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Submitted by toocoolgames_14 532d ago | opinion piece

If You're Over 30 And You Still Love Nintendo, You're Weird

One journalist talks about a recent discussion with a colleague, which resulted in the conclusion: Playing non-violent video games won't help your case. (Culture)

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PSNintyGamer  +   532d ago | Well said
Good thing I never cared about People's Opinions.

(16 by the Way)
darthv72  +   532d ago | Well said
Been gaming since PONG and I can tell you has no age limit.
Pixel_Enemy  +   532d ago | Well said
Seriously. I have been gaming since Mario Bros. NES, almost 29 years old now and I don't ever plan to stop loving Nintendo and video games in general.
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bangoskank  +   532d ago | Well said
I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm 39 and still love Nintendo. I've been a gamer since I was 4 and it's one hobby among many that I'll never give up.
Chrischi1988  +   532d ago
the author is weird and probably thinks the world circles around him...
Lon3wolf  +   532d ago
Same as, couldn't agree more. I play games full stop, from Mario to The Forest. If the writer does not like games so much maybe he is the weird one?
DarthZoolu  +   532d ago
I agree with the article I still like what Nintendo could be but I've been gaming so long, that same stuff doesn't empress me any more. Once I played morrowind zelda just seemed to linear and kiddy, not to mention how Zelda compares to oblivion or Skyrim. Or How Metroid compares to Mass Effect.
Why o why  +   532d ago
Then call me weird
morganfell  +   532d ago
If you are over 15 and still write for a worthless site attempting to tewll other people what they should like then you are past being any use to the game community.

I say this because when you are kid telling people what to like, then it is funny. But when you gain some self awareness and you persist, then you are an egotistical piece of human cholesterol clogging up the artieries of thought and enjoyment.
beerzombie  +   532d ago
I'm 46 and gaming is still a blast better than tv.
TheRacingX  +   532d ago
I'm in my 40's been gaming since Atari 2600 and the birth of the Arcade.....its one of my favorite hobbies and Nintendo makes some of my favorite color me weird....
Treezy504  +   532d ago
"Fun has no age limit" this should be placed on every video game case rated E for everyone.
MysticStrummer  +   532d ago
I'm not a fan of Nintendo exclusives myself, but that is one dumb ass headline.
punctualdork  +   532d ago

The author didn't SAY this. Someone said it TO HIM.

N4G commentors. For Cthulhu's sake.
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Dirtnapstor  +   532d ago
As usual, based on comments here, some of you did not read the article...
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SilentNegotiator  +   532d ago
An age limit for enjoying any kind of games...that's the dumbest suggestion I've heard all week.
AceofStaves  +   532d ago
We share that experience, darth. Cheers to those of us who are gaming's Geezers. :)

on-topic: You can never be too old for video games, or movies, or TV shows, or books, or... you get the idea. I'll be gaming until I can't, simple as that. If you think that growing older means you shouldn't enjoy entertainment, then I'd you're missing out on a great deal of fun.

I really enjoy Nintendo's games, though I always wait a few years for their consoles to be on the market before I buy them, so they have a library of exclusives available when I do make the purchase. This E3 was enough to entice me to add a Wii U to my console collection. Now it's just a matter of finding the right bundle for my money.

As long as you can keep your hobbies in perspective, and don't let them control your life so you can still meet the responsibilities of job, family, etc., then game on, my gaming brethren.
HonestDragon  +   532d ago
Age is a state of mind. Your age number doesn't represent your mindset. We can all still feel good and young inside. I have long been a fan of Dragonball Z, Transformers, Power Rangers, and Animaniacs well into my current age right now. That won't change. Just because we play Mario games doesn't mean we are being weird.

"...we run into the other problem: "Kid" entertainment, as labeled by the mainstream, shouldn't be embraced by mature individuals."

Oh, I fart on those mainstream labels. That's snobbish talk from people who don't understand certain forms of entertainment.

