Spencer Reveals His Xbox One Killer App, Kinect Still in Future Plans

Xbox boss also touches on what's next for Rare.

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XiSasukeUchiha1368d ago

His plans for domination huh(Intrigued).

christocolus1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

I love the fact that he sees sunset overdrive as the next killer ap. I'm really hyped up for that game ani hope rare surprises us this gen with some really cool titles just like they did with kameo and viva pinata last gen. Also this part got me curious.

“Ryse: Son of Rome did not generate fantastic review scores user response was generally positive and the game sold well.”

If the game sold well and got positive user response does it mean we will get a sequel? Pls I hope so. I loved this game and all my friends who got it feel same way. Ryse deserves a more polished and fleshed out sequel. I actually feel the game may already be in development.

Septic1368d ago

He said he hoped it would be classified as a classic...not a killer-app. I don't think Sunset Overdrive is a killer app by any means.

Also, whilst Kameo and Viva Pinata were decent, we need A LOT more from Rare. Those latter games didn't even come close to the majesty of the titles such as Goldeneye, Banjo Kazooie and Conker.

As for Ryse. Lets hope there is a game behind the next one, if it is indeed in development.

VealParmHero1368d ago

I think MS finally realizes that kinect is good for those who like to broadcast etc, and for some dancing/music titles...finally employing Rare to do what us gamers always hoped they would. So I am deff excited to see where that leads.

I agree about Ryse...the reviews weren't great (and understandably so), but the gameplay was deff there. If they made a sequel with a more in-depth combat system and mixed in a little more platforming, there could truly be something special at hand.

iiorestesii1368d ago

It better be a killer app.

randomass1711368d ago

I think all of that means that Ryse is still on the table for Microsoft, so we may see a followup or perhaps just little references here or there a la Conker in Project Spark.

timemuffin1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

Does anyone really expect Rare to make anything worthwhile in any way? No one who wrote a single line of code in any Rare game you cared about is still with the company. It's just a logo. Get over Rare. Can't wait for that new Conker. lol
Sunset Overdrive does look awesome though.

GameNameFame1368d ago

MS has zero ownership of the IP.

I mean Insomniac owns full ownership. Remember last gen? Lol. So many "exclusives" just getting ported to PS3.

Dead Rising is coming to PC. Lol.

christocolus1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )


Ms doesn't own the ip and so? What's it to you? Its still on xbox one exclusively but you seem upset about this game&dr3 being xbox exclusive. Are you a troll? One of the very loud and annoying ones? You just added nothing to this discussion&what you stated isn't true.not many MS exclusives ended up on ps3&so you know,thats the reason MS is owning all their ips this time next time do us all a favor and post your bitter comments somewhere else. Thanks.

Morgue1368d ago

As much as I can't stand MS I ended up buying an X1 today because there are a couple indie games releasing for it that I want too play. I also had over 80,000 reward points through Game Stop so I picked up Ryse for free. I don't really have high hopes game play wise just based on what I've read but hey. I beat that Conan game that was released back in 2008 twice and the mechanics in that game were horrendous.

Double Toasted1368d ago

I was just thinking to myself for the past 2 weeks that Sunset is having that "killer app vibe for me. There isn't anything much out there like it and if it is, Sunset is looking to eclipse it.

bennissimo1368d ago

Dude, all I want from Ryse 2 is competitive MP with loads of unlockable weapons, armor and abilities.

redwin1368d ago

Wow, all the right moves! I like the idea of leaving Rare alone to do what they want.

Bigpappy1368d ago

@Morgue: wow, I got goose bumps when you mentioned that Conan. I freaking enjoyed that game. I played it constantly until I beat it. Never got tired of upgrading moves and loved the double swords. It almost like that game and Ryse were made by the same people. They actually suffered the same bad press. In this case though Royse still sold well.

I really didn't think anyone else had enjoyed that game as much as I did. I is the permit example of why I can't buy game based on review scores. Hack and Slash is repetitive and rain is wet, lol.

UltraNova1368d ago

I cant believe I'm saying this but if MS and Rare found a way (Nintendo is in the way I believe)to remaster and release the original Banjo & Kazooie on xbox one with some useful kinect support I would definitely buy one!

Common MS let Rare go wild and reap the benefits!

PS: I wonder how many of the original staff that made Rare the company it was are still employed there...

gman_moose1368d ago

I can see this game being a cult classic at best. It just won't appeal to very many. It will probably sell 750k or so as the Xbox hardcore will buy it because of exclusivity, but won't hit mainstream appeal.

