EA UFC is Missing Some Big Names: Lack of Research, or Greed?

Pixel Gate writes:

''EA’s UFC game signals a number of things both for the sport and the video game industry. The rise of UFC has been staggering, bringing arguably one of the purest sports to the forefront of the mainstream. The deal between EA and the UFC is a sign of how far things have come. EA are re-attempting a challenge that they arguably failed to complete last time around by creating a successful MMA video game."

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moomoo3191643d ago

Its neither really. They said Because they put so much work into each fighter and only had 2 years they just werent able to do more in time, and they will be released as dlc. Thats perfectly reasonable. But if the dlc is paid, then thats greedy as all hell.

Ripsta7th1643d ago

You think EA is going to release free DLC? Lol not in a million years

moomoo3191643d ago

this isnt normal dlc they will just be adding in fighters they couldnt finish. They worded it like it'll be free but who knows

shammgod1643d ago

just EA being EA...I'm surprised they don't ship Madden with only 10 teams and paid dlc the rest.

"Well, we worked so hard on the ten teams, we didn't have time to finish the rest"

eat a d*** EA


Hey don't give EA any ideas.

PaulKersey1643d ago

EA half-assed a game? Say it isn't so!

moomoo3191643d ago

EA is not a big bad company shitting out games. This game was made by a hard working dev team trying to make it the best they can. Dont reduce their work to "EA half-assing" thats idiotic