Bungie Explains Why Destiny Is Not 60fps On The PS4 And Xbox One

Bungie's Destiny is one of the few AAA games that will be running at 1080p/30fps on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Funky Town_TX1255d ago ShowReplies(23)
skydragoonity1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Looking for parity in all four consoles, great move maybe

bleedsoe9mm1255d ago

great if you want to play it on ps3 or 360

Geekman1255d ago

Approximately 160 million people do.

ginsunuva1255d ago

How would the ps3/360 versions be worse if next-gen was 60fps?

Jealousy? Yeah, if someone wanted the higher framerate, they should get a next-gen console.

alexkoepp1254d ago

Just more evidence the "power gap" between consoles doesn't exist. Just a few months of time put that misconception to rest.

awi59511254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Bungie is crap they never listen to their players they only care about pleasing the casuals and thats why Halo lost its Multiplayer crown on xbox. They kept making the weapons weaker and weaker untill it felt like you are fighting with a water pistol. Then call of duty comes out and blows it out of the water.
Because if you get shot in the head or a grenade goes off in your face you die.

Bungie never got it, people dont like weak crap weapons that dont kill after you fire one whole magazine into someone. Halo 2 multiplayer is the game that made me switch to ghost recon and rainbow 6 because they made halo into a noob game multiplayer wise. Yes more people played it but it was the fail people that loved it. The old school halo people quit playing it because they did nerf every weapon by 50 percent. Thats why the Halo CE remake didnt get its own multiplayer Bungie knew people would have left the other games and played that way instead.

The Meerkat1254d ago

Seriously dude!?

Your rant reads like someone who team kills when they can't get the rocket launcher as only they are awesome enough to wield it.
Or rage quits because he can't circle strafe.

I'm glad I won't have you on my side in either Destiny or Halo 5.

DaleCooper1254d ago

I'm not a fan of bullet sponge multiplayer. But that doesn't mean there isn't a place for it in the gaming world.

I'll just take my rainbow six-style, 1-2 shots takes you out, multiplayer. It's always more fun for me.

MeliMel1254d ago

Ghost Recon and Rainbow are tactical shooters tho...totally different feel for what you would experience with a early Halo multiplayer. I actually like the work you gotta put in to get a kill. Made for some tense fire fights. Cant wait for MC Collection. Big Team Battle Battle baby......

awi59511254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

@The Meerkat

Did you not read my post. I play hardcore shooters one life and you are done. That takes way more skill than crap halo.

The Meerkat1253d ago


They take less skill, but they do take more planning and teamwork.

I love games like R6 and Gears where planning always wins over skills.
But saying that you prefer the games because of the ease of which you can kill opponents makes you sound a bit noobish.

awi59511253d ago

@ The Meerkat

LOL you are kidding right? Try to take on a whole team by yourself and win in last man standing when your whole team gets destroyed early. I was ranked number 16 in the world in ghost recon 2 and halo is a total joke in comparison.

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HollowedSoul141254d ago

look everyone i played the beta on ps4 and as much as ill flat out admit that ps4 is more powerful than the xbone i have absolutely no problem with destinys framrate was quite smooth actually smoother than killzone shadowfall campaign. no console whether it be ps4 or xbone could run destiny at 60 fps 1080p. im totally against the parity clause ms has but in this case especially after playing the beta and seeing how vast destiny is and how smooth the frame rate was i really think its not an issue. yes obviously the ps4 could handle unlocked 60fps but it obviously wasnt as smooth as 30fps locked which makes sense considering how choppy killzone can get and how smooth destiny beta was.

AndrewLB1254d ago

Yeah. And Killzone Shadowfall was not even 1080p like Sony had claimed for months. Truth is, Killzone MP used a blending of 960x1080 images, which is far from 1080p.

arkard1254d ago

Noticed he was talking about the campaign, which is true 1080,not sure why you had to bring old issues into this.

Blasphemy1254d ago

doesnt make much sense. why would they want a next gen game looking the same as the last gen game. its like why even upgrade to ps4/xbone

Skizelli1254d ago

"But why did Bungie did not targeted 60fps?"