"Psychologists and sociologists have since theorized that such a phenomenon is due to young men remaining obsessed with certain forms of entertainment"

Wow. Apparently, we can't just like something anymore. We have to be "obsessed" with a cartoon or video game. I'm a huge fan of Farscape, so I guess there's something wrong with me. /s

"For instance, the superhero trend: It comes from comic books, which of course were originally produced for children. But young men in their 20s and 30s are still all about superheroes; going to conventions, dressing up, playing games with superheroes, watching movies with superheroes, etc. "Grow up," say some adults in response to this, rolling their eyes."

Okay, now that is just making it too personal for me. Even the whole line of comics being made for kids...WRONG. Comics have been around for decades and reached their peak during World War II. Why? Because people needed something to rally behind, something that reinforces their belief that real life evil can be conquered. That came in the form of fictional characters representing a message or symbol. Whether it was Captain America slugging Hitler in the face or Superman leaping tall buildings, we had heroes. Kids just ate up comics because of the war stories and fantasy elements, while adults equally enjoyed them.

After the war was over, comics dipped into other genres like science fiction and horror. And much like Dungeons and Dragons, comics faced scrutiny from a population of parents and politicians that didn't understand the entertainment medium. Hence, we go full circle with video games and this article. If someone thinks that I'm too old for Mario games and possibly mentally disturbed for playing God of War and says that I'm wrong, then I wouldn't want to be right.

Game on, N4G. =)
UltraNova  +   531d ago
Hell even Frank Underwood is a gamer why should anyone ever stop gaming?? ;-)

Its like saying you need to stop watching movies after a certain age...hmm NO..

If you love doing something and stop it just because of some cultural/society-eccentric opinion then your are nothing more than another sheep in the heard.
Shnazzyone  +   531d ago
Seem the article doesn't really have a point. Basically stupid people will judge us no matter what games we play. Meh, guess that's true about quite a few things.
Kidmyst  +   531d ago
Played my neighbors Pong when I was around 5 and at 40 now still going strong. Introduced my son to my SNES and forgot how fun the old SNES games still are. So I guess I'm weird.
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Chrischi1988  +   531d ago
This article is exactly, what is wrong with gaming today. People do not game anymore, they hate on every opinion that is different than their own, just like a little dictator with a strong disorder for hating on everything, that isnt what you said. You cannot be happy for someone having fun with games you dont like. Oh, screw them, how dare them to have fun with this game^^ so stupid xD
3-4-5  +   531d ago
Did we all just give this loser a ton of hits?
DragonKnight  +   531d ago
Author is obviously a casual CoD gamer that lost to 8 year olds several times.
elda  +   531d ago
Amen to that!!
Hellsvacancy  +   531d ago
30 years here

If playing/enjoying Mario Galaxy 2 with my 6 years old daughter makes me weird then so be it
MonstaTruk  +   531d ago

But I see the article's argument. If you're over 30, your gaming hobby company of choice is selling their iconic characters as figurines with McDonald Happy Meals! If a 30 year old questions whether or not Nintendo's games are geared towards kids, they'd have a strong argument...based off of NINTENDO's portrayal of their characters/games...
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Metallox  +   532d ago
16 here as well, and I'm the only one among my friends who likes Nintendo, but I don't care :P
randomass171  +   532d ago
My Nintendo fandom is often encouraged by my friends lol. But I love the games and it's great to be able to share that fun with others. Been playing since the NES games. I still like 'em now. Heck, I love Nintendo almost as much as I love Sony. :)
RosweeSon  +   532d ago
Stick with it your friends are morons ;) joking but they'll come back one day prob got other issues they are hiding.
Porcelain_Chicken  +   531d ago
Cool! I don't love Nintendo per-se yet I know i'm NOT normal. So that title is wrong.
InTheZoneAC  +   532d ago
Your homework assignment is to look up all the top games of the 90's, go find them and play them. Go find a nes, snes, and ps1, you'll love it :)
Aceman18  +   532d ago
40 yrs old here, and still gaming. to hell with the haters lol.

i will continue to game on my PlayStation, Nintendo, and Microsoft machines.
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memots  +   532d ago
staying young at heart is the greatest gift.

