VGU - Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX +α DLC Review

Capcom has released a really great DLC that could very well become it's own series.

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MeterBreak1640d ago

Thanks for the review. I was wondering about this game. That kind of sucks about the load times. I don't get it when the games are 100% on the hard drive, yet take forever to load. What's the point in installing the game if the load times are going to take a full minute? This isn't just a problem with this game, but many next-gen games on both next-gen consoles.

Kevlar0091640d ago

Games should tell you what installing will actually affect. I installed Bioshock Infinite but got almost no benefit visually or with load times, I remember Skyrim actually suffered if you install.

Mikefizzled1640d ago

Microsoft said Do not install Halo 3 ODST multiplayer disc to your HDD. It makes makes it problematicly worse.
Very odd.

brich2331640d ago

Installing your games decreases the wear and tear of the dvd drives.

Mikefizzled1639d ago

Brich whilst true some games had serious performance issues when installed. Which just didn't make sense.

TheController1640d ago

The Xbox one has a 2x speed bluray player installed, just like the PS3 did. It doesn't load info as fast as a 12x DVD drive which is why both require installs. MS went with a lot of cheap components this gen to cut costs, but it really shows when it comes to gameplay.

Sm00thNinja1640d ago

I hate when people spout uninformed nonsense. "The read-only optical drive will read Blu-ray discs at 6x constant angular velocity for a maximum read speed of 27 MB/s – a significant upgrade from the PS3's 2x speeds that were capped at 9MB/s.". Technically and ironically it may be even superior to the one in the PS4 still doing research on that one

incendy351640d ago

It's kind of fun but I just hate the camera and controls in all Dead Rising games. Feels clunky.

WeAreLegion1640d ago

Pretty sure it's an A++. Don't question this awesomeness.

LambOfLucifer791640d ago

Awesome add on. I'm having a blast