NHL15 - This year's biggest improvement ; The commentators

CanadianGamer writes : "Oh Canada! This year's NHL season has just wrapped (congrats to the L.A Kings on the Stanley Cup Championship) and its that time of the year where we, Hockey fans are getting ready for the next big season and also, the next upcoming release of our national's sport videogame, NHL15. We've been waiting for this year's release particularly because it will be the first next-gen release of the NHL franchise."

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billybehr1618d ago

Can't wait!! I didn't mind the commentary from Thorne and Clement. That's probably because I just muted it and put on music after the first month of listening to them ramble the same dialogue over and over. That goes with any sports game though. It'll eventually become stale (including Doc and Eddie). But I'm happy for change!

3-4-51618d ago

NHL was solid last gen. Been good since 2010 really, so hopefully they keep making progress.

They've needed a new console for this series for since like 2012 though.