Sunset Overdrive Has More Characters,Particles Due To Xbox One SDK Update,May Optimize Even Further

"Sunset Overdrive is Xbox One's big title for the holiday season. There is no doubt the game looks goregous and colorful, and it might look even better according to Insomniac Games."

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Webbyy1407d ago

Wow, that's great news.. the more the better

georgeenoob1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Hell yea! Very smart to invest their extra recourses on enriching the fun factor and gameplay than just improving resolution.

DeadRabbits1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Yeah its going to be awesome on my PC!!! Gameplay and High Res!!

choujij1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )


Maybe then they should drop from 900p to 792p and enrich the fun factor even more! :P

nicksetzer11407d ago

Glad they worry more about mechanics and environment than getting to 1080 just for the hell of it. The e3 trailer/gameplay looked great so larger enemy counts and better looking effects is a huge plus.

4Sh0w1407d ago

“For us it’s really more about pushing the number of characters on the screen and particles in the game. If you play the game you will see there are a lot of things that are happening on the screen. It really is great to be supported by Xbox. One really cool thing that the platform [Xbox One] enables us to do is seamless transition between single player to multiplayer. All you have to do is hop into the photo booth of the game and boom…you are in multiplayer. We are very grateful to be partners with Microsoft as an Xbox One exclusive,” Schneider explained.

-Yep, I appreciate a better game with alot going on rather than making 1080p your priority.

b163o11407d ago

Is it me or is this like a infamous meets TonyHawk mixed with a lil sly cooper...

nicksetzer11407d ago

@b16 you clearly only play PS franchises lol I truly don't get how this is like infamous in tye slightest other than being in an open world and maybe bouncing high on cars?
Reminds me of jet set meets dead rising meets ratchet and clank.

dale_denton1407d ago

i thought resolution didn't matter to you? lol. so it does matter that ps4 gets better results right? don't worry i'll wait.

larrysdirtydrawss1406d ago

not enough resources were saved to get up to 1080p, but it did add enough to get a few more probably brain dead sheep fodder cloned characters

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Concertoine1407d ago

Lol whats up with the disagrees.

"I would have to disagree, a game improving is a bad thing."

Pogmathoin1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Reminds me of Lair..... stunningly beautiful ermmm, was it a game???? It looked amazing..... not much else I can say....

Edit, Lukas, in all fairness, you do see an article one day, then the next day on same thing, you see total contradiction..... too much rubbish being approved on this site... too many fanboy posse's pushing stupid fanboy agenda's, going unchecked...

Off Topic, anyone wondering what happened to the ball when Rooney took a corner against Italy??

BallsEye1407d ago

That's what I care about. Mayhem, beautiful lighting, tons of particles, simulation and everything else that makes games look real. I'll take that anyday in 900p (which makes no difference when you game on a big tv 2 meters away from it) over a 8k res minecraft. Push more amazing stuff on screen! Not more empty pixels! Quality over quantity, always.

sinspirit1407d ago

Eh, gaming on a big TV makes it even more apparent because the pixels are of a larger size individually.

Uh, resolution is exactly that, pushing more on screen. Showing more of the image.

I get what you're saying, but don't take shots at the fact that competitor games are 1080p, when they so far haven't sacrificed any gameplay to achieve that.

thenickel1406d ago

Not all of the competitors games have been 1080p and we don't know if sacrifices were made or not because obviously were not the developers. Not one game has been proven to look way better on Ps4 so where is this huge difference I keep hearing about? Just like Ps4 games will improve the same will happen for Xone.

nosferatuzodd1406d ago

ohok georgegreennoob finally come out is hole get back under the bridge troll

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XiSasukeUchiha1407d ago

Great news for everybody who has an XB1 now enjoy Sunset when it comes out please!

truefan11407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Why would Insomniac worry about making Sunset Overdrive better by adding more characters and particles on screen while maintaining a stable framerate, when they could just up the resolution? I'm baffled they would use the new SDK in such a bad way.

-Sense the sarcasm

PS I'm really liking the new seamless multiplayer push in games on XB1. Sunset Overdrive you just hop in a booth and in Forza Horizon 2 you just join events along the open road.

@Lukas don't come in here an try to play that. 2 days ago there was a Sunset Overdrive sub 1080p article that had nearly 300 comments. Even you said "You gotta admit though, 1080p would have worked with the Pixar-like visuals really nicely. I would have really liked 1080p for this game." before trying to play both sides of the fence.

GarrusVakarian1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Damn, truefan, you even make bitter comments when no one is giving you cause to do so. :p

On topic: I'd take more characters (do they mean enemies?) on screen and prettier effects over a jump to 1080p from 900p any day, especially for this game which most of it's appeal seems to be reliant on the amount of craziness on-screen. Day one buy, one of my most anticipated games.

spacecat50501407d ago

It may be a bitter comment but I'm positive its coming it's a response from the many trolls that plagued the the Sunset Overdrive 900p article not to long ago.

im also glad that Insomniac is not caving in to fanboy pressure trying to only up the resolution but intead add more content and flare to make the game an even bettwe experience.

here's hoping it happens.

