Who Won E3 2014?

It’s time for a little deconstruction of what went down at E3. Pushing aside all the hype, bombast and showy PR tactics, and focussing on what really counts: the games. After last year’s conference, Sony came away as the clear winners, but this year the lines are a little more blurred. In fact, when Talkingship breaks it all down, it appears Microsoft wins. Let’s take a look.

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modesign1432d ago

haha, thanks for the laugh

NintendoSonyfan1432d ago

Most exclusives, most new IP, largest variety and most original ideas. I agree. The other 2 focused too much on remakes of old games, non gaming features and had 15 minute videos of Far Cry or Call of Duty to pad their time. I want all 3 systems eventually but Nintendo made me happy to be a Wii U owner now, the others I can wait another year for.

Axios21433d ago

Well documented and presented

lelo1433d ago

"Who Won E3 2014?"


Neonridr1433d ago

well said. We all win. And if we happen to own more than one of those three consoles? Then we should all be so lucky.

badboyz091433d ago

This Article wanted Microsoft to Win.

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The story is too old to be commented.