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Hard rockers Linkin Park have released a game and it's a top down shooter set in an apocalyptic Earth where you unlock songs from their album as you play.

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SlappingOysters1401d ago

I'm not much of a Linkin Park fan to be honest, I will stick with RATM, but this is great idea for a game and I am stoked that it is decent. will hopefully encourage more bands to do the same.

Omegasyde1401d ago

Thier new album hunting party is actually pretty good.

Imo LP only has maybe 1 or 2 songs per cd, but this last one has 4 or 5 i keep playing on repeat.

Its good, but no where near hybrid theory/meteroa good.

CoyoteHunter1401d ago

I'm loving this trend of musicians jumping on board the iOS train. Pretty awesome way to express their art. Doesn't hurt that the game is half-decent too :P

Cookiebex1401d ago

Haha.. I just said that in another story about Bjork. So true

randomass1711401d ago

Reminds me of the cancelled Metallica game. That was going to compete with Twisted Metal.

Ultr1401d ago

Woaaa that was sometime ago :D still remember the pictures and trailer

randomass1711401d ago

The trailer was pretty badass! Such a shame the game never came out. They even planned to have an original song from the band for the game. Should have brought that back for Guitar Hero. :/

UsernameOfTheDead1401d ago

I'm skipping this and waiting for the Limp Bizkit game.

SlappingOysters1400d ago

It's just one of those days...

GuruMeditation1401d ago

'Hard Rockers' that's a very 'grandpa' way of describing Linkin Park. Glad the game is good though :)

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