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Brave Fencer Musashi is a unique RPG game and was created by Squaresoft in 1998. It is a very challenging but rewarding game to play, with its innovative gameplay and collectibles. It has great bosses and a fun story line. This game is targeted to younger audiences but is really meant for adults due to its rigorous difficulty.

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fenome981d ago

Love this game! Miss what Square used to be when they were soft.

UsernameOfTheDead981d ago

Back when Square was awesome. The PS1 & PS2 era was magic.

bacrec1981d ago

They make great RPG's, but i wish they would branch out a little more like they used to. I miss this game and Einhander.

styferion981d ago

Oh man I remember playing this in my PS1, the soundtrack was mega epic I still remember the tune.

and no handholding, damn it's good time when I need to actually use my brain to play games.

akaFullMetal981d ago

Such an awesome game, I wish they would do a proper sequel or a remake of this.

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