Splatoon Is the Best New IP

Yami from Twinfinite writes: "Right when it was announced, I knew; I knew Nintendo had a hold on me with Splatoon."

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Spooney3231616d ago Show
Geobros1615d ago

Splatoon is the most innovating game I saw in this E3.

Utalkin2me1615d ago

I agree, i cant wait to get my hands on it.

MTEC81615d ago

Looks amazing, can't wait to try it.

3-4-51615d ago

Splatoon is the first FPS game I've seen in a long time ACTUALLY do something new with the genre that seems to actually work, make people have fun, & also allow more skilled players to do better.

It's like a really good mix, and I can't wait to see more.

Geekman1615d ago

Look, I like Splatoon, but stop talking about it.

randomass1711615d ago

What? Why? I like talking about good looking games.

Geekman1615d ago

For the same reason people hate it when Ubisoft games are overhyped. It makes people less interested in the game.

gerbwmu1615d ago

It did work well for Watch_Dogs much as I prefer finding out about games 3 months before release it seems hype and over saturation do help sales.

Seems like it will be a fun game to play. I hope they have local multi player in it though.

randomass1711615d ago

Bah, if anything Nintendo should keep talking and therefor make sure people still have the game in their heads when it launches.

CJDUNCAN1615d ago

I hate when articles come out about the best new thing, it's only that writer's opinion. Some are praising this game already and for me it's not even a thought that comes to mind that makes me want to play it.

randomass1711615d ago

Well... then why'd you click on the article? I mean it's cool to have your view on the game. But it was announced about a week ago. Surely you've had your say and moved on. Why continue clicking on the articles if it doesn't interest you?

CJDUNCAN1614d ago

I clicked on the article to see what the fuss was about. This was my first comment and only say about the game. I can see if I came here simply to troll, but it wasn't the case. So why does it bother you with me having an opinion and voicing it?

Clown_Syndr0me1615d ago

"Splatoon is the best new IP". Well that's a matter of opinion, I watched the video a couple of times and it doesn't interest me at all.
That's not to say its a bad game by no means, but it certainly isn't the best to me...

Gh05t1615d ago

Hence why it is marked as an opinion piece.

CBaoth1615d ago

Agreed. It looks like a fun game, but I wonder how quickly the novelty wears off. I was already tired of seeing that same map over and over from the Treehouse stream. I was critical of the low player counts in TitanFall so I must be consistent here as well. Hopefully, they announce a Powerstone mode with bigger maps and 4 teams of 4vs4 gameplay. That would make for some insane action and add a lot more strategy to the IP without comprimising its artistic vision.

Clown_Syndr0me1615d ago

I just honestly don't see what the hype is? All I see is a load of miis running around with paintball guns? I don't see anything good here at all...but as I said its just opinion.

randomass1711615d ago

@Clown_Syndr0me Those aren't Miis at all. They're punky squid girls lol. In fact the resemblance to the anime character is so uncanny that the person who made Squid Girl actually drew fanart for the new game. Anyway, the point of the game is for Nintendo to make its own multiplayer shooting game that doesn't rely on heavy violence. It's supposed to have more modes than what was shown, so I don't think the novelty will wear off as quickly as you believe it will.

user56695101615d ago

He says then goes to praise bf uc4 far cry and many of the rest of the every day shooter. Don't let them talk about dlc then he's going to reallye hyped. New cod he's on it

MeteorPanda1615d ago

you know what's weirding me about this game? at my college there was one teacher there working on a game, it involved painting to overtake other players to convert them to your colours and it plays out similar to scares me to think that it may of been stolen and ripped off into this..

Mikefizzled1615d ago

Yes Nintendo EAD stole his idea confirmed.

MeteorPanda1615d ago

l'm not saying it was stolen, but honestly l'm telling the truth, l've seen this game minus the squid 2 years ago with the same style and guns.... it's really weird. l feel weird.

Mikefizzled1615d ago

If anything I feel its more like Portal 2. Using goo/paint to navigate the environment.

CBaoth1615d ago

That's because you're not completely offbase. The Portal IP uses liquid physics to solve puzzles, including if I'm not mistaken, an orange liquid that increases speed to make otherwise inaccessible jumps. The squid mechanic of swimming underneath the liquid isn't that much different than gliding over it in Portal since the end result is the same, speed and reaching out of reach areas.

MeteorPanda1614d ago

no...l didn't say it felt like portal, l said it was from a game my teacher made...

look at the link, the game is really the same sort of game and this was shown at pax aus last year... l think l'm valid in my thoughts of a game design stolen early and announced before the original could be released to affect sales..

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