I am 39 and at age 4 i was playing on my texas ranger ( pong with a gun where you shoot at squars ) you couldnt get me away from my Atari ( and the gemeni clone )

gaming occupies most of my free time and my wife supports it 100% i am vewry thankful and will game till i die. Nintendo and or whatever else.
Aceman18  +   531d ago

you sir are a lucky man, continue to game on fellow gamer.
3-4-5  +   532d ago
Fun is fun. Your never to old to have fun.

* Kids eat food too, does that mean we are too old too eat food and it's not cool because kids do it ?
TekoIie  +   532d ago
I feel like holding the opinion of Nintendo being "for kids" because of some of their games aesthetic is quite shallow.

Not only that but you then close the door on some of the games they make which are for a more mature audience like Xenoblade and Fatal Frame.
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BosSSyndrome  +   532d ago
16. Kind of an age where our friends opinions affect our lives more significantly. The joys of being a teenager, right?
Three things I aint givin up: chocolate milk, macncheese, and nintendo.
kabala  +   532d ago
I'm 48 and i'm weird! It's good to be different!
Edsword  +   532d ago
31, love Nintendo. I don't care what people think about that.
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Eddie20101  +   532d ago
50 years old and Weird. High five to all the older gamer's.
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memots  +   532d ago
high five brother !
DeadMansHand  +   532d ago
Just turned 41 last Friday. Mario Kart 8 for my bday was awesome!
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Voozi  +   532d ago
25 and I love Nintendo.

Guess I have 5 more years to go until I become "weird"
elninels  +   532d ago
21 and GameCube is the best party console ever made. Super smash, double dash, mario strikers, Mario party, def jam fight for ny. It could go on for days. All in a stylish little cube, ready to go with a handle on the back.

Greatest console ever.
ajax17  +   532d ago
Remeber everyone, to rate the story quality... wink wink
Magicite  +   532d ago
I agree, Nintendo games are for kids, no serious adult or even student would touch them.
Dasteru  +   532d ago
26 and i still play Pokemon. Never cared what others think of me, as long as i enjoy what i do, that is all that matters. To those who tell me to "grow up" i simply question why. To grow up means to work full time, 8-12 hour shifts, paying bills, never having any time or money to myself. It comes down to either enjoying life, doing what i want to do, and being labeled a "kid". or working my ass off 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, never having any fun, basically wasting away my life for nothing, just to be called "normal".

SNES 4Life.
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nosferatuzodd  +   531d ago
This is the crap that tells me most of these journalist are like children. I don't care what anyone said ill play Zelda until I'm dead. I'm a playstation general love the ps1234 psvita has a gb 3ds too, everyone knows where i stand on Nintendo.

Nintendo is a family game company they are not going to 180 and back pedal like some company we know who care more about money and power over their fans.

A certain company is losing so hey lets go bully Nintendo just like some first grade kids at school, i bet money this guy is an xbox FPS shooter
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Tetsujin  +   531d ago
I like the old Nintendo until the 64 days, the new Nintendo hasn't came out with much outside a few hits. Since when is it ok to judge someone older who enjoys a certain company/genre of gaming?
XisThatKid  +   531d ago
I just turned 30 the 6th and on that day I disowned Ninty.
bullymangLer  +   531d ago
haaa sucks for sony and microsoft then. they were PRAISING nintendo games just the other day < fact

so lol.

no matter how you put it Nintendo wins.

so sad for nintendo haters that no matter what, nintendo is your daddy :(:
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VINNIEPAZ  +   531d ago
I LOVE gaming and Mario is THE FACE of gaming for me. I still remember playing the hell out of SMB for NES as a kid.
showtimefolks  +   531d ago
i don't buy nintendo consoles anymore(wiiu may change that with zelda) but its not weird at all. To outside world gamers in their 30's are weird anyway, to outsiders gaming is for kids

stop labeling people, everyone likes something different
user5669510  +   531d ago
Im looking at Nintendo digital event and from what im seeing theyre the only ones whos bring interesting games. Bragging about games thats a copy and paste seems weird. They even did something different with their shooter, splatoon . People dont appreciate it until another company copies.

