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PS4s Could Be Sold With Destiny and Diablo III Preloaded, Says Analyst

Gamespot :

"Sony may begin selling PlayStation 4 systems with digital copies of select Activision games already loaded onto them so they are ready for purchase, according to Baird analyst Colin Sebastian.

In a Baird investors note sent out recapping developments at E3, the possibility of preloaded games is brought up. "One point of interest from our conversations at the show is the possibility that Sony may preload digital copies of Destiny and Diablo on all PS4 consoles beginning this fall (users still can choose whether to purchase), which should drive higher sell-through for Activision, but at the cost of retail sales," it states." (Destiny, Diablo III, PS4)

Credit url: neogaf.com
JoGam  +   528d ago
That sounds awesome. Will be a good idea.
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   527d ago
Lol Nooooooooooo that's a horrible idea. Read the damn article please and stop blindly praising everything sony does because they are not gods. They are talking about having the games pre-loaded onto your harddrive and installed except you still have to buy the key to unlock the game. This the same as that bullcrap Capcom tried to pull with their on-disk dlc where it's already loaded onto the disk but you have to purchase the key to use it.

EDIT: Lol your such a tool for being happy with buying a ps4 and not being able to own what you bought. If this was ms oh man n4g would be having a parade right now with this anti-consumer practice.
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JoGam  +   527d ago
Smh. Dude its not a bad idea. . No one said u were getting the damn game free fool... Maybe you should stop think closed minded. . If you dont want the game then don't buy it or the key. . If u want thw game juat buy the key. . Great idea. . I wish i could have everygame already on my hard drive and all i had to do was buy a key. . Would save download time.
dodgemoose  +   527d ago
Well, no, it isn't. The example you gave with Capcom is just bad business practice. I think SEGA did the same thing with Rome II last year. This on the other hand is just for convenience. It's not the same as DLC pre-loaded, as many would argue you should be entitled access to that as it's already on the disc you just purchased. These installed games on the other hand aren't yours, so I don't see the comparison. They aren't locking any extra content away from you as you haven't bought the game in the first place. So unless of course you think they should be giving these games away for free, that point doesn't make any sense.

'Lol your such a tool for being happy with buying a ps4 and not being able to own what you bought.'

Not sure whether this was directed to me or JoGam, but I'll respond anyway. The whole point is you're not buying the content, only the PS4. Obviously by having these games pre-loaded on the hard drive, as a user you're only one code away from access to them, which is very convenient to someone who would have digitally purchased the game anyway. Don't mistake what this analyst is suggesting as bundles - they're not.
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blitz0623  +   527d ago
It will save time for people who want to buy and download it digitally. Otherwise it's a waste of hard drive space, which you can just delete anyway. I guess it's a good way of luring people to buy the game.
blitz0623  +   527d ago
Lol @ thinking if this was MS people would bash them. How is this even anti consumer? If MS did this it would be a great idea as well. People here approve of them planning on allowing games to be installed on an external hard drive because it's a great feature to have.
Charybdis  +   527d ago
Well it has the potential of deceiving people depending on how they promote the predownloaded content.

Wouldn't it just be a better and less confusing idea to have a bundle option for the ps4 were the game comes preloaded,for free or game included in pricing of bundle and not on a disc.
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our_games_are_art  +   527d ago
Saves time for people who are already all digital. Makes it a lot more likely ill get a bundle if they do this BC I do nit like buying multiplayer games on disc
bicfitness  +   527d ago
Its actually a wonderful idea. They should also start preloading all those 1/2 decent F2P games too: Warframe, DCUO, even a FFXIV (trial). Would be sweet for new owners to nab a console and immediately have games ready, and installed, for access.

Not sure why anyone would be against this idea--all of the games can be deleted at the push of a button or two, if you don't want them on your HDD.
LordMaim  +   527d ago
Hey buddy, did Sony fans have a tickertape parade when the Titanfall bundle was a digital download? I don't think anyone cares. But in this case it saves the end user from downloading a 30-50GB game if they want to buy Destiny. If they don't want it, it doesn't cost them anything, and if "ownership" is of such a paramount concern, they can still go out and buy a physical disc just like anyone else.

