Watch_Dogs - First Official Patch Detailed

Ubisoft has revealed the changelog for the first official patch that will go live in the coming days on all platforms (except of PS4 that has already been updated).

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Marcello1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

• Implemented several performance improvements.

I will believe it when i see it !!

Its odd i dont believe a word Ubisoft says anymore yet i still plan on getting Far Cry 4 & AC Unity :/

Kevlar0091222d ago

Because they will be fun games nonetheless. Also unlike EA their games are actually playable on consoles

MWong1221d ago

Sadly EA games aren't playable across all platforms usually at launch.

I am glad they will be fixing some of these mission bugs it took me 6 times to beat one mission because everything wasn't loading.

medman1221d ago

Far Cry looks absolutely filthy. I still have high hopes for The Division and can only hope they don't drop the ball on that game. I need to see console gameplay for that game, and soon. Enough with the pc builds already.

1221d ago
juggulator1221d ago

FarCry4 = Tomb Raider + COD.

Iamnemesis48801221d ago

Far-cry and AC are safe bets to get

MonstaTruk1221d ago


You're part of the problem, then. You know they lie & shaft their customers, but you come back for seconds...*smh*

"My brain is so full of f*ck & I LOVE it!"


Marcello1221d ago

Yea i know thats wat i am saying despite the performnce issues & bugs we still buy because they are good games & prob why we get frustrated with Ubisoft.

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Darkstares1222d ago

Took awhile, the PC gaming community will be very pleased.

Bobby Kotex1221d ago

You do realize they purposely gimped the graphics on the PC and it was reverse engineered? PC gamers are raging right now.

patsrule3161222d ago

If I can play, I'll be happy. I have been afflicted by the 90% loading bug for the last week, and haven't been able to play it.

Redrum0591221d ago

same here, got the game for ps4, haven't played for weeks

Iamnemesis48801221d ago

The final mission is the worst i have ever came across

patsrule3161221d ago

It did fix things, and I am back in. Wohoo!!!!

And gotta love two people disagreeing that I got hit by the bug. N4G rules.

Redrum0591221d ago

Back in the game too, although it's lost its charm now, not all that fun but I'm playing through it

Moe-Gunz1222d ago

Need to be able to drop into friends' games and hack them. The randomness is pretty lame.

Madderz1221d ago

Absolutely 100% agree with you on that one.

You should be able to jump into a friends game and harass them.

Possibly limit this to only once every hour or something so that it doesn't become annoying.

Or at least make it so you can set up a 1v1 game of hacking or tailing with a friend, i think that would be a blast!

boing11221d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you can actually hack your friends. You need to add them on Uplay though.

Madderz1221d ago


"Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you can actually hack your friends. You need to add them on Uplay though."

You can? I wasn't aware of this. How is this done?

Moe-Gunz1221d ago

I'll have to look into that. UPlay is so annoying though lol.

DragonKnight1222d ago

I wish they would implement a fix for when your hacking target notices you. It's kinda pointless for you to be told that they notice you when they are right beside you looking at you.

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