Next year hes gonna be like theyre coming out with a allstar royal for ps4 i cant wait
JsonHenry  +   531d ago
Started out on Pitfall for the atari2600, haven't looked back.
mikel1015  +   532d ago
If "weird" means respecting that games are just games, not ego boosters with a big fat M rating on it, and that they respect gamers enough to release an actual complete game not stripped away with dlc, then I will gladly be weird.
Benjaminkno  +   532d ago
Honestly, if you're a gamer and you don't like Nintendo, that makes you weird in my book.
RexDD  +   532d ago
I disagree, but since this is an opinion piece and there's nothing wrong with the article, I have to approve it.
LOL_WUT  +   532d ago
Playing only "kid" or "colorful" games as the article suggests doesn't make one more mature than the other ;)
randomass171  +   532d ago
That is an extreme case. I would say it's more mature to broaden your tastes and try more different types of games. If I'm weird for liking both InFamous and Mario Kart 8 then whoop-di-doo. At least I'm having fun.
eworthington0  +   531d ago
Dont you own a wii u?
RexDD  +   532d ago
The article is an opinion piece. Just because you don't agree with it, it doesn't mean it should be reported. I approved it because I respect other peoples opinions, but looking at my agree/disagree ratio, it looks like i'm wrong in my way of thinking. Fair enough.
mydyingparadiselost  +   532d ago
No, your not wrong at all. Opinions are opinions, they need to be voiced whether the masses agree or not. Anything less is an aberration of free speech and only limits conversation instead of expanding it. Good on you for supporting opinions, even the bad ones.
I personally don't agree with the article myself but as long as it's trying to make an interesting point I can't find a reason to report it.
Gh05t  +   531d ago
I understand what you are saying but that does not mean an opinion based on fabrications are a good opinion. There is almost no critical thinking put into the arguments raised. They could easily be countered and the only argument for the opinion is an article out of the Atlantic that totally does not take into account affirmative action, feminists (used in a positive way not negative) and society shifts in gender status and roles.

Many of his comments are plain wrong and can not be backed up.

I could be wrong but when I read a purely ignorant piece of writing it doesn't mean I have to approve of it.

Bring some solid critical thinking to the table and I will have a debate. but bring this ignorant half thought out trash and you don't deserve the time on the soap box.
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ATi_Elite  +   532d ago
Zelda is for ALL AGES!
JohnathanACE  +   532d ago
I'm going to be 80 and still loving Nintendo, I don't care what a stupid article says.
Vegamyster  +   532d ago
I play games for enjoyment, Nintendo produces some of the most polished and complete games which have emphasis on gameplay. It's not like they're making leap frog games for kids, they're just trying to make fun games that anyone can enjoy.
RexDD  +   532d ago
I hope i'll be like you when i'm that old. 80 strong and still loving Video Games. Respect.
ape007  +   532d ago
agreed Nintendo games are timeless and for everybody
Edsword  +   532d ago
Your avatar just doesn't strike me as 80.
JohnathanACE  +   532d ago
lol I didn't mean that I was 80 (I'm only 21) I meant that when I'm 80 years old (or older) I'll still be playing Nintendo games and video games in general. Gaming is not something I'm ever going to quit in my life. Maybe I should have worded my comment better. :/
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ginsunuva  +   532d ago
The article never said what you think.
Because you didn't even read it.

You just read the title and commented.

Also if you're 80 and on N4G with that avatar.... well THAT is kinda weird.
#5.5 (Edited 532d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
JohnathanACE  +   532d ago
Read the comment above yours for an explanation.
#5.5.1 (Edited 532d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
elhebbo16  +   531d ago
Ol_Boy  +   532d ago
I'm 29 and still love nintendo. I guess I'll be weird next year... lol.
Pixel_Enemy  +   532d ago
Haha same here.
MNGamer-N  +   532d ago
I all kinds of weird then. Just how I like it.
Geekman  +   532d ago
I'm under 30, but report this article for trolling regardless. This is NOT journalism, this is insulting garbage that middle schoolers would write.
punctualdork  +   532d ago
Read the article. Not just the headline.
Geekman  +   532d ago
I did. I can still take offense to the comments made. Not to mention 90% of the people hear only read headlines anyway. It's not good for cover pages.