JCOLE131951407d ago

Strongly agree Lukas. I'd rather have them push effects and such rather than resolution. I'm sure we'll be satisfied with the final release. :)

GarrusVakarian1407d ago


"but I'm positive its coming it's a response from the many trolls that plagued the the Sunset Overdrive 900p article not to long ago. "

Oh no doubt, but that still doesn't warrant the bitterness when no one was even making any negative comments towards the game here. It's just perpetuating the BS.

larrysdirtydrawss1406d ago

IF their upping the res,the effects and everything else does look better cause it would be sharper and pop more.

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Eonjay1407d ago

With enough power, you can do both. :)

Software_Lover1407d ago

Which is probably why we haven't seen either do it yet. :)

MasterCornholio1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )


Are you saying its impossible to have great graphics and 1080P resolution on consoles?

I honestly dont believe that because games like Uncharted 4, Infamous Second Son and Bloodborne prove otherwise.

Overtime that will change as games get more advanced but at the moment that isn't the case.

Anyways developers will always have to choose between resolution, detail level, particle effects, framerate etc on any closed platform like the PS4 or the Xbox One.

Sevir1407d ago

Ratchet and Clank on PS4 is sure to render that arguement null. We''ll be seeing that at GamesCon this August, :) with premier footage. The game releases next year over the summer. And I'm pretty sure it'll do everything SO is doing at a higher visual fidelity and at 60fps every Ratchet game on PS3 has ran at 60fps with tons going on on screen...

bicfitness1407d ago

Why not expect a $400 console ($500 until recently), made in 2013 to have the same standards as mass-market TVs have had since 2011--where penetration of 1080p hit 55%, and has only climbed since? I think that's a better question. The willingness of Xbox fanboys to accept mediocrity is an embarrassment. My God, since when is 1080p some mythic, lofty goal that only the greatest of developers can achieve? It is the BARE MINIMUM for HD gaming in 2014, period. The standard has been set by consumer TVs for years now, MS just missed--ignored, rather--the message.

jackanderson19851407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

so you're comparing Television to Gaming? you realise they are two completely different mediums yeah?

coulda went with comparing it to PCs that'd make sense.

look if 900p suits the game it suits the game, why sacrifice a (hopefully) steady framerate to please the vocal minority?

Septic1407d ago

"My God, since when is 1080p some mythic, lofty goal that only the greatest of developers can achieve? It is the BARE MINIMUM for HD gaming in 2014, period."

Then I assume you only really enjoy gaming on PC then?

rdgneoz31407d ago

"so you're comparing Television to Gaming?"

Where are the 900p TVs?

As for the game, if the devs want to take the resources they could use to bump it up to 1080p and use it for more characters / particles, it's there choice.

JJShredder1407d ago

In one sense I kinda agree with you and it would be nice but then again if this was the standard, then why doesn't cable and satellite broadcast in 1080p resolution or why can't any of my streaming services send a true 1080p picture even with a 50mbs service?

Listen, resolution is nice but it's a luxury with diminishing returns depending on your display while additional particle effects, lighting, etc. will always be appreciated.

If resolution was the be-all end-all then wouldn't Minecraft running in 4K be better looking than Uncharted??

kennyg37391407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Another Playstation hater has nothing else to do since Playstation has no good games except Infomous, he has come on in here and hate on another console.

pyramidshead1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

I think what point these above replies missed from bic there was that he's trying to say that last generation 720p WAS meant to be the standard and in the end only a handful on 360 games ever managed to hit those targets i think, and no ps3 games? I forget. The TV standard has moved on to 1080p now and it's only by coincidence that the new consoles are now targeting 1080p right? lol. Hmm. I think not. It's deliberate.

1080p for this gen should be the new standard as the next gen will probably be aiming for 4K if it ever becomes mass adopted, it's the next logical step anyway. Talking about PC isn't relevant as we're talking about consoles here.

I'd like to point out it's also disappointed when PS4 gets a 900p game, not just Xbone.

XBOTTOX1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

You just don't get it, all of these resolutions they throw at you are simply internal resolutions. Both consoles upscale to 1080p regardless of resolution or else you would have black bars around your image. 1600x900p (16:9) is the standard ratio for pretty much every consumer hdtv I can think of.

Why should someone be embarrassed for being a fan of xbox? Because your statement of disproval??

PS4 watch dogs runs at 900p/30fps. Im am not trolling or starting fanboy wars, im just saying, shouldn't we all be embarrassed? I am certain that next gen owners are not

Edit: The games obviously look cleaner, faster, bigger, etc etc why cant the raging fanboys just enjoy the ride

candy_mafia1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )


Sunset Overdrive looks 'fun'. And I'm guessing it's easy for you to comment what you have, especially when you know full well Xbox One can't do 1080p without compromising visual fidelity. But then I suppose since the 'other' console is way more powerful, visuals don't matter.

