Oddworld announced it'll be coming to the Xbox later, this game launched first on PS4 and now it's coming to Xbox One.

If Microsoft has relaxed restrictions on developers they should really make an announcement or something. I know speaking to other developers there's a few of them that are simply skipping Xbox development altogether rather than have to deal with MS's arbitrary restrictions at all. Although, I guess that shouldn't be surprising considering how poor MS's communications with indie developers have been overall, from what I've experienced personally as a dev and from what I've heard from other devs trying to get onboard MS's [email protected] train.

corvusmd1400d ago

I know it doesn't release until 24th, but has anyone tried to even buy this on X1? You can...if you find it in the search you can buy it and Whistleblower right now. I wonder if this preloads it (or auto-downloads it later).

chito1016d1400d ago

It's available to play now.

SuperBlunt1400d ago

very peculiar. good to see the good indies going multiplat though. played it on my ps4. great 4-6 hour game

chito1016d1400d ago

I'm downloading it now. Hope it's available to play immediately