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XiSasukeUchiha944d ago

Again......................... .........................

BattleReach944d ago (Edited 944d ago )

Actually, there never was a release date for the heists, nothing got announced ;)

Septic944d ago

Yeah but it was shown as part of the overall package a component of the multiplayer.

Voozi944d ago

Actually they said Heists would come during the Spring update(s).

KonsoruMasuta944d ago (Edited 944d ago )

There was a release window though, it was supposed to be out by the end of Spring.

xHeavYx944d ago

They are most likely waiting until they release the game on PS4/XOne

Blacktric944d ago

"nothing got announced ;)"

They said spring 2 months ago. It was supposed to come out before June 21st.

;))))')'))))))))xD)(^ )^(^

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Septic944d ago

Its been almost a year....

"We are very sorry for the delay, and are working hard to bring them to you as soon as we can. Please know that we are focused as always on making the best possible content for you to play and we are thankful to all of you for your patience, understanding and support."

No excuse.

iamnsuperman944d ago

Like Agent it will never come. Jokes aside this is inexcusable. The game released almost a year ago and it was shown then.

Randostar944d ago

Im almost positive they are going to release them with the new gen and PC version.
I feel a little rubbed the wrong way, i bought the CE of this game. The content is just not there.

azricf944d ago

lets get this sasuke guy another bubble.. that way we can see his counter replies to people who reply to his one liner, borderline retarded comments.

Tetsujin944d ago

I'm going to guess they're waiting on the PS4/One releases before putting this update out; makes sense to a point however a lot of the player base will grow tired of waiting and move on.


I thought that heists would be out way before the next gen versions of GTA would be so this is surprising. I don't doubt they're holding content back to release in the fall with the next gen versions. It sucks but it wouldn't surprise me if they were to use it as a selling point.

Crazyglues944d ago (Edited 944d ago )

Long as it's ready by the time the game comes 2 PS4..

Then I'm happy..

||.........___||............ ||

LordMaim944d ago

I am shocked and surprised by this turn of events.

ScamperCamper944d ago

Rockstar will never, and I mean NEVER rush a product to market if it's sub par. Sure, the online wasn't great, but they also didn't predict those issues. Those happened after the fact. Any other situation they will not worry about delaying something for the sake of getting it right.

AeternalGaminG944d ago

trust me..they will be added with the next-gen\PC release ;)

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ZombieKiller944d ago

I dont mind waiting anymore. There is enough to do in the world and people act like this is the end all be all of GTA.

Try landing a Titan on an island and jumping the wingspan on a jet ski while you wait.

Voozi944d ago

You know what's also fun? Get a friend or two (more the merrier) and ride around on the train that goes all around the map. Then set $9000 bounties on each other. and watch as the entire session comes after you.

It's really fun fighting everyone off while on the train. Of course the fun ends when the tryhard in the jet or tank comes along :(

Audiggity944d ago

Exactly! There is so much to do in GTA:O already, people are just obsessed with pointing a finger and crying about GTAV any chance they get.

Heists will be great. As well as the Casino. And all of the other events/activities/etc. GTA Online is going to continue to evolve beyond heists... just so sad that people can't get past this.

It will be ready when... [drum roll please]... it's ready!

I'd rather them release a balanced, next-gen friendly update, as opposed to a gimmicky unbalanced POS DLC.

Sniperwithacause944d ago

I see where you are comin g from. Although how much more will the game evolve until its time for the team to move on to another game/project? Even better yet until they stop putting time and $ into it? Serious question.

Audiggity944d ago (Edited 944d ago )


Awesome question. And a damn good one. I've thought about this a lot.

My hope... is that Rockstar stands behind GTA:Online fully. I started to have my doubts when the next-gen announcement took so long. But, with the introduction of GTA V to next gen, and with a large majority of the bugs worked out of GTA:Online - the next step will be for Heists/Casinos/Mission Editors to be added in.

Then, going back to your question, when do they stop putting money into it?

Hopefully never! Imagine if GTA:Online exists again as part of GTA VI and GTA VII... all they'd have to do is check to see if you purchased GTA VI, and then make that city available at the airport.

Your spawn locations would span not only 2 apartments, but, eventually 2+ apartments in each city.

This is what I'm hoping for. But it makes sense. They'd constructed the foundation with a rock solid engine. They are building the cities for the Single Player versions already. The multiplayer platform has been vetted and improved upon. You can let people enjoy GTA: Online within the confines of GTA V until they buy GTA VI.

What if someone skips GTA V and waits for GTA VI? Well, in that case they simply can't fly to Los Santos. GTA Online would exist only for the city that GTA VI takes place in.

SneakyDoo944d ago

Not a big deal to me, heists aren't gonna be incredible. Seems like people feel that heists are the most prominent aspect in GTAO, when clearly, it's not. Besides, I'm sure no one is rapaciously in need for money; I'm sure everyone owns a 10-car apartment filled with customized cars at this point.

People are expecting too much out of heists, which aren't nearly going to be as cool as SP heists.

Audiggity944d ago

Agreed 100%... heists will be fun, hell, it may be the most fun aspect of GTA:O when it is released. But, whining about it and saying it's "inexcusable" over and over again won't help anyone.

It will be ready when it is ready. To expect anything faster than that would be a recipe for disappointment.

It's delayed. They apologized. Get over it people. They don't 'owe' you anything. The amount of content in GTA V and GTA:O is worth far more than $60 already.

As for MP heists vs SP heists... I think it really depends on how they do it. If the MP heists involve two teams (ala cops vs. robbers from GTA IV), that could be pretty dang epic. If the robbers get away they keep the loot, if not, the 'crooked' cops keep it.

I'd imagine that with this amount of time to work on heists it will be more than just "run in, take stuff, get away from cops". That would have been released by now.

Have faith people!

Plagasx944d ago

Whatever, all I care about is just getting that PC version :)

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