Remaster Comparisons: GTA V's sparkles but why did The Last of Us bother?

Dealspwn: "As for The Last of Us, these videos just seem to confirm that all this release embodies is a way of marking time. That said, if they release it at a significantly lower price point than a full, new game, I'm fully prepared to eat my words. But £50-60 mark up for a year-old title with negligible improvements? Jog on."

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listenkids1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

TLOU isn't £50-60 anywhere, it's currently £37 on ShopTo and will get cheaper closer to release. It's not hard to do a little digging before writing arguments on the internet, that took me 8 seconds to find.

elazz1371d ago

Here in the well known webshops the target price is 49.99 euros. Which is 15 less than the usual newer games. You'll probably find it around 40-45 if you search well which in my opinion is a good price for newcomers as you'll also receive all the DLC. However I do hope that there'll be a digital discounted upgrade available where you just need to put the PS3 disc for verification

Azmatik1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

umm TLOU in Canada PSN store is 69.99..... I always buy my games digital and right from the PSN and for a digital re-master this price is insane!

crxss1371d ago

Tlou will drop it's price significantly around the holidays. Maybe I'll pick it up around Black Friday

miyamoto1370d ago

This remaster is for those who did not have PS3 that now have PS4s and wants to play this game. not 4 haters tho

MWong1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

I'm excited. I didn't pick up either of these titles last gen because I was saving up for next-gen. So I will be picking these up.

As far as the why is ND re-releasing TLoU, they say they've improved the game. I think we will have to judge TLoU-R once we see actual in-game footage. ND still hasn't let me down with any of it's releases yet.

pwnsause_returns1371d ago

releasing TLoU on PS4 is good for ND...makes a perfect test run for what they want to achive with U4.

Conzul1371d ago

After seeing the E3 trailer for Remastered TLOU, I'm no where near as impressed as GTAV remaster.
GTAV PS4 is a true remaster. TLOU PS4 looks like a normal port. Which is sad.

sonarus1370d ago

i disagree. TLOU developed for ps3. Uncharted for is for PS4. Going back and redeveloping a PS3 game for PS4 is a waste of time and resources in my opinion.
TLOU was a beautiful game. One of the best looking games on PS3. While some people who didn't have ps3 can enjoy it for those of us who already played this, for the minor graphical upgrade it doesnt seem worth it.

GTA on the other hand i haven't played so far more interested in that

christian hour1371d ago

Go to the beginning of any console generation, and you'll see this happening. It's common practice so dunno why people are making such a big deal out of it, at least it's a quality game that supposedly 30% of the ps4 install base has never played, if you're opposed to it just don't buy the game and play it again on your ps3 or something, I have a good few 360 friends who were dying to play this game last year and now that they have ps4's they're delighted they get the chance.

Why would anyone think they're not worth the bother? Oh because they're fishing for hits and don't give a shit about discussing video games like a rational human being, woo, go game "journalism".

Audiggity1371d ago

People just like to complain. It makes them feel important.

I've been an Xbox owner almost exclusively. TLOU: Remastered is likely going to be the reason I get a PS4 to sit beside the Xbox One.

The ability to played other exclusive PS4 games will be a nice bonus too.

Guwapo771371d ago

Because for a lot of people this may be their first gen change over.

Or they are simply doing this for hits as they have nothing better to write about.

christian hour1371d ago


Excellent point about it being some peoples first change over. Last gen was the longest one i've ever experienced. If someone got the xbox 360 as a christmas present in 2005, if they were under 10 its possible they dont remember much about the cross over, especially if it is their first console, they'd be 18 years old now and this would be their first big one I guess.

I've been gamign since I was 3 years old, since 1990 I've seen plenty of console gen transitions, its wierd to think that this is a lot of peoples first cross over, thatll be the case for a lot of people under 18 I guess. Hell there will be some 12-16 year olds who never knew any more than 360 and ps3. Now I feel hella old and I'm not even the oldest here by a long shot haha. Old Fogies, REPRESENT!

starchild1371d ago

I'm very happy to get to play it on my PS4. I played it on the PS3, but once I started hearing rumors it would be remastered for the PS4 I stopped playing the PS3 version and didn't finish it. At least half the game is going to be completely fresh and new for me.

DragonKnight1371d ago

"Go to the beginning of any console generation, and you'll see this happening. It's common practice so dunno why people are making such a big deal out of it."

Bzzzt. Wrong. How long have you been gaming?