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truefan11368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

Yea Sunset Overdrive definitely looks like one of the must have games this fall, can't wait to play it. It seems they have a nice story and I'm really looking forward to the 8 player coop.

In terms of Rare I think he is just throwing the media off guard. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if Rare announced a title at Gamescom, they are a European studio.

Lastly, for people still trying to downplay Titanfall, you do realize it easily passed 2 million physical copies and is the number 1 selling XB1 game. Not to mention it is still ranked in the top 10, months after release. Titanfall did its job.

soandsoz1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

"Lastly, for people still trying to downplay Titanfall, you do realize it easily passed 2 million physical copies and is the number 1 selling XB1 game. Not to mention it is still ranked in the top 10, months after release. Titanfall did its job."

Care to source that info *easily 2 million discs sold*
I call BS. It's sold well. Just not quite that well.
If it really did it's job as you claim, why couldn't Microsoft prevent TF2 from being multiplat?

HacSawJimThugin1368d ago

I couldn't agree more. I still play daily and will continue to do so for a long time.

Just be thankful that we along with the PC crowd supported it enough to warrant a sequel. A lot of ppl who didn't get a chance to play this on their preferred platform will now be able to do so when the sequel hits, but until then Stand By For TitanFall!!!

DougLord1368d ago

Titanfall sold 2.9mm units. 1.9mm were on Xbox 1.

soandsoz1368d ago

"Titanfall sold 2.9mm units. 1.9mm were on Xbox 1. "

Can you please provide a source?

Even what I'm about to link to isn't proof. Though, it's more than what you have provided I'm afraid. I'm all eyes if you can back up your claims

Lifetime sales as of the conclusion of May 2014

"Titanfall [XB1] 969k [360] 559k Note: Does not include bundled sales "

IAM1368d ago

@ truefan1 it was a poor investment. 2mil for a time exclusive. It was suppose to sell XB1. Microsoft bank on it. Once it fail to do so they drop the Kinect.Rumor has it, its going multiplatform. People boast about Titanfall only being possible on XB1 yet frame rate drops as low as 30fps & the resolution is not even 900p Gamers are saying it dries up fast and Sony fans no longer want it. It did about as good as Killzone - only Microsoft expected a Gears performance. It hype & dissapointed people. If that was its job, it accomplish it.

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S2Killinit1368d ago

sunset overdrive? really? killer app...

darthv721368d ago

well you do kill allot of bad guys in it....

randomass1711368d ago

And it has zombies. People tend to like zombies. Or shooting them at least.

Septic1368d ago

Where did he say it was a killer app? The question was

"but what will be the first all-time first party Xbox One classic?"

Sunset Overdrive can be regarded as a classic. Not a killer app though; that's a different thing entirely. Maybe Quantum Break can be that?

randomass1711368d ago

It can prove itself to be a killer app, but that's neither here nor there.

harrisk9541368d ago

Sunset Overdrive was one of the only games coming to Xbox that I really liked at the Microsoft E3 press conference. Looks like a lot of fun. Love the energy about it. Wish it was coming to PS4 (I know it is not)... However, is it a "killer app" or "system seller"? I personally don't think so, but it remains to be seen. The last "killer app" for XB1 was Titanfall, which (although it did move a fair number of XB1s) did not manage to dethrone PS4 as the best selling console in the U.S. Sunset Overdrive will not be the game to really push sales of XB1s. Halo does move consoles. Even CoD games move more MS consoles than Sony consoles. But, Sunset Overdrive? I really hope that Insomniac has amazing success, but probably not. They will likely sell a lot of the standalone games (I predict 500,000), but I can't see it moving console sales in any meaningful way. If you do own an XB1 already, though, it seems like a no-brainer that this is a worthwhile purchase and addition to your game library.

ghostface91368d ago

500k lol this game is gonna be 1.5 million minimum

air11368d ago

So a killer app is defined by dethroning Sony?

harrisk9541368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

1.5 million?? You are crazy. Titanfall on XB1 has not done over a million. I will check back with you after some numbers are released. How long do you give it to reach your 1.5 million number?? Give me a time frame on that.

EDIT: There are less than 3 million XB1s in the U.S. and under 5 million worldwide (That is sold to retailers at last count, not to consumers)... That said, do you honestly believe that 20 to 25 percent of XB1 owners worldwide (or up to third of XB1 owners if the 3 million figure sold to consumers is to believed) will buy this game?? Seriously?