Sunset OD isn't doing realistic visuals anyway. I suspect a few more particles and enemies on screen was easier than doing 1080p. No point Insomniac delaying or downgrading just for the sake of full HD gaming. Especially since in 2014 there are no Full HD TV sets available yet.


christocolus1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )


I thought you were about to make a reasonable comment then you insulted all xbox fans and all of a suden you seemed like a troll,one of those who love hanging around xbox articles downplaying anything relatively good/positive.ill just keep walking.


“Sunset Overdrive looks 'fun'. And I'm guessing it's easy for you to comment what you have, especially when you know full well Xbox One can't do 1080p without compromising visual fidelity.”

Lol, you do know both consoles will always have to sacrifice something to reach the highest res and fps. If there were no limitations then both consoles would be outputing the same quality found in pc games. The fact that their pc counterparts always look better means that these consoles are still limited in most ways.yeah the ps4 is more powerful than the xbox one but its not a huge difference. Insomniac could have easily gone the way of bungie by stepping up the resolution but they decided to go with features that would actually add more fun to the gameplay. How can you spin that into something bad? Smh

snookiegamer1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )


Whilst I do enjoy the odd particle and little extra's, I would prefer 1080P/30fps on this type of game. 1080p is the HD standard, and I know you don't care if people call you a troll/disagree, because we all know it's a natural defence mechanism against inferiority.


I agree Sunset Overdrive does look fun, but don't bother wasting your time with Septic. You can't reason with those who'll resort to insults if it's not pro-Xbox One, seemingly baffled at how people managed to agree with you in a democracy.

Finally, resorting to delusions of grandeur, claiming to have put you in your place. LOL pathetic doesn't even begin to describe some of those comments.



'Lol, you do know both consoles will always have to sacrifice something to reach the highest res and fp'.

No shhh Sherlock! Even PC hardware has sacrifices. There are limits to everything. However, you can't deny Xbox One has the greater of the sacrifices in Gen 8. SMH

nerdman671407d ago

There's a bit of a difference between a game console and a TV, dude.
This is a really ignorant comment, I think you should do some research

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akurtz1407d ago

Resolution is now more important? Ha.

The so called improvements insomniac is making are welcomed.

JBSleek1407d ago

If no one told you a game was 900p over 1080p I bet you wouldn't even notice the difference.

GarrusVakarian1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )


You don't have to link my own comments, i know what i said, and i still have that opinion. I would love 1080p for this game. Saying i would have "really liked 1080p for this game" is not the same as saying i would have really liked it OVER extra on-screen characters and particle effects, that's not what i said, nor is it what i would ever say, so don't even go there. As i said above, i would NOT choose it over an increase of the things they have decided to increase. In an ideal world, we would have both. Learn what hypocrisy actually is and better luck calling me out next time.

I'm also flattered that my comments stay in your memory.

No_Limit1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

If you go to the 900p news about Sunset Overdrive, the trollings are strong in that one with a few xbox's fan posts having over 100 disagrees.

Glad that Insomniac decides to use the extra power available to make the gaming world bigger and more vibrant.

sinspirit1407d ago

They likely would have upped the resolution if they could, but you don't want to go in between 900p and 1080p. This "10%" increase isn't enough to fill that up to 1080p. That's about 500,000 pixels increase. Which is one third of the pixels that make up 900p.

About your Lukas comment. So, what's wrong that he was excited about the possibility of 1080p? That doesn't mean he can't be excited that they found other things to improve. Do you think you found some sort of way to embarrass him? Lol.

Infamazdre1406d ago

I'd rather them not tell us anything and do what cha do baby.

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mcarsehat1407d ago

That's great, they could've made it 1080p but they chose not to because it isn't that important, very noble :)

choujij1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Don't kid yourself, if it weren't for hardware limitations, it would be native 1080p. 10% GPU reallocation does not equate to 44% more pixels on screen. Chances are, it was already being pushed at 900p 30fps, so they were better off keeping it there.

mcarsehat1407d ago

You sound offended, why?

choujij1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Huh? Why would I be offended? Cause Insomniac is sticking with 900p, or because you think 1080p isn't very important?

Either way, it's not a personal attack on me, so no offense taken.

Wait...Are you offended by my comment? lol Cause I wasn't attacking you. I just know if they had a lot more power to work with, they wouldn't have to sacrifice resolution.

Software_Lover1407d ago

That's a great decision by the dev.

bicfitness1407d ago

Based on the average to poor hardware that they were working with, yes.

JBSleek1407d ago

Do you not consider the PS4 hardware average as well? It is.

mcarsehat1407d ago

People use ridiculous metaphors like the xbox is a volvo and the ps4 is a ferrari when that's just not true.

Its more like a ford focus to a ford focus st.

No_Limit1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Look, another troll in a Xbox article with 8+ bubbles. smh