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Fable Legends Will Be Great for Strategy Fans on Xbox One

Yamilia from Twifinite writes, "As a huge fan of Fable, I had to get my hands on time with Fable Legends while at E3. It was one of the very few games I actually had hands-on time with, too! Hurrah!" (E3, Fable Legends, Xbox One)

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Lawboy2  +   314d ago
Sounds interesting
jdktech2010  +   314d ago
The concept sounds interesting but the demo at E3 left me completely uninterested. Here's hoping they've got some time to spice it up a bit. The beta could help calm some of my fears too.
incendy35  +   314d ago
I agree, stage demo wasn't very good but I am hoping the beta will be fun.
brich233  +   314d ago
I'm guessing this Fable legends isnt the continuation of Fable 3, Fable 4 would be?
AD705  +   314d ago
fable gets worst and worst with each passing game. Fable legends doesn't even look like an RPG but a lame MOBA game.
No_Limit  +   314d ago
Can't wait for the beta!
JediDiah  +   314d ago
So no more story?
Deathdeliverer  +   314d ago
Fable legends looks like it was made with project spark. Game looked boring as hell and ugly to boot. Fable has not advanced graphically at all over the years. Fable one was great. With each iteration it's been on a steep decline. The sad part is that if my girl sees it, we will have it day 1. She holds on to hope that one day fable will be as good as the first one again.

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