Guwapo771371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

@ Chrisitan Hour - I know what you mean. Old heads unite! I've been playing since Atari 2600 and first game was Pac-man. Bought it at a yard sale for $5. Gaming for 30+ years.

Like Michael Jackson sang - You are not alone.

@ Starchild - I did the exact same thing. Probably not too smart but its worth it too me.

christian hour1370d ago


My first "console" was an amstrad, was born in to a house with a commodore 64, first real consoles were master system and a nes, I've been gaming for a while, 25 years now by my count (I'm 27) though those first few years I was still mastering motor functions etc.

And yes, there are re-released games on new consoles that i had played on older consoles months before, across every generation.

UltraNova1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

@ Christian

Hahaha I m 28 and started gaming since 3 when my Godfather got me the Atari 2600 for my 3rd birthday! Fav game was the Rabbit trying to get across the highway (some are claiming it was a man made up from 3 pixels :p)!

Happy times...Favorite consoles? N64 and far! Back then we played real games not overpriced/hyped social experiences (multiplayer everything).

OT: If TloU is priced right around 40-50 euros (less is better of course but lets keep it real here) then its a very good deal for those who didn't play it mainly 360 and wii converts.

The reality from where I'm standing is that complaining for remastered titles is stupid, because nobody is forcing you to buy the damn game...choice people choice is good.

DragonKnight1370d ago

@christian hour: Impressive. Then you should know that, no, in fact not every generation of consoles had remasters. Unless you want to stick to one specific brand, then I can name some consoles that didn't have remasters in their launch windows, at least to my knowledge. I admit that I haven't literally played every game in existence.

But what remasters in the first year did NES have? How about PS1? PS2?

I know SNES had Super Mario All Stars, but that was at least 2 years after the SNES was released.

The "in the first year" remasters are a new phenomenon and they are blatant filler games to take attention away from the fact that MS and Sony were just as unprepared for a new generation as Nintendo was, only Nintendo got the bigger flack for it because they released a new console by themselves.

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Keith221371d ago

Thats where I am getting mine £37 is good enough for me as for GTA being £50+ exactly what the last two words say in this article "JOG ON"!

scotmacb1371d ago

You know what he means next gen price are £50-60

ravinash1371d ago

I think TLOU target is just to get to a new audeance of new PS fans who have just come over on the PS4.
I never expected this to be a major improvement seeing as it's still pretty new on PS3 and the games towards the end of PS3 generation are not far off from the start of next gen.

GTA was always planned to have a larger jump in graphics, thats why they held back with the PC version to come out with PS4 and Xbox One when they released.

Magicite1371d ago

I was patient enough to skip both these games and now I will be able to enjoy them with next-gen glory.

showtimefolks1371d ago

could we please let the games come out before we judge them? also both R* and ND have never let me down. so till they release something bad, i will always give them the benefit of the doubt

BTBuck11371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

Azmatic, well buying digital... that's your first mistake.

Syntax-Error1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

Was never impressed with the TLOU remastered.....NEVER. I laughed at idiots that said they would buy it. You would be absolutely stupid to buy a game you already own if the improvements were that minor. GTA V looks incredible though. That's a game worth reinvesting in. Not only because of looks, but also because of content. The game is more than a single play through. The last of us not only has ONE story, but a hodge podge multiplayer. Rockstar AGAIN has proved that they can push their limits and ND is showing us that they haven't mastered the PS4's power yet.

ravinash1370d ago

"ND is showing us that they haven't mastered the PS4's power yet".

You do know that TLOU is just a remasters game where Uncharted 4 is their showcase for their work with PS4 don't you?

Syntax-Error1364d ago

Absolutely. If you noticed YOU were the one bring up unreleased titles...NOT ME. My comment was about 2 remastered games and which company is utilizing the power more than the other. Always one in the crowd that can't comprehend a simple effing comment and try to twist it's meaning.

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elazz1371d ago

Well, what they mostly showed was pre-rendered cinematics. I expect the gameplay to now be really close to the cinematics in terms of graphics and obviously the framerate is doubled.

- Double Resolution
- Double Framerate
- Enhanced effects and lighting

GTA will remain 30fps (hopefully locked unlike PS3) and with a bigger team and budget they probably could add more stuff. In the end I think both did a great job

isarai1371d ago Show
CaptainSellers1371d ago

Not only this we haven't seen any in game footage of TLOUR yet, bit of a premature article.

Conzul1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

Um, yes we have.