On a side note, I hate how people like Glenn Beck try to convince people Watch Dogs is dangerous, but then idiots like the one guy in this article think Nintendo fans are wierd. It's the REAL hardcore fans that dress in full on Pikachu hats that stereotype the entire fanbase.
#8.1.1 (Edited 532d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report
Underworld  +   532d ago
Did you actually read the damn thing?!
Fel08  +   532d ago
I'm 26 years old, and still love Nintendo like I did when I was 10. I play Nintendo games because they're freaking **fun**. Seriously: Super Mario Galaxy? I just booted it up for the first time in three years to finally get the last of those 120 stars (and, I found out, so that I could restart the game as Luigi.) Nintendo's a freaking master of making simple, fun, casual games that are a rewarding experience, and it's why they're enormously popular.

I don't see why this is a difficult concept to understand.
InTheZoneAC  +   532d ago
Nintendo lost me from the N54 til the Wii U. They used to be my favorite and I still enjoy playing those old games as much as I did when I first played them, but their shift was not for me.

3DS brought me back somewhat with Zelda Link Between Words along with the Wii U. I'm hoping for more old school hd remakes.

I just feel like the kids/teens of today have no idea what they've missed and can only hope they go find those old experiences to enjoy them.

But if it's all about graphics for some, don't even bother to try the old stuff.
Dark_king  +   532d ago
@InTheZoneAC its not just the graphics that put off the younger crowd its the difficulty also.Hell just seen people complaining about the soul games because when you die you have to start the level over.The level! I remember when it was the whole game you had to start over.
#9.1.1 (Edited 532d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
InTheZoneAC  +   532d ago
lol meant to say N64, just caught that...
Starbucks_Fan  +   532d ago
stfu. i'll play Mario till I die.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   532d ago
I'm already 30.
I've been weird since I started developing my own personality around age 2.XD

These guys and their opinion can drop dead; I'll die at a ripe old age, with a Zelda game in my hand and absolutely no shame from the decision, and there's not a damned thing on earth, let alone this kind of opinion from these kinds of people, that will stop me.XD
gpturbo81  +   532d ago
we need more wierd in this world.
mydyingparadiselost  +   532d ago
"I'll die at a ripe old age, with a Zelda game in my hand and absolutely no shame from the decision"

If I see an eighty year old man walking around with a copy of Zelda I'll know why :P
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   532d ago
Haha, you're damned skippy; I'll be the neighborhood grandpa that is still whuppin' the ass of gamers half my age in Smash and teaching them how to play Zelda, let me tell ya.XD
#11.2.1 (Edited 532d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
Gh05t  +   531d ago
...I can almost see it now

Me: "When I was your age I had to walk to the console and change the cartridge."

Kid: "Yes Grandpa"

Me: "Now take your implant out and change the hologram I want to play some Mario."
ape007  +   532d ago
if you're over 30 and think that Nintendo stuff is kiddy, you're boring and immature

there's a huge difference between strictly kiddy stuff like Barny the dinosaur, teletubbies and stuff that is great entertainment for everybody like mario, toy story, finding nemo, tom and jerry etc....

click bait
#12 (Edited 532d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Baka-akaB  +   532d ago
I see a lot of the opposite , the older gamer that couldnt get into today's uberly cinematic , when not simplified games , but can happily play nintendo's core titles , like he did back in the day (while still enjoying modern techniques and gaemplay enhancement) .

The guy i often hear shouting about "maturity" and "nintendo being kiddy stuff" is usually the 12 old years on twat , raised on red bulls , mountain dews and cod
wls1012  +   532d ago
38 and love Nintendo
XxExacutionerxX  +   532d ago
If you're over 30 and love Playstation, you're a Sony fanboy
fathoms  +   532d ago
A sea of comments from people who clearly never read one word in the article in question.
SpiralTear  +   532d ago
Listen: a headline is a big part of any journalistic article. To make an effective headline, you must convey an overarching thesis/opinion that teases, but still gets the article's point across. A headline should represent the content of the article, plain and simple.

