Top 18 Best Sci-Fi Video Games of All Time

SkunkMe: There are many gamers loves sci-fi video games, Mass Effect and Starcraft series are one of the best sci-fi video games. But I have arranged the 18 best sci-fi video games of all the time. What’s your favorite?

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aliziabi1638d ago

Mass Effect just one of 18 i like

LackTrue4K1638d ago

I'm a huge fan of GOW...but when they say "Sci-Fi"

Mass Effect is the only game that comes to mind.

pandehz1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Same here.

Mass Effect gives me that through and through sci fi feeling.

Well constructed universe and everything about it is so damn memorable.

Glad that ME3 and ME2 are on top 5 here.

3-4-51638d ago

Yea only like 5 of those COULD be classified as Sci-fi

Ikonic1638d ago

Wow... Might be the worst list ever? How does one miss titles like Halo 2. Yeah, Halo: Reach is there but it's just not the same. Hell dude you missed Borderlands!

This post disappoints me like none other. Next year I'm sure we'll be seeing Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare above all the great games he missed.

pandehz1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

To be honest Halo:Combat Evolved should replace Halo Reach.

Bordelands is ok sci fi. Not the most memorable or deeply engaging universe. All I remember is the look and guns. Not the most well realised world. The game barely takes anything about itself seriouslly or even normally. Its not a well done sci fi to me more like sci fu.c.k.ed. In sci fi the world just feel like it fits in. Theres always a science in the fictional world created and most games here like Portal, Mass Effect, Starcraft make us believe that. Borderlands says whatever goes goes. Shoot to kill.
Not in a bad way tho.

Most of the list is fine. I've seen many many lists that have many of those games up there. Ive played almost all of them and the list kinda makes sense.

nate2541638d ago

Fallout 3 should be on top, my favorite game of all time

Imalwaysright1638d ago

Kotor, Dead Space, AvP2 and original Half-life imo are the best.

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