Nice grammar.

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XtraTrstrL1255d ago

"We’re cross-platform, so we had to be very delicate with all four consoles, making sure they have the same experience, that it looks as good as it possibly can on all these consoles. A lot goes into that, from geometry to textures to post effects to particles to how many players you get on the screen. We’re always balancing that out to make sure everyone gets the same experience.”

It's hearing stuff like this that makes me wanna steer clear of most cross-generation titles. This is not what I want to hear when I'm a PS4 player.

PS3/360 - great news for you guys

PS4/X1/PC - sorry suckers, we'll bump resolution 'n textures for ya tho.

Dlacy13g1255d ago

PS3/360 - great news for you guys

PS4/X1/PC - sorry suckers, we'll bump resolution 'n textures for ya tho.

pretty much sums it up. Especially given Bungie is handling all versions. If the last gen was being ported by another studio maybe there would be room to talk about it not being held back by cross gen but I have a hard time thinking that now.

Ace Killa 081255d ago

Well only BF4 was about the one game that took the leap from 360 to X1 and Ps3 to Ps4. But of course that did result in the BF4 that we all remembered, buggy and all those things.

There might be another game, but I can't think of one ATM.

fr0sty1255d ago

Yeah, it isn't like this game will win any awards for its visuals. Very dated, as fun as the game may be. Just laziness on their part. That, or someone coughed up a lot of money for parity.

Askanison41254d ago

Laziness? Are you kidding? The game looks amazing!

hkgamer1254d ago

not really lazy. dated? maybe. It's just how MMO type games are. especially if it is for PC aswell. mThey need to make these games for as many people as possible so that they get money from mirotransactions.

The visuals are good enough for a MMO, but for an FPS it is way far behind.

XtraTrstrL1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

To be honest, it doesn't make sense that such parity is what a dev would want. Sure, I understand them wanting everyone to have the same basic experience, but to specifically want this type of parity is more something a Publisher would push. Which brings me back to the point of how much I hated that Bungie went with Activision. Parity is obviously something worked out between the publisher and the console makers. So, I think Bungie is just saying what they have to say, I doubt if it was completely in their hands and they kickstarted it and got insane amounts of money from backers instead of Activision's $500 million funding - they would ignore the excessive attempts at parity and just add more to next-gen versions to fulfill their vision that much more.

fr0sty1254d ago

The game would look amazing if it were running on PS3, but by next gen standards, no. And, this isn't an MMO. I've never been in an instance where there were any more than 6 human players on screen at once.

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DaleCooper1254d ago

Yeah, you can see a real difference with games developed exclusively for the new-gen consoles.

Can't wait til the old-gen is left behind so we can see what devs do with the extra power, besides making games look pretty. Already exclusive games utilize online in cool ways, just check out forza 5.

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gamerfan09091255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

I love how next gen fanboys love saying their system can handle 1080P 60FPS like it's nothing. Both of these systems are low to mid range PC equivalents. They barely have 1080P 60FPS locked games on them.

user56695101255d ago

They rag on PC gamers because we want great scalability across the board and talk about number of users, but rag on last Gen and that theyre holding them back but say the fan base doesn't matter. They are walking contradiction s

Dread1255d ago

Sorry but i dont see a lot of xbox fans crying foul here.

R6ex1254d ago

We're deep into next-gen, yet games are STILL being held back by last-gen weak consoles.

What's the point of buying into next-gen?

No wonder PC sales is on the decline, with no reason to upgrade due to all these weak consoles ports. Nvidia Maxwell can certainly wait.

headwing451255d ago

This article is pretty self explanatory, Bungie doesn't want to piss of Xbone owners, which makes sense considering there going to maximize there sales, it's just unfortunate.

GodGinrai1255d ago

LOL...what a load of dont think they pissed off xbox fans by putting exclusive content in the PS4 version and locking the fanbase that has supported them for the last decade out of the destiny beta?

