3DS is the second best-selling hardware platform in May NPD

Iansherr :

"Also, the 3DS was the No. 2 best-selling hardware system in the US in may, Nintendo says."

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senior321521d ago

good job nintendo! Only 100k behind the king - PS4.

PSNintyGamer1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

The Gamer's HandHeld of Choice.

Mr Pumblechook1521d ago

The Xbox One being outsold by the 3DS is actually shocking and not a positive sign for Microsoft. But the June sales figures should reflect the price drop and it's possible that MS will do very well next month.

mochachino1521d ago

Nintendo handhelds normally outsell home consoles. So it outselling xone is not a surprise. What's shocking is that PS4 outsells 3DS.

Ripsta7th1521d ago

Many people getting ready for Pokemon Omega red and alpha sapphire . its crazy how some people buy a console to play a single game and once they beat it they sell it. Saw this happen a lot w x/y

MEGANE1521d ago

Good for Nintendo. I want one so I can hack it ;)

trickman8881521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Not surprised. 3DS gets far more support from Nintendo, than Vita with lolindies focus, bad ports, and remote play.

mcstorm1521d ago

I agree. I was really excited for the psv and got it on day one but sold it last year due to the lack of games that interested me on it. The 3ds on the other hand is amazing and Nintendo keep giving us game after game. Ide love to see a fzero on the 3ds though and a new starfox.

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