Sony: PS Vita Audience is “Really Hungry for an Endless Stream” of Smaller Games

Sony: PS Vita Audience is “Really Hungry for an Endless Stream” of Smaller Games

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TimeSkipLuffy1639d ago

Don't count me in :D I want some high quality games. Exclusive games that I can't experience anywhere else! Like Uncharted Abyss or Crisis Core on PSP.

XiNarutoUzumaki1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Lol I thought they were mean.

I read that as, "We don't have AAA titles for you right now. But, we have a batch of indie games that will keep you busy. Deal with it"

I'm sorry, but the Vita has no future so far. Maybe, Sony devs will focus on vita after they are done with PS4. That's the only hope Vita has.

Eonjay1639d ago

"But we’re ALSO seeing that the audience is really hungry for an endless stream of these smaller games." This is in addition to larger games. Not in lieu of.

sanosukegtr1231639d ago

Maybe this is just the beginning for the PS vita

levian1639d ago

I honestly could care less if the Vita gets indies. I get them on a bigger screen on my PS3/PS4 and sometimes for like 99 cents on PC. I'm not someone who cares about portable gaming so for me it's just another platform to play games on. And currently as far as AAA exclusives go, I'm seriously let down, and don't see much hope for the future aside from remote play.

Remy_S1639d ago

Well we should still be getting a steady stream of Japanese games because the Vita is doing well in Japan, but yeah, if you don't like niche localizations, you're pretty much screwed.

Inception1639d ago

The only future i see is naruto manga & anime will end soon because the quality already gone downhill for this past years. I'm glad though because people will put more attention to real masterpiece such as Jojo's Bizzare, Persona 4, Attack on Titan, Hunter x Hunter, or Patlabor ^^

EeJLP-1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Vita owner.. I want a model with physical L2, R2, L3, and R3 buttons; so remote play works like you're using a controller instead of crap touch controls where you can't judge finger placement and presses.

Sony, you know physical buttons are important:
(49 second mark if it doesn't bring you there automatically)

So add them in the next Vita model.. or your next handheld, whenever that will be.

Now disagree like usual when I bring up physical buttons, because I was semi-critical of Sony, then praise it as the greatest thing ever when it comes out..

rxl2091639d ago

i read your comment as "im poor and cant afford a vita so ill bash it, but my bashing wont be accurate because im just a casual gamer"

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sinncross1639d ago

What I dont get about Sony is that its great they are going for indies, but why not try and get major publishers to bring over their mobile games?

I mean, things like FF Dimensions, Dead Space Mobile, Mass Effect Infiltrator, Deus Ex, Hitman Go, Sonic remix titles, Soul Calibur etc etc...

there are games that are part of traditional gaming genres (maybe not fully featured) that would be both small yet still similar to main entries in the respective IPs.

I just dont get it... these games would be so awesome. I would love FF Dimensions or a port of the updated TWEWY...

Inception1639d ago

I think they alread tried. One example you can buy Chaos Rings (from Wild Arms dev and published by SE) from PSN and play it on vita. I don't have the chance to buy it but my friends telling me it's really good.

For other titles, maybe they already tried to negotiate it with major publishers. But who knows...maybe those major publishers don't see enough reason to release the games for vita.

sanosukegtr1231639d ago

either a gta or a resident evil like revelation

3-4-51639d ago

I see like 2 games I want the rest of 2014 maybe.

Not sure about 2015, but I'm hoping it gets a bit better.

PSP took a few years to REALLY get going so I still have hope.

rxl2091639d ago

you seem like a casual, im guessing those 2 games are cod and madden, sorry to break your heart, theyre not coming to the vita

Blaze9291639d ago

i guess this lets us Vita owners know exactly where Sony is headed with the device. smh

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ftwrthtx1639d ago

Sounds like shovelware and I'll pass on that

iamnsuperman1639d ago

I think you should read the article. He is talking about indie games appearing on the PS4 and the Vita

joeorc1639d ago

Exactly, what Scott is saying he seeing its Both, but many times those smaller releases are only on living room console's so Scott also stated that its also about putting more of those type of games also not just the big games he is saying both types.

The reason for the slow number of big releases is that for one they take a larger resources pool not just in money but team size also. But also the Unity 3D game engine for instance is not finished being ported yet for the PSVita. Once that gets ported the PSVita AAA developments of new games will increase.

Before it takes anywhere from 12 to 18 months for a single AAA game look at how long freedom wars took to release.

Once Unity 3D is finished that time to triangle for not just AAA games will be faster and more games can be made.

ats19921639d ago

That statement couldn't be more wrong vita owners want AAA games not a bunch of indie games. Indie games are great but that shouldn't be the main focus of the handheld.

pwnsause_returns1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

its as if they are looking at market perception to what we buy...which is wrong... if a game like Crisis Core (which is a PSP game) appeared on the vita store, i will buy (OBVIOUSLY) if a game like Patapon/Loco Roco where on the Vita, i would obviously buy them....

but they're not there, so i look at the other games that are available. There are of course lots of indie games, and they are mostly pretty good, and some are amazing (like Hotline Miami)

but com'n...if thats what they think, then consider me Out...

iamnsuperman1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Actually I think they need to be (especially for the Vita). AAA games just don't sell well on the Vita so why have high production cost when its own small install base doesn't buy it. I don't think it necessarily needs to be indie games but smaller games with smaller teams is the way forward (look at tearaway, that didn't sell well but the initial investment is a lost smaller with 15 guys working on it)

Dinoegg_961639d ago

Have you seen COD black ops declassified sales??? The game sold very well despite the fact that is terrible.

Wedge191639d ago

I'll be content with PS Now, though I wouldn't mind some solid AAA handheld games.

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