Xbox owners were already resigned to the, now, seemingly false notion that they were already getting the "downgraded" version at 900P...Bungie have not shown a single shred of the X1 version of the game...They have done NOTHING to get X1 owners excited, about their version of destiny..So how exactly do you come to the conclusion that bungie are doing Xbox owners any favours?

headwing451255d ago

Like I said, they are most likely doing it to maximize there sales.

Here is a video example of an individual claiming that Tomb Raider may as well be an exclusive to PS4 because of the fact that it is 60 fps. There are many more people who think this way and based on Bungie's comments, they could easily put this game at 60fps on PS4

GodGinrai1255d ago

Random guy on youtube stating his opinion...hardly proves your point.

Gunstar751254d ago

My thoughts exactly. They jumped into bed with Sony and pissed a lot of their "fans" off.

They certainly aren't endearing themselves to xbox owners.

WishMeWell2591254d ago

I dont see how xbox owners are pissed off at bungie. Bungie stopped making exclusives for xbox since Halo 3.
This has been like this for a long time.

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maniacmayhem1255d ago

So your saying they would rather piss off PlayStation owners?

C'mon Headwing, how much sense does that make?

Read above dude, Driveclub, Infamous, The Order and Bloodborn can't even achieve 60fps and those are exclusive to the Sony console. If those companies couldn't do it what makes you think Bungie can?

jessupj1254d ago

I don't really understand your logic, maniac.

We know both the PS4 and xbone are capable of 60 fps, it just depends if the developers aim for that and adjust the assets of the game accordingly. The developers of the games you mentioned decided to aim for 30 fps for whatever reason.

Following your logic I could say Konami managed to get 60 fps in Ground Zeros so why can't everyone else?

See how flawed the argument is?

maniacmayhem1254d ago


You don't really understand do you Jessup.

Devs can achieve 60fps but it depends on the game. How much is going on, animations, particle effects, number of players, number of textures, graphics, certain design decisions that goes on behind the scenes can contribute whether or not the game can reach 60 fps.

I love it that you and others just say "hey these guys did why not you."

Now how is it that you don't understand my logic and yet Headwig's isn't? You mean you actually agree that Bungie DILIBERATLY gimped Destiney so they wouldn't piss of Xbox One fans. So instead they are willing to piss off PS4 fans.

I bet you understand that insane logic right?

How can you say Bungie aimed for 30fps for whatever reason? IT SAYS IN THE ARTICLE WHY!!

Bungie wants to achieve parity with ALL FOUR CONSOLES.

FOUR CONSOLES, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One.

jessupj1254d ago

I know devs can achieve 60 fps on both consoles. That's exactly what I said in my previous comment. I understand perfectly. Perhaps it would be beneficial to you if you read my comments a bit slower next time.

"I love it that you and others just say "hey these guys did why not you.""

You do understand that falls under the same logic as...

"If those companies couldn't do it what makes you think Bungie can?"

...don't you?

If you "love" that logic of mine, you must "love" your own.

and I wasn't actually saying that if you read correctly. I was merely trying to point out your flawed logic by using hyperbole.

I think bungie want the same EXPERIENCE across the board, but I'm sure they will use the extra PS4 hardware in some way, such as larger draw distance, lighting, more accurate physics etc. I'll wait and see.

maniacmayhem1254d ago

So you still dodge my question of why my logic is flawed and yet Headwig's isn't?

No it does not fall under the same logic because Bungie has already expressed they will not for the reason stated in the article. And even still, other exclusive games of the same type could not achieve the frames, so why is the Xbox One being blamed for the third or fourth time I'm asking you.

No, you weren't using hyperbole, you were confused and thought Bungie was deliberately lowering the framerate for the PS4 due to some limitation of the Xbox One. It's exactly why you replied to me instead of Headwig, it's why you said you had no idea why Bungie would do such a thing. It's why you didn't say anything else about it in your last reply. It's why you continue to believe that PS4 has this extra power Bungie is going to use for the reason you listed.

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fullmetal2971255d ago

Or maybe they were referring to the last gen consoles. You ever consider that before blabbing your hate?