Opinion: Top Ten PS Vita Games

One of the writers here at MiddleOfNowhereGaming tells us about the top ten games on the PS Vita. Do you agree with him? If not, what are your favorite Vita games?

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admiralvic1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

Does anyone else wonder if people stay away from the Vita or at least cling to the Vita is nothing but a dumping ground for ports because of lists like this? You figure, in the 2 years the Vita's been around, this site considers 6/10 of the best games of the games are mutliplatform / ports and 3/4 of the exclusives make up the bottom 5 titles. I'm not saying the Vita doesn't have a lot of ports / multi plats, but it does make me wonder.

osborn20091435d ago

I tend to agree with you on much of what you said. However, keep in mind, this is a personal opinion of the writer, not of the site.

admiralvic1435d ago

While I understand you have to defend the site, since you're the founder, I was simply speaking in a general sense. More often than not you hear people go "____ site gave _____ game a ____ out of ____," even though it's still ultimately only one persons opinion. Also, every site I've written for has had a firm "stand by what we post" rule, which is basically means for as long as you write for the site, you're suppose to support / go along with what is being said (this is also extremely common for "real" companies too), even if you don't agree with it. So while this might be 1 persons opinion, it's pretty common for a site to support said opinion after posting it, for these reasons.

osborn20091435d ago

I agree with your second one as well. But I never said I didnt agree with his list. I agree with your point that a lot of lists for vita games have ports. No at all saying that I dont support or like this list. All I pointed out was that it was the writer who made the list. and that the list's title starts with "Opinion" therefore stating that it is his and not us as whole.

admiralvic1435d ago

I'm not gonna lie, this is quite possibly one of the stupidest conversations I've had on N4G.

All my post did was question whether these list hurt the Vita and then talked about this list right here. In fact, if I had bothered to write "Brett Medlock's list" instead of "this site," I figure a lot of people would be confused why I used such a specific detail instead of a simple reference like I did.

My second post simply clarified the idea that regardless of who says what, people typically associate an employee's comment / opinion with the companies. Though I would say "keep in mind, this is a personal opinion of the writer, not of the site" sounds like you're distancing the sites views from his and could easily be read as a disagree. Especially considering you agreed with my point.

So in the end, I am confused what exactly are you trying to accomplish here thus why I think this is so pointless. I'm not attacking you, the site or Brett's opinion with my musing, nor am I saying anything that would warrant a clarification that it's an opinion piece (as all best, worst, top and such lists are). It just seems really pointless it up, but maybe thats just me. In either case, I won't be replying anymore, so yeah.

Alex_Boro1435d ago

The Vita has got some good games worth buying one for, but as we all heard today, Shuhei Yoshida said 1st party support is ramping down and we should only expect indies and ps now. Well, time to sell mine as soon as I finish persona 4

Spotie1435d ago

Don't mind osborn. He was in defense mode on another dumb article too (a "best rpg soundtrack" list that featured non-rpgs and Gameboy-era Pokemon games).

For what it's worth, this list isn't entirely horrible, but I think Gravity Rush and Tearaway are too far down the list.

The main problem, I think, is that multiplats on Vita are treated as the same cheap ports we're used to getting on handhelds, rather than the extremely complete versions they usually are.

It truly is different from the past, where a PSP or DS version of a game was extremely watered down in comparison to its console counterpart.

That's probably the most damaging thing going on, even more then the admittedly weak first party support it seems to be getting.

irishyort1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

I found Gravity Rush really boring after 20 minutes unfortunately.

Do PS4 remote play games count as PSVitas bests if I don't play them at all on the PS4 and only play remotely??

If so, Watchdogs and Assassins Creed Black Flag have been my favourite Vita games of all time lol. Borderlands 2 is a close 3rd.

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Artista 1435d ago

The more I see Vita related news, the more I regret owning one. Damn!

Anon19741435d ago

You see, and I'm the exact opposite. Whenever I see Vita news it reminds me of all the games yet I haven't had time to get around to play on my Vita. There's plenty of multiplatform releases that came to the Vita that I didn't make a priority to play on my console but are probably worth giving a shot on the Vita.

And since I picked up a PS4 this spring, the remote play has just added extra value to my Vita, which I was already finding to be a helluva lot of fun. When I picked up my Vita, I honestly didn't expect to play it as much as I have been, and I've never regretted getting my hands on one. No doubt with PSTV being based on Vita hardware we're going to see a lot more developers turning the the Vita as the install base continues to expand.

thirtyandnerdy1435d ago

I'm in the process of playing Persona 4: Golden right now and it's pretty great so far. I have a Killzone: Mercenary question for anyone who can answer it, as I can't find a concrete answer anywhere online. My question is this: Do the controls in Killzone for Vita do that thing where the latency on the control sticks (particularly while aiming) causes a slight input delay between the player and the game? Uncharted: Golden Abyss, for example, does this and it really kills the game for me because I end up not being able to aim for crap. I'm just curious because Killzone: Mercenary looks gorgeous and I've been thinking about picking it up for a while, but nowhere does anyone speak about whether the aiming is silky-smooth or not. Thanks!

SonyStyled1435d ago

i should be able to answer you but i cant. i played the s*** out or KZ:M and earned my platinum trophy. i did not recognize what you describe but i wasnt looking for it either. ive been playing killzone for a long time so naturally i wouldnt notice as im more than accustomed to the controls. wth ill just check and see. hold on a few

SonyStyled1435d ago

aiight after a few mp sessions i didnt notice any delays. what i did notice was as you move your right stick aiming, it starts a bit slow, then after .2 of a second it gets up to a quicker more constant speed of every other fps. that starting off slow and building momentum a fraction of a second later is something thats been consistent of the killzone series. out of all of them though mercs has the quickest response time in my opinion. similar to that of shadow fall. its a great game though man. i personally wouldnt pass on it

thirtyandnerdy1434d ago

Thanks a bunch for looking into that for me! Aiming in KZ2 bothered me a bunch (but I was still in love with that game), but they fixed it in KZ3 as far as I could tell from the multiplayer beta. So if you're saying it's basically the best yet, that's super exciting! Looks like it's time to hop back into Killzone. =)

Chaos_Raiden1435d ago

Here's my own PS Vita favourites list:

1. Persona 4: Golden
2. Muramasa Rebirth
3. Uncharted: Golden Abyss
4. Gravity Rush
5. Ys: Memories of Celceta
6. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
7. Dokuro
8. Soul Sacrifice
9. Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
10. Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

Doesn't matter if they are ports or not as long as they are great to play.

Inception1435d ago

Great list and it almost exactly like mine. Except in my list i replace Asscreed and Zero Escape (great game!) with Deception IV and Tearaway. I luv playing a couple of indies like Hotline Miami, Guacamelee, and Jetpack Joyride on my vita too.

Anyway, can't wait to play Freedom Wars, Oreshika, Tales of Hearts R, Gravity Rush 2, Helldivers, Murasaki Baby, Oddworld New & Tasty, Akibat's Trip, and more on my vita. Dang, There's still a lot of game to play on vita. I can't believe some people still spouting vita haz no gaem BS in here :/

irishyort1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

I haven't put Borderlands 2 down, not sure why it didn't make the list, especially after the first patch. I have had my Vita since release and have played Borderlands 2 for more time in total than all my other games put together. Well Vita games anyway.

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