Anti-consumer practice? That's ridiculous.
gaffyh  +   527d ago
They won't because you have to format your HDD when you buy the console. If they didn't force you to do that, I guarantee there would already have been a news story somewhere saying "12 year-old finds porn on PS4".


sinspirit  +   527d ago
Except.. This isn't an idea by Sony. Read the article yourself and stop blindly raging at Sony. It is an analyst, and it's not really a bad idea, but it's not a big deal either.

It is not at all like pre-loaded DLC. If you buy a $60 game and it has a $15 DLC with missions and more story and such then that is a problem, because they basically sold you a complete product, but locked some of the content to pretend like it is DLC to gain more money.

If you download something it doesn't mean you own it. If you buy a PS4 for the PS4 and nothing else is advertised but it has a game preloaded on it then you still don't own that game. You didn't pay for it. You paid for the PS4. You don't own the OS that is preloaded onto the PS4. You don't own the patents. You don't own the Sony logo just because you bought a product with it on it.
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JBSleek  +   527d ago
I mean you still have to buy the games lol

"Yes. . What you thought you were getting it free? . Smh. "

Judging from your above comment you surely did before people commented on it telling you otherwise.
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JoGam  +   527d ago
Yes. . What you thought you were getting it free? . Smh.
JoGam  +   527d ago
Dude go back to school and take a reading and comprehensive class. . No where in my comment did i say it was free. . You just assumed i thought it was free.
rdgneoz3  +   527d ago
Seeing as it would save people some time on downloading the game if they wanted it digitally, it's not a bad idea. You can still delete it off your system if you want.

And as for free, JoGam's comments were never edited and no where in them does it mention getting the game for free. Some people like digital games, so like physical. Options are always nice, being able to choose instead of being forced one way or the other. I know I've bought a few digitally from free PSN cash and digital games not having sales tax.
JoGam  +   527d ago
@rdgneoz3. Exactly. Thanks for having the bigger brain to understand where I was coming from. . I buy digital games. . Having them available is awesome. Dont need to take all day downloading.
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incendy35  +   528d ago
That would definitely sell some boxes!
JBSleek  +   527d ago
I can see how the consumer could be taken advantage of with this tactic.
BlackTar187  +   527d ago
how exactly can the customer be taken advantage of?
LordMaim  +   527d ago
They're not being charged for the game unless they want it. How can that possibly take advantage of the customer?
KillerByte23  +   528d ago
They are really desperate on that timed DLC haha
BlackTar187  +   527d ago
Explain please
Silly gameAr  +   527d ago
MisterX goon squad invasion I think.
0P-Tigrex  +   527d ago
Microsoft has timed DLC as well.. Your point??
JBSleek  +   527d ago
Just because MS is doing it doesn't make it right. A little silly argument.
0P-Tigrex  +   527d ago

Exactly. the 360 had nothing but timed DLC. but SONY has it for Destiny and it's bad? Ok.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   527d ago
PS4 has everything in the bag this gen!
Drithe  +   527d ago
Good lord what a way to start out with the ps4. That makes me want to cry with tears of joy. I will be playing both! Of course I already have my ps4. :)
marlinfan10  +   527d ago
did you read the article? if you already have your ps4 it doesn't apply to you lol

its saying they're gonna sell ps4s with games already preloaded onto them. (that youll still need to buy)
SliceOfTruth888  +   527d ago
Wait....Wait....WAIT Let me see if i have this right. So people are excited to have 2 games preloaded on the system that they still have to purchase?!?! I mean is this real life? This just proves how misinformed the gaming public is. You are supporting crapware to be installed onto systems! I mean i cant even IMAGINE the way this would have been looked at if this was Microsoft...in fact i dont think my brain could handle the reaction Sony fanboys would have. Where are the pitchforks where are the sony fans begging for sony not to force things on people.....You know what i own all 3 systems i dont have to worry, but anyone and i mean ANYONE who supports this is a fool.
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   527d ago
EXACTLY! Thank you for actually reading the damn article! This is horrible and should have knives and pitchforks all over it, but again because this is Sony and they are always do gooder for the gamer gods on n4g these idiots will blindly praise them even on bullshit such as this. This is the same crap we burned capcom and EA to the stake for with on-disk dlc but somehow Sony gets praised for doing the same thing. God these guys are such tools.
BlackTar187  +   527d ago
Pink you do realize that on disk DLC is nothing even remotely similar to this right?

