Mario Kart 8 and the Koopaling Controversy: What Do You Think of the Roster?

Vgamerz writes: "Mario Kart 8 has been plying its trade on Wii Us the world over for a couple of weeks now. Shells, banana peels and fancy new boomerang flowers have been flying all over the darn place. As has a heaping helping of profanity. This is Mario Kart after all, and a dose of ragetastic is compulsory."

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JohnathanACE1404d ago

The problem really wasn't the Koopalings so much as it was Metal Mario and Pink Gold Peach as well as the 5 freaking babies in the roster!

MSBAUSTX1403d ago

I agree with you. When I saw Metal Mario, Gold Peach, and the babies I actually said out loud to my buddy, "What the Hell?". I haven't used those characters yet and I actually haven't seen anyone use them that has come over to play. Rarely see them online either. I do, however, use my Mii almost every time I play. I love that feature and don't ever want it to go away.

mcstorm1403d ago

I would lobe to see more Nintendo characters in Mario Kart like we see in smash bro's. So having fox ect in there would be good. Maybe Nintendo can give us some characters and track dlc later on down the line?

admiralvic1404d ago

While I don't care for the roster, I also don't really have a problem with it either. Like all Mario Kart games we have the characters that we've come to expect (Bowser, DK, Mario, Luigi, Peach, etc) and anyone else is either going to appeal to a small group or seem out of place. Like I would gladly welcome Bloopers being playable or King Boo making a return, though I wouldn't say either character is a marked improvement over say Roy. Sure they would look better instead of 5 babies and 2 pallet swaps, though I don't think their inclusion or King Boo's omission have that much of an impact on the overall game.

Pozzle1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

I'm only mad at the lack of Dry Bones. I love that little guy.

SilentNegotiator1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

Why is it that they keep swapping out unique characters for things like metal Mario and more babies?

deafdani1403d ago

Meh. The roster isn't superb, but it isn't bad, either. Just acceptable.

In the end, this isn't Smash. The characters don't have any unique attributes to them. All of them are slight variants from light, middle and heavy class characters, that's all.

Sincere01211403d ago

There is going to be DLC as well don't forget, so the roster will increase as time goes on.

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