Yoshi’s Woolly World E3 2014 Hands-On Impressions – Living Large in a World of Wool | COG

Yarn like visuals combined with the world of Yoshi, the perfect mix for some classic Nintendo gameplay? You bet!

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MEGANE1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Well, I think nintendo stole the art style from Little Big Planet. Thas all I have to say


oh and that new create a Mario level too

Fel081646d ago

And yet, still looks better than LBP3. Disagrees, here I come,

Ravenor1646d ago

You need to see Kirby's Epic Yarn and Yoshi's Wooly World in person, they look incredibly distinct from Little Big Planet, which was always more about a world put together with bits and pieces. The nintendo games have a more cohesive look, which can get a bit tired after a little while.


You for real? Mario Maker is for people who want to create challenging levels of Mario. The tools at your disposal(at least what they have shown) are all about creating a level of Mario. The tools in LBP are for so much more than just a platforming level, it's a game creator almost.

The Mario Maker has been something Nintendo should have done ages ago, but I'm glad it's actually happening. The same way I'm glad LBP3 is coming to the PS4 and the way they have handled past Community content. I assure you guys, it's totally possible to enjoy games from other platforms and companies and not need to bust them down CONSTANTLY.

for we are many1646d ago

I think the "crafty" and unusual art styles have been used by Nintendo in Yoshi's games since Yoshi's Island on SNES as well as in Yoshi's Story on N64.

I believe LBP stole everything from Super Mario Bros/NSMB but with pitiful platforming physics and control, same with PASBR, Modnation & LBP Karting ripping Smash & Mario Kart.

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WeAreLegion1646d ago

One of my favorite things at E3. I can't wait to pick it up. It's like Yoshi's Island with a Media Molecule/Pixar creativity to the animations. I'm not referring to the art style so much as how inventive they are with it.

MEGANE1646d ago

I need the new Zelda and waiting on Metroid also

MNGamer-N1646d ago

I just hope it's challenging. The art style is a solid win.