This is 90% cutscenes, but there are some shots of in-game moments (like the attack on the checkpoint in the beginning, or the sinking bus from the end)

CaptainSellers1371d ago


I meant a full gameplay demo/reveal, not a few snippets from the E3 trailer, we haven't seen enough to say don't bother with the upgrade yet

Syntax-Error1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Stop reaching CAPTAINSELLERS. None of those titles had real gameplay, but it was obvious which company paid more attention to detail. Always a cry baby in the crowd. Did you see any game footage of GTA V? No, but we saw the difference in detail. That's all it takes.

CaptainSellers1363d ago


Who the hell is crying? The article writer clearly wrote this as a click bait, I simply stated that we have seen no real in game footage.

Sorry if that is too hard for you to comprehend.

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jivah1371d ago

Yes double
1280*720 = 921600
1920*1080 = 2073600

jivah1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

But none of that will really make the game look better. It'll only make things sharper and cleaner looking. Which is one of my annoyances with these remakes. They up the resolution and up the frames. But they don't really touch the textures or the tessellation . You can up the textures and tessellation and keep the res and frames the same and it'll look massively better than the stuff they are doing now

Ipunchbabiesforfun1371d ago

I'm not really sure you fully understand how big of a difference 720P to 1080P is. Being able to run a last gen game at 1080p makes significant improvements visually.

jivah1370d ago

@Ipunchbabiesforfun Ohh no as a PC gamer I assure you I do.. And sure i do prefer to play them in the highest res i can play them in But its not something massively important. As i see many games in 1080 vs 720 i make my own comparisons and its not that big of a difference in overall graphics. and like I said i can see it looking sharper and cleaner and there is less need for antialiasing the higher you go but its not like its going to change the lighting system or magically add better textures or somehow rework the bump mapping. Pick any game and look at the ground where there is a pile of trash or rubble..where everything looks baked in to the floor now change it from 720 to 1080 now back again.. see much of a difference? i doubt it. Yet better textures and better tessellation will make it look night and day.

Case and point Enb for gta4. They reworked all the textures and it damn near looks real. vs me just putting everything 1080 um yeaa... Again not saying resolution doesnt make things not look better its just textures and tessellation will do more for a game

user56695101371d ago

Its a difference. Tlou is a ps3 port. Gtav is a PC port. There always was a PC version. Whats not to get gta is always on PC and it always the best version.

rdgneoz31371d ago

And ND has said that their engine was future proof. They didn't have to rebuild it from the ground up for UC4. Hell, the trailer from E3 was made by one person...

user56695101371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

Future proof yes. But its still a port. Gtav has been made from the get go for the next Gen and PC. Tlou didn't toward the end they ported it to ps4. You noticed the difference of UC4 but your gonna try to deny this fact. They didn't make this game with ps4 in mind its a port. That's the reason why tomb raider looks significantly different because on the PC version they was already aiming for high end . It common sense . Just like gtaV PC it already there so they just could port to next Gen with high quality assets.

There now way they can make this look as good as so called next Gen games without redoing almost everything. They up thing but things but they are nit going to redo everything because the shouldn't. Focus on UC4 and other things. Its like your saying GOW collection they came out with on ps3 should look like ps3 games because they said their engine is scalable.

sinspirit1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )


TLoU game engine was entirely designed for PS4. This is a fact. Naughty Dog has said this. TLoU is essentially a next-gen title but they scaled down the graphics to be on PS3.

How can you say that GTAV is made for next-gen and then say TLoU isn't? GTAV was completely made for last gen, with future porting in mind. They spent 5 years to push both of those consoles as far as they could go.

So, a GTAV port is supposedly designed all for next-gen but not a TLoU port on an engine that was designed for future PS4 titles?

user56695101370d ago

GtaV is made for last Gen and PC. Tlou is made for ps3 then ported to ps4 just because the engine is made for next Gen doesn't mean the game is. Compare it to ps4 exclusives, even multi plats its night and day . Its easy to see in the trailer it has low quality assets still.

Like i said gtaV wasnt made for next I said it was for PC. Just like watch dogs mostly got the dev keys and ported it to next Gen . Just like watch dogs, tomb raider, metro. Y'all keep thinking these so called next Gen gfx suddenly appeared out of now where. Just because a game has been made for ps3 and xb360 doesn't mean gfx wise PC is going to look like them. What you think happen most of last Gen. The difference wasn't just frame rate and resolution between PC and last Gen consoles.

