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Watch_Dogs - Unbelievable Hidden Comment Shows Ubisoft's Arrogance Towards PC Gamers... Or NOT?

DSOGaming writes: "Ubisoft has been constantly claiming that it does care about PC gaming, however a hidden comment will surprise you about the company’s attitude towards PC gamers (and PC gaming in general). Let’s overlook the fact that the PC version of Watch_Dogs is not even close to the E3 2012 build that was showcased and wow’ed everyone. Let’s focus on a comment that is unacceptable and shows Ubisoft’s arrogance. Or not?" (PC, Watch Dogs)

aquamala  +   323d ago
"Therefore, the ‘This is PC, who cares’ comment is obviously a comment indicating that the PC version does not need such workarounds or limitations."

mkis007  +   322d ago
Ya, agreed. Some people will take offense regardless.
RexDD  +   322d ago
Someone needed to do this before the rage comments began. Thanks
Psychotica  +   322d ago
Probably not fair to label an entire company based on one persons comment.
Sony360  +   322d ago
Read the article.
Psychotica  +   322d ago
I did, what's your point?
Sony360  +   322d ago
Well then you've missed the point if you supposedly read it.
Rockefellow  +   322d ago
Oh boy, what a headline. These hacks should write for the tabloids. Take a stance on your article's subject, and don't tack "or NOT?" At the end. You're informing your audience, not asking them about your own subject matter.

It's not as bad as the idiots who submit their own articles with inadvertent questions as their headlines, I'll give you that.
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Tetsujin  +   322d ago
I can't take gaming journalism seriously after reading this. The people who approve of this garbage needs professional help, and take a break from the internet for a while.

For those who will argue to death I didn't read the article; I did, and if the author wants to nitpick something like this, do it for ALL games not just certain ones. Also it would help if you (the author) have a reason to pull stunts like this outside wanting hits on your site.
The_Blue  +   322d ago
Whoever found this... Hold this L.
DirtyMagician  +   322d ago
OR! It's a little inside joke, does it really matter?
Genova84  +   322d ago
How is this 300 degrees? This should be 0 to 10 at best.
Saryk  +   322d ago
While I can careless about this. I wonder what would have happened had it been this: "This is Playstation 4 only, who cares!"
xJumpManx  +   322d ago
They would never know. They would be unable to comprehend the code and its structure to make heads and tails of it. Console people want the easiest way to get to their games they dont care past that.
sovkhan  +   322d ago
Yep pc is only 10% total sales for this game and 90% piracy...so who cares :) /jokin' right.
Swiggins  +   322d ago
As funny as that is, I don't think it's accurate. PC Sales have been on the rise monumentally in the last few years.
ninjahunter  +   321d ago
Statistically, as of 2012, annually consumers have spent more money buying games on PC than Consumers have spent on console games across all 'active' platforms. (PS4,Xbone,Wiiu,360,ps3,ps2 and wii)
ftrain  +   321d ago
No it's right. 10% of the sales for this game come from PC where almost half come from PS4. PC gamers mostly play games like Dota, League, Team fortress and stuff. They make a very small % of actual game sales for AAA titles like Watch Dogs. Only a few titles are the exception.
ftrain  +   321d ago
@ninjahunter Where are you getting that from? It's pretty much impossible for it to be that high considering how shitty PC sells on multiplat games. Unless you are counting EVERYTHING on PC which includes those facebook like mini game bs that makes billions. I need to see some context with what you're saying or else it's bs.
sovkhan  +   321d ago
i'm only talking about this game "watchdog" :)

for worldwide sales, look at the link provided below.
sovkhan  +   321d ago
@ ninja hunter

Not true!!!

Here you can find the real numbers.

xJumpManx  +   322d ago
Ohh please if someone looked over my code the comments section would get me fired.
miacosa  +   322d ago
Nah, some PC gamers feel entitled, and this looks fake as hell and if not have a sense of humor the game came out anyways.
keegamer80  +   322d ago
Bought watch dogs from Amazon. Waiting for it to come in the mail today.
conrmacleod  +   322d ago
Ahhhh.... Come on... Sure they care, but perhaps they should hire some support from the mod community, before they release their games for the PC...
tee_bag242  +   321d ago
I suspect this might just be a bad attempt to troll PC gamers. Either was its extremly unprofessional

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