Watch_Dogs - TheWorse Mod 0.7 Version Released, Reduces Stuttering, Brings Various Improvements

DSOGaming writes: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand more Watch_Dogs news for you guys, as TheWorse has just released the latest version of his mod. According to the changelog, this version reduces stuttering, brings various lighting improvements, completely fixes headlight shadows, and changes the rain system (do note that now rain is reacting to light properly)."

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Pandamobile1640d ago

I just tried out the 0.7 version. Definitely looks better.

Runs better too, oddly enough.

tee_bag2421639d ago

Definitely does. I am hoping for a different DOF setting soon. Also Maldo is posting on the thread and helping with another performance patch. Woo Hoo for that too

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Mr Tretton1639d ago

Maybe Ubisoft should hire this person.

Pandamobile1639d ago

All he had to do was change a few variables. All this stuff was already in the game, it was just disabled.

Mr Tretton1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

So, they should make him President?

*Just to add. I've felt this for awhile, and I'm sure it's not close to a new thought, but I think devs and GPU companies are in together in making people think they need to buy new cards for better performance by purposefully crippling performance.

The tweaks that could easily be made with many games I've played, why in the hell would the devs not do this themselves? It doesn't make any sense otherwise other than PC software manufactures are shaking hands with GPU companies, because even though a mod, or the company themselves will fix this issue, in between that, GPUs and other hardware get sold.

aliengmr1639d ago

@Mr Tretton

Kind of disagree. Its not an outrageous thing to consider, but I really think it comes down to marketing and the perception gamers have of "needing" to upgrade.

Even last gen you had that group of gamers getting the absolute latest and greatest despite the fact 90% of games didn't need that to play.

As to why devs don't do it? More work I guess or they know a someone will make a mod anyway and don't bother.

I don't think they're in cahoots, its pretty dangerous to try and pull one over on the internet.

Priestwithgun1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

I can understand the looks better part,but plays better too!!! Curse you ubi,actually jist release a patch for PC yourself,why shoulfld ypu follow policy of parity b/w consoles and PC I mean,that not only is senseless but also hurting sales
BTW everyone can try kadzait24's mod version 3.0,it includes all the e3 effects and he is working on improving textures