From what your saying their engine is made for ps4 (which I agreed) and tlou is made for ps4 but they're calling it remastered in the title(huh). And they scaled it down to be on ps3 even though you can see that its not high quality assets in the trailer. Then yall throw in thee3 uc4 trailer made by on person to compare to that uses high quality assets that looks way better? That's kinda a smack in ND face. You basically said this is how tlou suppose to look and if it was developed on ps4 it wouldnt look better than launch titles gfx wise. Do you hear yourself .

I only used next Gen because this is what console gamers call gfx from 2-4 yrs ago. That's why I said the next Gen console version is just the PC port that would have came out with ps3 and xb360 version . If gtav was made only for next Gen and pc , they will all look better than this version that's coming out. PC>ps4>xbone.

We don't use Gen even gtav is nothing but a port from PC version from last year, just like TR, metro. For the last 9 month we been seeing next Gen gfx and you are saying tlou is one of them. Do it look better than infamous kz I know different type of game but I could keep naming games. When you put hi Res text on low Res models everything becomes weird not only that you could tell it was design for ps3. Not blindly but if it was made for the ground up for ps4 it would be on the scale of that UC4 trailer.

Getting so defense made you downplay the talents of these devs. An engine thats designed to be scalable is not the same as make a game for ps4. To put what I'm saying in prospective. How you think tlou ps4 versionis going to stack up to metro that's coming out to ps4 and xbone? One is a ps3 port and one is a PC(like I said we don't do gens) do you call metro 2033 next Gen even though the PC version looks better than most games. You do know it came for xb360 and it came out a long time ago. See I'm talking about the assets that in the PC version .

sinspirit1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )


No one said the game was designed for next-gen, except you. You said GTAV was designed for next-gen.

We were talking about how stupid your comment saying that GTAV was made for next-gen yet you are downplaying TLoU which was actually made on a game engine completely designed to be used for next-gen.

You don't know how development works.. Do you? It certainly isn't simply turning things up or down and it works.

As for the trailer, I've downloaded the 1080p trailer straight from the Naughty Dog website. Where is this low quality nonsense you're talking about?

I'm sorry, but the words you keep speaking are really irritatingly constructed and your "argument" is nonexistent.

The game was designed for PS3's architecture. There is a lot of restructuring to be done. Of course it won't look as good as Uncharted 4.

Don't put words in my mouth like a child. I never said TLoU was designed for PS4 or that it was next-gen. I said the engine was.

Your logic is so terrible. Metro wasn't designed for next-gen consoles just because it had great looking graphics before the consoles came out. Also, they have an updated version of the engine that Metro 2033 used. Far different from how TLoU uses the same engine that Uncharted 4 uses, that was completely designed for the current release of consoles years ago. You are right here saying that that is what I am saying? Why are you suddenly comparing the two? No one is comparing TLoU to anything except you.

Oh, and drop the "we" charade. You play PC? Sure. But, you clearly understand very little about the actual technology. I've been gaming on PC since six years old and I am now twenty. I've built several computers, learned much about how hardware and software works, and continuously shut down immature ignorance like yours several times about these topics. Don't use "we" as if you are above other gamers and know more just because you play games on a certain platform. You really don't think things through.

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Farsendor11371d ago

im buying TLOU on PS4 because I havent been able to play the game on a ps3.

LordMaim1371d ago

I envy you the experience of playing it for the first time. I went through it three times, once while my girlfriend watched for the story. Looking forward to a fourth next month. :)

S2Killinit1371d ago

youre so lucky.
as for me, Im getting the GTA V since I didn't play that on my PS3 (: have fun.

mkis0071371d ago

Still haven't seen actual game-play to make such a conclusion. That 60fps 1080p is wonderful on its own. But they did promise more, and this is Naughty Dog. IT will be awesome.

ramiuk11371d ago

if im truthful ND is the only company in the world i would buy something from without seeing it.
You know its gonna be of highest standard and they can be trusted.

Ravenor1371d ago

It was one of the highest rated (deservedly so!) games of the last generation. It blended story telling and gameplay in a way that absolutely destroyed Uncharted 2 & 3. Naughty Dog will take the time to make sure that it's a worthy update to one of the best games let alone PS3 games ever made.

And as the guy below said, this is ND. I think we can trust them with something like this.

mkis0071371d ago

I enjoyed the game-play of Uncharted more, but the package as a whole was better in The Last of US.