E3 2014 Disappointing Demos

Vault of the Gameverse says, "This article isn’t about a game being “bad”. It was just the demos I played for them were on the disappointing side for me. I could hear that other people at E3 2014 really enjoyed them."

Talking about Sunset Overdrive, Far Cry 4, Destiny Multiplayer, and Evolve.

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Geobros1742d ago

I am happy to see a disappointing article without Nintendo games!!

sungin1742d ago

all the demos runs on pc,who don't agree is moron or console rider

joab7771742d ago

First Destiny isnt an upgraded Borderlands without the loot. It is an mmo and is of a much broader scope than any other fps. It is everything I hav ever wanted...a true mmofpsrpg. The strike team mission was amazing. This game will b crack for gamers.

I personally didnt like far cry 3 and I am afraid that far cry 4 will b similar. Dont get me wrong, it is a high quality IP, but I believe next gen will be defined by how they change things up concerning repetition. FC3 was too repetitive for me. Liberate this, this and this...repeat. They need to mix it up.

Sunset is interesting b/c if its done right it could be unbelievable. One of my most cherished moments last gen was Resistance 2 8 player co op with dynamic missions. I met many of my long time friends there. So I hav high hopes.

Now if I only hav time to play anything other than FF14 and Destiny...with some dragon age of course.

incendy351742d ago

So basically this person doesn't like to play games.

Jeff2571742d ago

It would seem so. I am sorry I even read that mess. All I got from the article was either he didn't understand what was going on so he didn't like it. Or he didn't get to do what he wanted, so again he didn't like it.

CernaML1741d ago

Man, he absolutely nailed Sunset Overdrive. That was EXACTLY how I felt about the demo and I was ripped a new one here for expressing my disappointment. lol

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