I mean they share such little similarities it's mind boggling to try and understand you or any of the others points who conveniently leave out any type of valid argument when they post this stuff.
Ultr  +   527d ago
So many people complaining that theyhave to download 50gb. Well here's your option.
Its advertiyement nothing more nothibg less.
If you don't want it just delete it.
Not that hard isn't it?
dodgemoose  +   527d ago
Ultr = voice of logic.
BlackTar187  +   527d ago

Please x0lain what is so bad about this? If you want the games you pay for the unlock code if you don't delete them. Nothing gained nothing lost.

I have a hard time understanding the reasoning for the hate. It would be real nice if one of these crazy people yelling that this is the antichrist actually presented some type of logical reason for the comments.
Ace Killa 08  +   527d ago
THIS ^^^^

Yeah they are not free. But they sure as hell will save you the trip to your video game store or downloading it.

Now if Sony did not give me the option to remove them like some crapware on my phone then I can raise hell. But at the moment we don't have the full details so it's a plus for some as it can't be proven to be a negative.
MysticStrummer  +   527d ago
Destiny and Diablo 3 are crapware? You deserve many diagrees for that alone.
MelvinTheGreat  +   527d ago
But....but....but it sony!! They can do no wrong!
GusBricker  +   527d ago
These games aren't free, people.

Read before you comment, please.
Drithe  +   527d ago
reading sucks!
JBSleek  +   527d ago
People who simply don't read. The games still have to be purchases. Relax.
uth11  +   527d ago
Yeah what's the advantage here? Some people will be ticked off that they got a digital copy they can't trade in, others that there's space-hogging games sitting on the hard drive the user may not want.
Ghost_Nappa  +   527d ago
If you don't want to buy them, delete them. Otherwise, its just silly to complain about them taking up space.
iamnsuperman  +   527d ago
You won't be trading anything in anyway. At the end of the day it would just be like paying for a PS4 with no game. You would have to pay to unlock it that game. Like paying for the download code or paying extra for a game (like Amazon does). There is no win or lose for anyone here. Could be a big advertising win for Activision.
cervantes99  +   527d ago
Highlight game on main screen -> press "options" button, highlight "Delete" and press X button. Game deleted and hard drive space reclaimed. Just WOW!
Menkyo  +   527d ago
Mmm not really any benefit to anyone so why do it?
BX81  +   527d ago
To save people who are buying a new console and actually want that specific game some time. I wouldn't want that though.
Menkyo  +   527d ago
Not really I mean it only takes a couple hours to download those games and if they really want them superfast just buy a damn disc its the better option anyway.
BX81  +   527d ago
Only a couple of hrs? Yeah clearly doesn't save time. Dont bother responding.
bobsmith  +   527d ago
nice if only ghosts and bf4 were on mine when I bought it those downloads took forever

they should put knack on everyones for when its free on ps plus 35gb dl
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0P-Tigrex  +   527d ago
I think you just purchase the game in the PSN store and you can jump right in and play it. I don't see the negativity in this. It alleviates the lengthy download times.
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danny818  +   527d ago
It's crazy how Activision is giving cod to Microsoft and Destiny to Sony ahaha sly dogs
iluvmaPS3  +   527d ago
Pinkdolphin, if you dont understand the difference between this and what capcom did than youre an idiot. Not all ps4s will have pre loaded games on them. It will be for gamers like me who are getting the white ps4 and hopefully those ones have the game preloaded. Save me a bunch of time and I do digital download. BRAVO sony once again
Aceman18  +   527d ago
i dont even think you should bother with him on this, or those who agree with him. they just want to rage for no damn reason lol.

if i was into digital only, and i wanted both these games its a no brainer i don't have to download either, and ALL I HAVE TO DO is just purchase the codes for both and just start playing.

reading comp man its really important lol.
Geekman  +   527d ago
"PS4s could be sold, PERIOD." says gamer

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