If this article is not what the headline implies and talks about something completely different, that's not an effective headline. It's clickbait, and by saying we should read the article to see that its headline doesn't convey the main topic, that's not journalism. It's just a way to get hits.

That's like saying that the only way to tell how deep the water is is to jump in headfirst.
deafdani  +   532d ago
And you didn't read the article, either. Yes, the headline actually reflects the article's point, but the article itself elaborates on it much further to point out the very flawed views that society has on videogames. It's actually a pretty good article, but as usual, people judge it based on the title alone.
fathoms  +   532d ago
Thanks for the lesson.

And as someone already said, the article does reflect the content. Next time, try reading before lecturing.
Ravenor  +   532d ago
He's saying that gamers are either viewed as psychotic violent people if they play M rated titles, or as some kind of weirdo if you still enjoy Mario titles at later ages.

He posts no real evidence or sources for any of his theories, specific instances where he has personally come into contact with this was an article based entirely around a conversation, with a colleague.
iliimaster  +   532d ago
i am 32 and ive never had so much fun playing mario with my kids first on the WII now the WiiU even though they play it about make no mistake about it I bought mario kart 8 for myself lol playing with everyone else is a bonus
jmtstan  +   532d ago
that dude obviously don't know what is he talking about. over 30 doesn't mean you can't enjoy Nintendo games... Robin Williams, old guy.. pretty much Zelda fan. When you have kids, you buy Nintendo consoles and you play games with them. You enjoy as much as your kids do. What's wrong with that?
JaggedCarpet  +   532d ago
It's true! When you get to 30, you're no longer allowed to have any fun. Only weirdos want to have fun after age 30.
Ravenor  +   532d ago
"Mainstream Media" "Mainstream Consumer" "General consumer" yadda yadda yadda, at the end of the day no one cares. I'm an adult who has been glued to violent games, movies and other media for a long as time. I'm still no closer to that postal shooting, I wouldn't assume anyone who enjoys the things I do is an instant violent threat either. That's a real paranoid outlook on other people you have there, perhaps you should get outside and talk to real people?

As for Nintendo and it's kid friendly aesthetic, I guess it's acceptable for me to belittle and be derisive about people who enjoy Pixar or Dreamworks' animated films now? This weekend I'll be in your local theatre screaming at adults watching How to Train your Dragon 2, they should be watching real grown up movies; Like Heaven is for Real, ya dig?
MNGamer-N  +   532d ago
If you play Nintendo games, there is a high possibility you will actually go out and eat magical mushrooms and punch coin blocks and throw green shells at people. Proven fact.
Ravenor  +   532d ago
Already done that, the mushrooms were magical but I was actually punching someones house...not a block as I had previously thought.
Dark_king  +   532d ago
You two lol thanks for the laughs have a bubble.
meganick  +   532d ago
I'm 32, and I love Nintendo's games. It's not weird to love great games.
our_games_are_art  +   532d ago
For the older gamers still gaming does it become harder like after having kids and a wife? I'm getting arranged married soon and am kinda worries
MNGamer-N  +   532d ago
You are definitely going to have to be upfront with your girlfriend about your gaming before you get married. The last thing you want to do is have you gaming become an issue of tension between the two of you after you get married.

Just let her know, honey, I am a gamer. And I always will be a gamer. Nothing will ever stop me. If she still says yes, then you are good to go. If she says no, then she obviously is not the one for you.

As for kids, it is hard for the first 3-5 years, until they know how to play. As soon as that happens you are free and clear to game even more than ever because they will always want to play.

