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Why American sports games are the best..

An exploration into American sports video games (such as NBA2K, MADDEN and NHL) and what makes them soooooo great! (Culture, Dev, Madden NFL 25, NBA 2K14, NHL 15, Tech)

itsactuallyadam  +   408d ago
Hmmmm, not sure I entirely agree but great article nonetheless.
GhostTurtle  +   407d ago
Doesn't even mention MLB The Show
ironfist92  +   408d ago
"Aside from the actual sports themselves being bloody brilliant (and shut up if you don’t agree)"


Also, just noted it says "A GAME BLOG" at the top right.
I thought Blogs werent allowed?

-Personal blogs do not qualify as a legit source for opinion pieces unless the author is an industry professional.-
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MASTER_RAIDEN  +   408d ago
lmaoooo @ the title.
showtimefolks  +   408d ago
yeh i love american sports but there is a reason they are american sports, because we suck at international sports

soccer the you know real football
field hockey

anything? anything at all?

you know how NFL touts we had 100 million people watch the superbowl, that's nothing compared to what a cricket match in India does ratings wise.

national sports but when they win call them self world champs lol. Pats vs Giants but world champs
caseh  +   408d ago
I've always wondered why Americans refer to something as a World Series for example yet all the competing teams are American. :)
showtimefolks  +   407d ago
well in world baseball classic they have lost every time, so they haven't really won a world championship

but atleast with baseball and nba there are so many international players
Minute Man 721  +   408d ago
Basketball is a international
showtimefolks  +   407d ago
yes but nba finals are not, spurs vs heat are not world
vivid83  +   408d ago
Football(soccer) says Hi
iSuperSaiyanGod  +   408d ago
Half the athletes that come over from over seas and into the nba draft don't even make it past training camp . People don't realize yeah other parts of the world have good players . But when they get into the league they're not athletic or fast enough to compete .
caseh  +   408d ago
You could probably use that argument for any sport where one country has a higher interest in one sport over another.

America has a population of over 300mil yet their Football (soccer) team will struggle against countries where the other countries squad is made up of part-time carpenter and plumbers. Difference being the other country love football.

There are only a handful of sports that cross over between countries, like ice hockey for example.
iSuperSaiyanGod  +   408d ago
Because soccer is not that high in the us . We don't even consider it a big3 in sports (baseball , basketball , football ) . It's not that we can't play it . Most student athletes from middle school up focus on football or basketball . That's the reason baseball is fading off now in the us of prospects . I mean look at some of the top draft picks in the last 15 years out of other countries in the world to go into the nba draft really good players . Suppose to be a big deal . And they can't even get into the starting line up on the nba . We have 18 year olds that are league ready straight out of high school . But some European players come over at age 23 , 24 and there so far behind in the athletic part . There good players . But you need way more then skill to play here .
caseh  +   408d ago
But that's it see, Basketball is an American sport and most other countries simply have limited interest in it. There's limited training facilities, funding and as such limited talent and the talent that does exist has no competition outside to compare against of a major league like the NBA.

You see it in Football (soccer) a lot. Amazing player from Australia for example comes to Premier League in UK and simply can't compete, gets benched until sold to a lower leagued team. At home he was the bomb, in the UK the kids in dedicated soccer academies are better prospects.
sovkhan  +   407d ago
The same could be said about soccer...

How many americans play in the international elite teams?

None,to my knowledge. Fixed.
pandehz  +   408d ago

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