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Submitted by plsburydoughboy 605d ago | news

Kingdom Hearts 3 Fundamentally Changes The Series, Dev't Progressing Nicely

No release date, but progress has gone without any hitches so far. (Kingdom Hearts 3, PS4, Xbox One)

XiNarutoUzumaki  +   606d ago
Let me Guess:

Kingdomg Hearts 3!
Available in 2018 on PS3, PS4 , PS5, 360, Xbox Uno, and Xbox Dos.
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XiSasukeUchiha  +   606d ago
Funny! but no Naruto far from, Square Enix, doesn't want Kingdom Hearts 3 delayed or DOOM will come upon them.
rdgneoz3  +   605d ago
"doesn't want Kingdom Hearts 3 delayed or DOOM will come upon them"

Same could be said about FF XV. It was announced in 2006 for the PS3. 8 years later and no release date set... Hell, no footage at E3.
infinitewords  +   606d ago
I think both of these profiles belong to the same person. It's kinda suspicious they both start with "Xi" followed by the name of a character from the Naruto franchise.
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   606d ago
N4G doesn't allow Multiple accounts. We aren't the same. We are Naruto fans!
kevinsheeks  +   605d ago
All the strange stuff I've seen online I've learnt how to just play along if he wants it to be two different people who am I to sit here in argue with him

I will treat them as two people because fighting him won't change anything
colonel179  +   605d ago
The series has become darker and I that's a great thing. People that played Kingdom Hearts have grown up and it's nice to see that the series has grown up with them too, even a little bit.
spacecat5050  +   605d ago
Never played the other ones but I am looking forward to playing this.
CloudyAero  +   605d ago
I got to be honest, go play 1 & 2 so you won't be confused. A lot happens in Kingdom Hearts.
DivineAssault  +   605d ago
cross gen maybe? Hopefully... I gotta admit that i dont like having to use my PS3 being spoiled with my PS4 & how awesome it runs... I will if i have to though.. I loved KH 1 & 2
Taislin  +   605d ago
It´s next gen only my boy.
DivineAssault  +   605d ago
Oh? Thats great! But i think you mean "Current" gen... I thought it was only confirmed for PS3 but if its PS4, thats FN awesome
LoveOfTheGame  +   605d ago
It was confirmed X1 and PS4 at last year's E3 I believe.
no_more_heroes  +   605d ago
Damn you for taking so long!

Ah well, good to hear, I suppose.

Looking forward to playing this from beginning to end 5 times or more when it does reach (like I did with KH2 and Mass Effect 2).
Twiggy  +   605d ago
Instead of developing this newly announced game, how about finishing an almost 10 year old game called Final Fantasy 15?

I get that they now want the PS4 & XB1 to sell a little more before releasing it, but God-damn seeing a new game have more progress than FF15 is truly doing my head in! I'm pretty bitter about it, bought a damned PS3 years ago for FFv13 & MGS4, still waiting on a certain one of them.
mt  +   605d ago
I came here to say this.

it is about dam time we get release date for FF13v ( FF15 ) ? or maybe end it with cancelation of the project. don't leave us hanging like that.
dcj0524  +   605d ago
They said they're developing both.
MegaRay  +   605d ago
I have a feeling KHIII will release before XV lol
I mean we might not know much but we know about KHIII more things than XV.

I just hope one of them release 2015!

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