Hope this was helpful!
Ravenor  +   531d ago
" I'm getting arranged married" That sounds like a sweet deal. /s
our_games_are_art  +   528d ago
I think so too. I really hope you're not mocking my peoples customs. Its really important for me to continue my heritage since there are very few of my people left. I thought long and hard about what was the right choice for me. Maybe I have become a little despondent but its not like I'm forced into this. I meant arranged marriage as just an umbrella term.... besides Most marriages end in divorce now a days anyway (in the west that is) why not try my luck with a sweet Asian girl from my homeland?
#22.2.1 (Edited 528d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Bathyj  +   532d ago
While I personally have moved on from Nintendo (I wont say outgrown because that sounds belittling and not the point I'm trying to get across) I dont agree with that at all.

I used to be at a point in my life where friends would be at my house every day, and we'd play hours upon hours of Mariokart or Perfect Dark. If I still had that social situation I would still be playing it, even if I was 50.

Times have changed for me, splitscreen is dead, my current friends dont play as often, and Playstation and Xbox have bought different experiences aimed at an older audience that I personally like.

Nintendo for me has shown a reluctance to change with the times, so thats why I've moved on with my own changing tastes. Nintendo consoles are very much for people who want to play Nintendo games.

That said I never even considered getting a WiiU, the Wii for me was my least favourite console I have owned in 30 years, but that new Zelda. I may have to bend when that comes out.
Gore-Content  +   532d ago
This f*cking site again. Don't post any of their sh*ts here! We won't give them hits!
Jay70sgamer  +   532d ago
42 and been a gamer since the 70s
GamingSinceThe80s  +   532d ago
Damn you got me
Jay70sgamer  +   532d ago
Lol @gamersincethe80s yeah I see we both been around the gaming industry for many years ...I kinda miss the good ole 80s and 90s before so much fanboyism lol it was all about the games not what game system was the best or who has the best graphics etc just fun
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GamingSinceThe80s  +   531d ago
I agree I don't get all the fanboy fighting ether.Games are supposed to be all about fun.For years now I'v have been buying all the main game systems so I can play all the great exclusives they offer and stay far away from the bitter console wars "my system is better then yours" thing.I would say I have the most love for Nintendo but it does not stop me from enjoying the games wherever they may be.
Jay70sgamer  +   531d ago
@ gamer I agree and do the same ..all systems have great games I and I play all on three systems but just like you most of my gaming is on Nintendo but I enjoy Sony and Microsoft also
itsyaboy14  +   532d ago
I'm 32 got 2 kids a house a job 2 cars and still love my nintendo Wii U Haha Smash Bros where are u
deathtok  +   532d ago
Funny enough, at 31 I'm finding that I seek the unique and quirky games more and more! To me Nintendo is a beacon of hope where so many other companies forget fun trumps everything.

Call of Duty annual? Been there.
Assassin's Creed 12? Done that.
Super Mario you-name-it? Reimagined once again!
ChubbyLover  +   532d ago
I am 24 and videogames have been a main outlet/hobby in my life. of course I have other responsibilities now (married, full time work and other things).

Videogames to most people I believe is a beneficial outlet to them. whether it is violent or just fun, people should be able to do the things that help them let off some steam or just forget about the days worries.

If snobby idiots tell me im not normal for playing Nintendo or playing any videogames then why would I want to be normal and go insane?
Emanno  +   532d ago
Oh really ? That is like saying I'm weird if I love Sony over 30. (I'm 20 by the way)
RosweeSon  +   532d ago
28 and own a Wii U and a 3DS proper weirdo you see, not to mention a ps3/4 vita and xbox 360 but hey ho play what you want I would hardly call it weird, people who don't like stuff aimed at younger people makes me worry about it more, so what you don't watch the simpsons because it's for kids (most of it would go over their heads) and you don't watch Pixar films because they are for kids, your loss at the end of the day but I call you weird, for not enjoying something that millions and millions of people, yes actual people not just kids, the world over enjoy, wether or not you want to admit it is entirely up to you but it doesn't make you cool, so you don't like nintendo but you probably love FIFA call of duty battlefield and assassins creed don't get me wrong I've played COD dabble in FIFA and year assassins was good up to 3 still yet to play 4 but man give me nintendo any day of the week, at least with them you know you won't be playing a sequel the following year and each and every game is much the better for it, Nintendo are awesome if you don't like em you don't like em, plenty do, just wish more would grow a pair.
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