AnuKindOfView- Fallout Style Sandbox Indie RPG "Insomnia" Preview

AnuKindOfView - "A new Indie Fallout styled, Sandbox RPG video game called "Insomnia" has announced their new kickstarter campaign."

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Tetsujin1642d ago

Looks interesting, hoping there's talk of a console release.

lightcaster881642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

I don't think it will just because it is an Indie game. If it does get one it will most likely be picked up by the WiiU or PS4 just because they seem to be a bit more open and free towards Indie games.

But from what I learned from this project, it was made for PC, so there is a high chance it will stay on PC. I have talked to the creators a few times, I'll ask them their thoughts about a console release. :)

lightcaster881641d ago

I updated the article and added a note at the end. I talked with the creators and they said that they don't have the time or resources right now for a console version, but they are considering it.

For now it is PC and Mac only. Cheers! :)

Tetsujin1641d ago

Ok thanks for the update