Sheikh Yerbouti1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

It's Insomniac game; the own the IP. It can be on Sony if they wanted.

As Ted Price giveth, Ted Price taketh away.

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Godz Kastro1368d ago

Totally, the game looks insane and a lot of fun which most games are lacking now a days...

BlackTar1871368d ago

What games are lacking it?

PSVita1368d ago

Fuse looked fun at first and then I think EA tried to throw a unneeded serious tone on the game

Thump19671368d ago

We have the right man in charge, if he would have been there at the beginning we would have been better off But its improving daily

0P-Tigrex1368d ago

No disrespect..but i thought Titanfall was the killler app?? What happened?

Bonkerz1368d ago

Are you really asking that? Titanfall launched months ago, Titanfall is excellent but we gotta look towards the future, and Sunset Overdrive looks beyond fantastic.

0P-Tigrex1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

You seem to be forgetting the amount of hype that was backing up TitanFall for being the killer app for next generation gaming on the Xbox One that would push the console ahead of the PS4... but then conveniently excuse it as not being "the killer app" why? "because we gotta look towards the future" and "that launched months ago" A killer app stays with a console for it's lifecycle but look how quickly people brushed it aside.

I'm not saying Sunset Overdrive looks bad visually or graphically...simply i don't see it being the "killer app" that defines or shapes the Xbox One like Halo:CE or Gears of War have done in the past. I wish the best of luck for the game tho.

shadyiswin1368d ago

@OP sorta how infamous and the show were supposed to killer apps. Infamous dropped off the charts literally 2 weeks later. The show one week later. Titanfall has been in the 10 for nearly 4 months now battles with games that have a 80 million install base. Sunset overdrive judging by my customers who are asking to preorder it (which we don't do at my store) is indeed a kill app. Will hold me over till Halo. Imagine if sunset was for ps4 this site would consider it the second coming of Jesus himself. The best part is infamous was suppose to be the nail in the coffin but sunset will destroy infamous in sales and reply value in its same open world genre.

warczar1368d ago


"Imagine if sunset was for ps4 this site would consider it the second coming of Jesus himself."

No, we'd consider it the next coming of Ratchet and Clank, which is what it is.

Septic1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

"No disrespect..but i thought Titanfall was the killler app?? What happened?"

Well judging by how many people were quick to point out that it was a multiplatform title of sorts, I don't think it could get that accolade.

Also, I don't think it ended up being a killer-app on its own merits anyway.

DevilishSix1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

You confused me when you said that because Titanfall was "multiplatform title of sorts" it couldn't recieve the accolade of killer app?

Might I remind you that both Halo Combat Evolved and the first Gears received PC ports and thus are multiplatform, yet they are still considered killer apps by most gamers.

I think the real reason Titanfall is not the killer app everyone was hoping is that its fun but shallow. No single player to get invested in characters or the game universe and care about what happens, so then all you are left with is 5 min sessions of meaningless gameplay.

tgunzz1368d ago

@septic, How is it going today? First, Titan fall is that level. If that game was coming to ps4 right now, the amount of exclusive ps4 users that would be all over it (including you) would be crazy, just like Destiny. Also, titan fall was the first killer app out the gate, and the way things look, there will be plenty more on both sides, do you agree with that?

BlackTar1871368d ago

People don't talk abotu TitanFall so i fail to see it as a killer app.

It's a fun game not great but no one talked about it after release seriously the game is a back burner to everyone now.

Snowblind151368d ago

Coming from a guy who calls xbox "garbage", I have no idea why you're in this article in the first place...

0P-Tigrex1368d ago Show
iiorestesii1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

@tgunz No. Titanfall is not a killer app. Destiny Alpha was a killer app. @Septic way to work your way through that entire arguement with as few sentances as possible.
I do think SO will be a killer app, too.

GodGinrai1368d ago

yeah, its a shame titanfall didnt turn out to be the system seller they hoped..But I still friggin love that game!Still the FPS I enjoy the most at the moment.

shadyiswin1368d ago

The titanfall bundle sold through very very fast. The fact that original set was an actual customized box,we only got 4. 2 weeks later we got these xboxs that were basically the standard edition with a titanfall type paper overlay on it. Which basically they had an outside company (vendor) go to stores and tape it over the standard xboxs,open them neatly and slide in the tf codes (they also did this with forza) we went through about 40 in a week,then never got it again. On another positive note,the $399 Xbox one is selling well. Every time I walk buy the case is empty again(only can fit 2 at a time).

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