How Microsoft is improving the Xbox with the 10% boost till DX12 and Cloud arrives

With the recent change of the KInect GPU reservation unlock, Pure|News created an article about how this will impact the developers till DX 12 and the Windows Azure Cloud arrives on XBbox One.

The article also explains the recents changes done by Phil Spencer on the Xbox One platform after it's promotion.

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Mr Pumblechook1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Repeatedly we are hearing PR and blog sites reporting these 'facts':

* 10% - 20% boost after reclamation of Kinect system resources.
* DX12 will improve tools so developers can squeeze even more power out of the hardware.
* Azure magic Cloud will perform offsite calculations so that the XB one can concentrate on displaying better graphics.
* Secret sauce
* All of these together will mean most powerful console

But it is all PR spin trying to paint a narrative that combats the perception that that the PlayStation 4 can display multi-platform games better than the XB one. Rather than this Groundhog Day of catchphrases it would be better for Microsoft to focus on their unique IP and releasing some stunning looking exclusive games and just let the quality do the talking. We already know that their biggest game Halo 5: Guardians will be native 1080p 60fps so this means all other exclusives can be as well!

Halo 5 in native 1080p 60fps
Gears of War 4 in native 1080p 60fps
Fable Legends in native 1080p 60fps
Fantasia in native 1080p 60fps
Quantum Break in native 1080p 60fps
Dance Central Spotlight in native 1080p 60fps
Phantom Dust in native 1080p 60fps

This will help the platform better than any secret sauce.

WeAreLegion1374d ago

Azure is a massive warehouse with tons of servers that any company can lease, including Sony.

MrGunny941374d ago

Exactly, MS spent a LOT of money in Azure. Please do see the viceo of Crackdown, cloud prototype

its_JEFF1374d ago

Uhhh... did you just site a rumor as fact?

Bennibop1374d ago

@Mr Pumblechook

I agree especially with 10% boost from dropping Kinect, these performance gains are not unusual within a consoles lifetime. Sony will also shrink its footprint on system resource over time as it has done with every PS. But like this change from Microsoft we will not see the benefits for another 12 plus months.

ravinash1374d ago

I was going to say the exact same thing.
This is nothing new. They (both MS and Sony) will always be adjusting the code, making it more efficient.

MS installs DX12, and releases resources used from Kinect.
Sony adjusts it's code and releases resources from the OS.

That’s part of the reason why games at the end of the gen look better than the ones at the start.

Pixel_Enemy1374d ago

MS, in the meantime we will invent more buzzwords to give the impression that our system is as powerful as the competition.

truefan11374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

You would have a point if 97% of the articles you read were from MSFT statements. You ps4 fans get mad whenever someone unrelated to MSFT praises DX12 or "The Cloud" MSFT released one statement the last few months and said they freed 10% of resources previously dedicated to kinect. Also who are you guys trying to convince XB1 fans or yourselves, 90% of the people in this article debating DX12 and "The Cloud are ps4 fans, how ironic is that.

Don't fear what you don't know, just sit back and wait. I'm pretty sure MSFT checked to make sure cloud processing would work before going public with Crackdown. Also Forza 5, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon2, Halo MCC, Fable Legends, and Halo 5 are already tapped to use "The Cloud" for dedicated servers. PS if Destiny went from sub 1080p to 1080p isn;t that an example of the extra 10% working. Devs are going to use that extra 10% in different ways, for example Sunset Overdrive, they want to use it to improve gameplay.

Evilsnuggle1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

/[email protected]

What are you talking about Killzone SF is a playstation exclusive and it's mp is in 1080p 60fps.

I hate to rain on you xbone fans parade but 10% more bandwidth is not a 10% increase in performance . I'm not saying it will not help but it will not drastically or greatly improve the performance of the xbone. In reality it a small boost in performance 5 or 6% gains. This will not make all games on xbone run at 1080p . Also resolution gate will not die from this small boost in performance . The PS4 will still have higher resolution and better frame rates than xbone Juan. This "DA CLOUD" talk is more Microsoft P.R spin to give xbone fan boys a hope that one day weak xbone can compete in power with the PS4 . It's just to keep hope alive . I was not impressed by that demo running on a high end PC at 720p 30fps non textured environment Doesn't battlefield have real time environment destruction running at 1080p 60fps on PS4 in battlefield Hardline . Please

Bennibop1374d ago

@Truefan those developers have praised what DX12 can do for PC gaming not X1 as low level programming has happened on consoles for years that is why consoles always improve over time. As for The cloud from what we have seen this just dedicated servers nothing has actually been shown otherwise to make us believe otherwise, just so you aware PC games as well as PS3 users have been using dedicated servers for a while now! As for X1 Destiny now being the same resolution as PS4 its no surprise as the graphics are average at best. You talk constantly about PS fanboys but you miss the fact you are delusional Xbot. X1 is a great console, I own one as well as PS4 and WiiU but I am not going to fall for Microsoft marketing and spin, X1 will never catch up with PS4 regards power there is a fundamental hardware difference that cannot be bridged.

Ausbo1374d ago

Halo 5 hasn't been confirmed 1080p. Just 60fps up to this point.

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kraideral1374d ago

Better Xbox, better looking games. Go Xbox!

vivid831374d ago

why cant they just show us examples of this

Perjoss1374d ago

Possibly the same reason I cannot introduce anybody to my imaginary friend :(

MrGunny941374d ago

If you see in the article, there's the prototype of Crackdown.. But people continue to disagree with me, this tech has just started I don't know what it holds for the future but it exists.

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